Eczema and Bathing

Eczema and Bathing

So atopic dermatitis is probably the most
common chronic itchy skin disease, primarily of young children but one that can affect
patients of any age. It’s actually surprising that a disease that
most people think of as maybe some red itchy spots on the body could have such an impact. Part of the misunderstanding about why families
often come having been told don’t bathe don’t shower or if you do, do it infrequently or
take a very short baths or showers, is that wetting the skin and then doing nothing further
causes evaporation and that contributes to dryness to break down to the skin barrier,
itching, scratching, and so on. But if you soak that skin for some period
of time to re-hydrate that damaged skin barrier and then immediately pat dry and while the
skin is still damp seal that in with an appropriate moisturizer or medication then we feel that
you are doing something beneficial. So then if we have to step it up that’s where
wet wrap therapy helps us. Because with wet wrap therapy, basically you’re
taking an article of clothing typically like cotton jammies or long underwear and then
a dry layer on top and then over roughly four days or so, you see this dramatic improvement.


  1. I use Eucerin. No alcohol, heavy base cream, that won't sting the soft skin. "Dermotoligist recommended". I've been using it since about 13 years old. 43 years later, still using it. 😁

  2. This may be too early to send a reply…..but wow. I’ve done this once. And I can already feel a difference in my skin. I would like to know a few things….how long should I stay within the wet wrap and also…what is the best topic medicine or lotion to use during this? I know there are literally 100s of options but I’d like to broaden my possibilities of success… with this “disease” is hell on earth. Thank you 🥺❤️

  3. I suffered from Chronic eczema. My eczema was so bad to the point it had a liquid puss coming from my rashes. It would get sticky and form a crust. 🤢 Triamcinolone and prednisone made it go away. However, it would return.

    I soon learned that what keeps it away is dove body wash or beauty bar, Curel cream and jojoba oil. Right after a steamy shower I don’t dry off completely, I pay myself dry just a little to where Im still damp. I then apply my cream, and them jojoba oil. Lotion doesn’t do it for me. I need extra moisture. My skin is baby soft.

  4. I’ve got eczema on both of the creases on my arms and the back of both of my knees. The eczema on my arms is really red and worst case purple. It keeps spreading and sometimes it itches so much but when i scratch it’s so painful that i can’t bend my arms. I bleed sometimes and when i scratch the dead skin literally falls off like dandruff. Okay no more details but can someone suggest anything like certain soap or oils because it’s really bad 🙁

  5. I’m 14 and I have had severe eczema since I was 6 months old. I have been to so many dermatologist + holistic dermatologist and some told me they wish they knew how to help me. This sucks. Having to wake up and be in pain, have to bathe and be in pain, even having to move. Some people even have suicidal thoughts because of this. It sucks that the little things can trigger and itch and it can make everything worst. I’m sorry, but some people get very annoying when they think they are helping. They think they have “the cure.” Some people put it to the side like eczema is a joke. Yes there are many conditions that are way worse than eczema, but eczema is still a condition. I feel better being around others who understand what it is like to have this horrible condition. They understand and don’t put it to the side and say “just put cream on it.” Being around people that understand keeps me sane.

  6. Couldn't wait to sort our my toddlers eczema as it was keeping him up all night and the rest of the household weren't getting their zzzz's My husband and other three children were all getting really grumpy and my poor toddler was constantly scratching and clawing at his arms and legs. He even bled all over my new sofa poor little thing. If it wasn't for tiny troubles rescuing cream I don't know how I would have coped. It thoroughly moisturized his skin and healed it back to brand new and soft. His arms and legs were coated and are now eczema free. This is a top healing cream for eczema and I even use it for eczema on my hands.

  7. i have had eczema all my life i am 22 years old .my doctor told me not to eat brinjal and some inflamotary foods..i have use various creams because of the chemicals i lost the pigments on my skin.this happend when i was 13-14 years old.from then on i did not apply any cream .i tried every cream on earth and none worked as good as vaseline ..

  8. I have eczema. I’m 19 and my eczema is the worst on my hands. Flare ups are triggered by dryness which is triggered HEAVILY by my job (washing dishes every single day at a pizza restaurant) and by my allergies (mainly dogs)
    I think my eczema may be infected but I don’t think I’ll have enough money for the next couple months to go to a doctor for this because I’m already trying to get my wisdom teeth out within the next couple months.
    However this in driving me INSANE. I just woke up for a dead sleep because of how itchy my hands were and I blindly scratched them until they were secreting a pus almost like a fresh scrape would (maybe too graphic sorry)

    This is day 3 of the worst flare up I’ve ever had. And this is also the most irritated I’ve ever felt with it.
    Please help. Any advice is appreciated.

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