Easy to Get (US Army Service Forces, 1947)

Easy to Get (US Army Service Forces, 1947)

[This film is restricted] [War Department, Official Training Film,
T.F.8 1423, Army Service Forces] [Produced by Army Pictorial Service
Signal Corps] [Easy to Get] [Music] [Narrator:] You’re looking at a really happy mister. This is Corporal Baker,
home on his first furlough in over a year. He’s a smart, clean-cut guy, and he’s a good soldier. He’s going to enjoy these days with his family. Right now, it’s a good, warm feeling walking down Main Street, exchanging nods and handshakes with the people
who’ve known him since he was a kid. Baker would never get by without a visit to the old drugstore, for a Coke and a little chatter with anyone who might be around,
just like the days before he went in the Army. Ah! It’s good to be home; sleeping late, no details,
no formations, no marching, taking it easy. Money on the hip. Faces that he knows. Mm, what’s this? One that he doesn’t know. [Music] Now this looks like a girl a man could go for.
Not just for the fun, but for keeps. If only he could get to talk to her. Well, he could. It wasn’t hard because she wanted a straw
and it happened they were right in front of him. And that’s the way it all started. It was a nice beginning,
but it was only the beginning. She put the finishing touch to Baker’s furlough
and made it wonderful. She was all that a man dreams about,
gentle and clean. She liked the simple things. Baker did, too.
She didn’t drink. She didn’t like juke joints. She lived on the next block.
Her mother and father were good people. She talked soft and she seemed well-educated, like Baker. He enjoyed every moment they spent together. You can’t blame Baker for enjoying
those moments, especially since she loved him. She told him so. [Music] Yep, it was a wonderful furlough
and it was tough it ever had to end. But you know how the Army is about those things. They were going to write each other often,
though, and that would take some of the edge off being apart. You sure were lucky, Corporal Baker. And all because a sweet girl came along
and wanted a straw for her Coke. Well, sit back, Corporal Baker, and have a good time while you can. Sit there and dream about the ten days you had in heaven. Because in a few hours, you’re going to find out just what
sort of a furlough you really had. [Music] Yep, ten wonderful days in heaven. [Dramatic music] [Doctor looking through a microscope hands a slide to a technician and then enters his office and sits down.] [Doctor:] You’ve got gonorrhea, Baker. [Corporal Baker:] Gonorrhea? Why, I don’t know how – [Doctor:] I do. You had a dirty woman. [Corporal Baker:] No, sir. A girl back home.
She wasn’t any prostitute. [Doctor:] Have you known her long? [Corporal Baker:] Why I met her the day I got home, sir. [Doctor:] On the street or in a bar? [Corporal Baker:] I don’t mess around with streetwalkers.
I met her in the drugstore. [Doctor:] Was she a pick-up? [Corporal Baker:] No, sir. I just met her, that’s all. [Doctor:] And you had her that night? [Corporal Baker:] No, sir. The next night. [Doctor:] And you didn’t use a rubber? [Corporal Baker:] She was afraid of them, sir. [Doctor:] Or a Pro-Kit? [Corporal Baker:] No, sir. [Doctor:] And you didn’t go to a pro-station? [Corporal Baker:] She looked clean, sir.
She looked clean all over. [Doctor:] Not on the inside, Corporal.
Where you touched her she was filthy and diseased. That girl of yours was just a pick-up. [Narrator:] Just what does it mean to have gonorrhea? Well, take this man. He used to be a star athlete. He caught gonorrhea and went to a drugstore
instead of a medical doctor. Don’t you take chances on being crippled like this. And this is the kind of thing gonorrhea means. Furthermore, it doesn’t feel any better than it looks. Now, some dumb Joes think gonorrhea is caused by a strain, like lifting the rear-end of a Jeep or getting tired on a long march. Or knocking yourself out on KP. Or sliding into second. Well, that’s plain crazy. The only strain that gives you gonorrhea
is the strain of chasing after a woman. Well, you know what Corporal Baker’s doing here
in the dispensary waiting for treatments. What’s this other guy doing here? He’s Private Anderson,
in the same outfit as Baker’s. He’s more of a playboy than Baker, but he’s not a bad soldier. He’s just out for the laughs, and the more of them the better. He looks pretty unhappy right now, but imagine it’s a week earlier. He didn’t look so unhappy then. He’d just been paid and tonight he’s going
to cut himself a slice of good time. Anderson’s idea of a good time is drinking and girls. He’s had months of marching and KP
and this is his night to howl. Well, the prophylactic station’s handy. He’ll be coming back here for a pro after he’s had his fun. Sure, Anderson will be stopping in at the pro-station. Or, anyway, that’s what he thinks now,
while he’s sober and can still think, which isn’t for long in joints like this one. See the whole set-up?
Girls, a jukebox, and a bar. Especially the bar,
with lots of liquor to lift you until you’re way up in the clouds. [Music] Anderson was definitely out for a good time,
but he didn’t think he’d run into anything this good. She certainly was good-looking. Mm, damn sight better looking than any
he expected to find in a place like this. [Music] Sure, he knew she was a whore. So what? Whores are supposed to keep clean, aren’t they? Don’t lots of places even have laws to make them keep clean? [Music and dancing.] [The soldier and the woman walk upstairs.] [The dancing continues.] [Music] Now that’s what Anderson calls having a good time. And when it was over, it was time to take a pro
because it’s no good unless you take it right away. But Anderson didn’t exactly feel like leaving. Not when he could lie around, have a smoke, and then maybe, for another two bucks, well, he was out for a good time, wasn’t he? And that’s just what he was going to get.
And maybe a little more he wasn’t out for. [Doctor:] What made you think she might be
clean, Anderson? She was a prostitute. [Private Anderson:] Well, that’s it, sir. I figured
if being a prostitute was her job, she’d have to keep clean. [Doctor:] Well, maybe she’d like to, but she can’t if she takes on men one after another. Any man with a couple of dollars. [Private Anderson:] But she had a card that
said she was in good health. [Doctor:] Probably a week old. But even if it had been only an hour old, it still wouldn’t mean a thing. She could’ve had a man with VD five minutes before she had you
and pass his germs onto you. [Private Anderson:] Yes, sir. [Doctor:] You know, you might’ve stayed well
if you’d gone to the pro station. [Private Anderson:] I will next time, sir. [Doctor:] There won’t be any next time for quite awhile, Anderson. You’ve got syphilis. [Narrator:] Sweat it out, Anderson. But if it’s any comfort to you, you’re lucky. Some men aren’t smart enough to go to a doctor when they get a case. This man, for example.
He was a hero in the last war, but the wounds that have kept him in and out of the hospital
ever since 1918 weren’t from combat. He caught syphilis from a whore overseas and
he never went on sick call. This man looks as healthy as anybody, but the little syphilis germs have been making his blood bad,
and boring into his heart for a long time. And one day, the heart just quits. [Music] Yes, he looked healthy, but that’s because
syphilis doesn’t do much advertising. Take a look at this one. He’s really blown his top. When he talks, he doesn’t make much sense, and sometimes he runs wild and has to be held in bed
with straps so he won’t hurt anyone. The syphilis germs got into his brain. [Doctor:] Is your memory all right? [Man:] Sure. Remember anything that ever happen. [Doctor:] Let me test your memory by giving
you three words to remember. The words are “pink,” “Broadway,” and “forty-six.” [Man:] Pink, Broadway, forty-six. [Doctor:] I’ll ask you what they were in a moment. Is your speech all right? Any, do you stumble over big words? [Man] Huh? [Doctor:] Say after me, “Third riding artillery brigade.” [Man:] Third riding artillery brigade. [Doctor:] Say it again. [Man:] Third riding artillery brigade. Third riding artillery brigade. [Doctor:] That’s enough.
Now what are the three words that I asked you to remember? [Man:] I don’t know. Pink – I can’t remember. [Narrator:] This poor fellow’s in mighty bad shape.
And all because of…[dramatic background music] [VD…Venereal Disease] There are several venereal diseases, but the
most common two are syphilis and gonorrhea. Some people call syphilis “bad blood,” “pox,”
“lues,” “a case,” “the dogs,” and so on. Some people call gonorrhea “the clap,” “the
strain,” “the running range,” “a dose.” They all mean venereal disease, VD. It’s a bad deal and it’s catching. And you catch it only one way: from a woman. It doesn’t matter if she’s a high school girl or a juke joint girl. Inside her, there may be sores full of crawling little germs, like these wiggling syphilis germs that stick to your skin like molasses. You get these germs and the gonorrhea germs only from a woman. But you don’t get them if you use a condom, a rubber, and if you put it on before you even touch a girl. Remember, if she tells you she doesn’t want to use a rubber,
she’s up to no good. If she’s afraid it might come off and get inside her someplace
so that she’ll need an operation to get it out, she’s just crazy. Even if you tried, you couldn’t force it inside
any place where it could do harm. So don’t let any woman talk you out of using one. The next best thing is to take a pro at the pro station,
but take it as soon as possible after you’ve had your piece. The way they do it now, it doesn’t hurt and
it doesn’t take more than a few minutes. It’s a fine way not to catch VD. There’s been talk by some stupid guys that
a pro destroys your manhood and if you have too many of them,
you won’t be able to have sex anymore. Well, anybody who thinks that is just ignorant. A pro doesn’t hurt anything except germs. Another good way not to get VD is to use the
Army’s new Pro-Kit. It was thought up just for men in the Army and it works. It consists of a tube of ointment, a soap cloth,
a piece of tissue, and some instructions. Now, here’s all you have to do: right after you’ve had sex,
take a leak and wash yourself with the soap cloth. Then, take the top off the tube
and squeeze one-fourth of it inside. It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t sting. You can’t even feel it. Squeeze the rest of the tube onto your fingers and rub it all over. It kills syphilis and gonorrhea before they
can get started doing their damage. Well, those are the ways of keeping clean:
a condom, a rubber, the pro station, and the Pro-Kit. But the simplest and best way of all is to
stay away from women. Your Army doctors know VD. So do your officers and non-coms. Listen to them when they teach you about syphilis and gonorrhea. They’re trying to help you. They want us to become the healthiest people in the world. Don’t be afraid to go on sick call as soon as you think you’ve caught VD. Don’t be afraid and don’t be ashamed. You won’t be punished.
No gigs, no loss of pay, no loss of rank. All the Army wants to do is cure you
and send you back to civilian life healthier than you’ve ever been. You must keep yourself clean. Keeping clean means keeping healthy and it was good health
that beat the Germans before the war even started. This is Joe Louis taking a few pokes at Hitler’s boy, Max Schmeling. All of Joe’s training was to get him in proper condition, proper health. This massacre you’re looking at couldn’t have
taken place if Joe hadn’t kept himself clean. [Crowd cheering] Remember the last Olympic Games in Berlin, back in ’36? A lot of our boys invaded Germany long before the first
American soldier went down to the Induction Center, and they all knew the value of good health and of staying clean. There was Owens in the dashes and broad jump, and Johnson in the high jump. [Crowd cheers] And Woodruff and Edwards in the 800 meters. And Ralph Metcalfe was one of the men
who helped pile up our big score. Here he is now in a little bit of a hurry. Metcalfe sent the Stars and Stripes up above
the Swastika and Rising Sun so often that Hitler and Hirohito should’ve taken the hint right there and quit. And here’s Lieutenant Ralph Metcalfe himself. [Ralph Metcalfe:] Winning a race against tough competition means
more than just being fast just being fast on your feet. It’s training off of the field as well as
on that gives you that extra speed when you need it most. I figure that life’s that way, too. The drive that helps you to break a record
comes from being in shape, perfect shape. I don’t say that I’ve won races just because
I didn’t fool around with women, but it certainly helped. Remember, military fitness not only includes
technical and mental fitness, but physical fitness as well and that means not taking chances with women. That’ll be good for you and for all of us. [Narrator:] But maybe you don’t want to stay
healthy and keep yourself clean. Maybe you want to hop in bed with one gal after another. Well, maybe you’d like to hop into the same boat with these men. This man thought he was killing the VD germs by rubbing whiskey
on his rod after he had a pick-up. Whiskey doesn’t kill anything except the brain. This man didn’t use a rubber
because he’d been told it didn’t feel so good with a rubber. Well, what he’s got now really doesn’t feel good. And this man, he had to pay a terrible price for catching syphilis. He married the girl he loved and passed the germs onto her. Pretty soon, she had a baby. It had syphilis, too. [Music] It would’ve been better dead. This is Paul Robeson, who enjoys the respect
and recognition of the entire world. From his college days when he was an All-American end
to his great career as singer, actor, and world traveler, Mr. Robeson has done as
much good for our people as any man alive. Listen to him [Paul Robeson:] What you’ve been seeing here makes a lot of sense. Twenty years ago, we didn’t have pictures like this. For hours, we had to sit and listen to the coach lecture. He gave it to us hot and heavy and we took it, because if you want to play football,
you’ve got to have a healthy body. In fact, if you want to do anything in this world,
you’ve got to have a healthy body. Now this film is pretty frightening, yet it’s not as frightening as the records
the War Department has shown me on VD I tell you, we’ve got to do something about
this and we have the answer. You’ve seen it right here in this picture. None of us will forget what we’ve learned
from this movie, but more important, let’s not forget our responsibility to our communities,
our families, and ourselves. We must defeat VD. [Music] [The End. T.F. 8 1423] [This film is restricted.]


  1. and that is a very early film appearance of Wendell Corey (as the doctor). A republican and on the Santa Monica city council for quite a while. This performance is not noted on the IMDB site….v

  2. At least it wasn't 20 minutes of "twerking." They are trying to send a message, and it's up to the individual to process that message…. safe sex.

  3. That's Ruby Dee as the "good girl" who gives cleancut Corporal Baker the clap. As the army doctor (Wendell Corey) tells the poor soul, "You had a dirty woman!" I don't think she put this film on her resume.

  4. Exchanging bodily fluids with a complete stranger ~ disgusting. And now they may even have AIDS, for a few fleeting moments of pleasure. Get a grip on yourself ~ you're smarter than that.

  5. Weird that nobody uses the word Furlough anymore.
    0:43 What is a FIRE SALE?
    Obviously she wasn't so "Gentle and Clean".
    PVT Anderson had a screaming deal for 2 bucks.
    Don Geronimo and Mike O'Meara commenting while watching this is right here.


  6. It's a shame they only seemed to use the black actors for a subject like this, but also a blessing because they used them at all! It's so rare to see black people of the 1940s!! I love it. 🙂

  7. I'm thinking that the Army made this to make it look like black men and women were the only ones to get VD, why coz they are considered to be naturally dirty and have more sex than white people? Foolish Army, white men also got VD at the same rate as black men! Also the Army in this film paints women as whores and of lose morals, fools said the only way to get VD is from a woman….Really how in the world do think these women got VD? From a man of course. The only thing I agree with is that VD needs to be stamped out! VD is just as prevalent today as it was back when this film was made. BTW I am not trying to be raciest at all merely pointing out that VD was and still is  a problem for all races!

  8. so this is how they did it in the old days.  well shit, what happened to feelin up your g/f, then being like…umm sweetie..i have to tell you something.  I forgot the rubber

  9. Of course only the black soldiers were out getting laid promiscuously, where are all the white boys?! Although progressive in its attempt to educate, the film is antiquated in its racial stereotypes and bigotry.

  10. Important to keep in mind that this particular film was made for a black audience ~
    that's why those featured are African Americans !

  11. Some of you are taking this film personally and turning it into a racial thing….ignorant much?? LEARN SOMETHING!! This is just as relevant today as it was in the 1940s!! 👍🏾👍🏾

  12. Stay away fro women?! Idk….. but I'm gonna guess homosexuality wasn't a lifestyle choice then either, & I can imagine seeing death daily, on furlough a thousand miles from home, I can picture both average women who, after a few dead buddy stories & "where we're headed, only half MAY come back…….I've never kissed a woman before. Hell, that used to be what I pictured for myself when I was 14- settling down & having a family, being someone's husband- now I wonder if I'll wake up tomorrow, nevermind where I might be in a week!" & being similarly unsure of a future herself, that girl giving in to wanting to feel alive RIGHT NOW, just as I can picture those "whores" being the only breadwinner w/ Dad & bros gone & bombs falling, so I DISAGREE STRONGLY w/ the use of "pick up girl, whore, stay AWAY from women!" as the Army sharing all they really knew about "VD", & think they figured blaming those "whore" women was an easy out!!

  13. Sure, the fat white guy looked healthy…until syphilis gave him a fatal heart attack. It couldn't have been high cholesterol or high blood pressure. It was obviously syphilis.

  14. Pickups, "Good-Time Girls", Prostitutes – spread syphilis and gonorrhea! You can't beat the Axis if you get VD!

  15. These are professional looking beautiful black people, too bad it's about STD's😳 It's rare to find old black & whites with Black actors in them that aren't maids, butlers, or slaves🙄although these black actors & actresses aren't being shown in the best light, at least it's being used to educate all people😉👌🏿

  16. God what gives here ,MISOGYNISTIC TWATS
    how dare a dr call your sexual partner a dirty woman what a bloody nerve ,
    i'd have punched him right on the nose ,what WHAT A CAD

  17. Hey Soldiers. Stay away from those dirty women, those two-bit whores. That's the only way to catch VD, from women, because men can't spread it. Bad, dirty women having sex with men. Good thing men can't be dirty whores who spread disease. Pfft!

  18. This was literally shot during the time where they gave all those men syphillis, then sat there with clipboards and watched what happened to them, for years.

  19. Black folks for the STD films, "dirty woman" as a reference to who he slept with. If I didn't know any better I would have thought this was a Trump backed film. Oh, wait….

  20. A lot of men get diseases like herpes from other men. It's strange that they ignore this in an instructional video. After watching this, the guys must have thought they were safe as long as they only fooled around with other men.

  21. Through this whole clip I was so anxious about the comments people were gonna leave. hey wait a minute what was the third word " pink, Broadway and……? oh shoot I better go checked for VD

  22. I wonder where those Prophylactic sinks are now? Love to have one. I wonder how many germy Jimmys washed off in them. That was a nice fat headed circumcised dick showing how to use the pro kit.

  23. Did the government bother to tell these black GI's how they experimented on them and a bunch of test subjects in Guatemala? We have the gall to call the Nazi doctors killers, but the US government betrayed so many Tuskegee soldiers. Disgusting!

  24. It’s amazing the some schools today only teach abstinence for sex Ed. It’s sad when a 1940’s sec Ed video is better then a health class in Texas.

  25. They had a segregated army back then . this film was for the black soldiers . they had a film for white soldiers of the same subject mater .

  26. 3:23 Cpl Baker just sat there dreaming about the 10 days he had in heaven while harboring what he picked up from that dirty woman. 😞

  27. ….OMG…Paul Robson is featured here—the super-Communist….This was right before he went to Moscow—singing the virtues of Stalin…

  28. My mom always thought we could get v.d.s from toilet seats.. she wouldn’t let us sit on any strange toilets in stores, or restaurants.

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