Drs. Exclusive: Joanna Kerns’ Breast Cancer Journey

today there are more than three million women living in the US with the history of breast cancer it’s a disease that affects women of all shapes colors and sizes even the mom of one of our favorite 80s sitcom check this out I’m Joanna Kerns I played Maggie Seaver on growing pains and I was married to Jason Seaver played by Anthony I’ve always been very active golf tennis overall I’ve been married eight years ago I was directing Samantha Who and Christina Applegate had just discovered that she had DCIS and she said without hesitation we should really check out the pink Lotus Breast Center because of that I went to see dr. Fung up until 2013 I had been be vigilant about yearly mammograms for some reason life got in the way and I missed almost three years dr. funk said you know you have very dense breast tissue you need a different kind of imaging you need something that’s high contrast on November 3rd of last year I was trying to squeeze in my mammogram I remember sitting in the waiting room and as the place was emptying out I said this isn’t good and the doctor called me in to look at the scans even I could see it it really is because of that kind of imaging that I caught my cancer I had a kind of cancer called her2 my husband and I went in to see dr. Fung and she really led us through what probably was going to happen for me if you had this would have meant chemotherapy and I talked to radiologists and I decided that I was going to be doing a double mastectomy I think you could do a whole show on body image and women and we’re all obsessed with our breasts for me there was just no question that this was the right thing to do and then I met with dr. children and he talked to me about what he was gonna do so when dr. funk and I operate together we do it simultaneously she takes out the breast while I reconstructed at the same time on December 1st I went in for my double mastectomy I wanted to come forward and talk about my experience there is treatment for this women don’t have to die from breast cancer anymore it takes time it’s a big recovery but I’m you

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