Ellen Wraps Up Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018

Ellen Wraps Up Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018

For the fifth year
in a row now, we have partnered with Ulta Beauty
to raise money for Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They have been incredible today. They are donating $500,000
to breast cancer research. Thank you, Ulta Beauty. And to thank you
all for donating, they want to help you shop
at Ulta Beauty products with this $150 Ulta
Beauty gift card.


  1. Ellen is my biggest crush!!! Don't mind me when if i put on a fight with you when you say something negative or harsh. Cos ever since i have been and always will be doing the same. Take care Ellen!!!

  2. Who's making your thumbnails? And fire him/her, some thumbnails don't even fit the frame and others you can see the green screen

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