Emily’s Heart (A Little Sister with Down syndrome)

how do you want other people to treat Emily do you like being close with your sister why welcome to SBS K join me as I travel around the world an interview individuals living with a condition to prove no matter how you communicate but what obstacles you face you’re always deserving of love and acceptance so without hesitation let’s meet today’s friend how do you think your sister always likes to look at you I don’t ever want her to be looked at for a diagnosis and a disability ever because she’s not she’s just Emily she’s just Emily who’s Emily when you look at your sister in the eyes what do you two think about we think about cuddling then I’m thinking about it when we are feeding Emily and if she’s not full yet she will say more you show more more and then when you’re all done what do you say all done show me all done all done can you show me when you’re happy you say hooray hooray and Emily if you want to listen to music what do you tell mama music and if you want to say mama I love you what do you say we’re working on that one are you always gonna watch her there’s a little camera in her room connected to the wall so we get to see what she’s doing and she’s crying you’re and as she’s sitting up what do you do if she’s crying [Music] Emily can you show me your scary face that’s a scary one I wouldn’t wanna cross you on the dark alley okay can you show me you’re happy hooray you do hooray oh okay keep – hooray oh that was scary scary is her favorite right now what do you want the world to know about your sister Down syndrome I would say to Tyler what is Down syndrome and he said it’s something that babies have and they go yeah not all babies but some babies have it and he said well when does Emily grow out of it then I said when you have down syndrome you’re born with it and it doesn’t go away and he asked he said well when did mine go away I said you didn’t have Down syndrome is there anything special about your sister what is it and sometimes she wants to eat me so now he’s a little bit older and now I feel the simplest explanations are usually the best so we just tell them Emily has Down syndrome the only thing that means is it takes her a little bit longer to learn things but she’s just like yeah she’s just like your friends at school she’s gonna have things that she likes and things that she doesn’t like but patience is something that we need in this family with her and he’s so patient with her he’s been wonderful he’s been the best brother for her I couldn’t have hand-picked a better brother right do you two ever tell each other that you love each other Wednesdays and Thursdays are absolutely best friends if I ever need her to smile or snap out of something I call Tyler and like Tyler I need you and she just will instantly you love me whenever she spends time in the hospital we have a picture of Tyler we bring and we’ll put it right in their crib with her in it it helps to calm her down how do you feel when you see your sister laughs how do you hope others communicate with Emily I always tell people please don’t shush your child if they have a question about mine I would be more than happy to answer it I think it’s important to talk about it we’ve taught Tyler since day one that everybody is different some people are big some are small some are white some are brown some have red hair some have down syndrome some don’t his response to that was you know a mom you’re right because the world would be really boring everybody wouldn’t it be boring yeah it would be very boring if we were all the same yes ma’am but thank know he did you’re saying you need to say that yes oh you wouldn’t get out of here thanks for watching if you appreciate what we’re doing and want to see SBS K grow make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe this will help us reach even more people and make the world a better place thank you [Music] [Music]

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