1. My eating disorder legitimately makes me want to die. I contemplate death almost everyday because of it, I feel like my stomach is decaying and it hurts so bad. Somebody please help me. Please.

  2. i always thought the saying “im scared of food” was so overdramatic until i started being scared of food myself…

  3. i dont think people realise that anorexia isnt stemmed from models and “wishing to be like them” it can be very different

  4. Just by looking at this I feel so tired and hopeless. Struggling so much, brutal internal voices, confusion, really exhausting to have this as a daily rutine.

    Oh, btw, instead of anorexia or bulimia, I have depression, PTSD and have sometimes occational anxiety attacks. I’m also aware that this combination of mental illnesses is at a ludacris level of challenging. Just dumb, pure stupidity.

  5. I vomited yesterday for the first time and I really feel like shit. And I hate to make this public, but I guess that way I'll feel embarrassed to do it again.

  6. If u noticed too, Anna (the eating disorder) wore dark colors, while the girl is wearing pastels and happy colors. I think that the dark colors were also suppose to symbolize negativity and sadness

  7. I love how even though ana is being awful to her, she still seems more at ease when she's alone with her because it's what she used to. It's how toxic relationships stick around so long.

  8. Thank you, thank you , Thank you for doing such a good job of showing us the struggle that these girls face every single day. My daughter is currently standing up to her own "Ana"

  9. * reminder that you deserve to eat. you didn’t born to lose weight.
    i’ve watched this short film like 5 times already, i like it a lot 👏

  10. Sometimes all you have to do is look at the eyes. You're eyes can give away all of your secrets. Sometimes all you need is a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to you. I know what it feels like to be all alone and I'm sure that over half of the people watching does too. This video isn't one to pop up on the recemonded. But just know that your smile might look sincere but you're eyes won't lie to the person standing in front of you. If you need to talk to someone message me on Instagram at anxious.pan if you have it. Don't worry about me being some kind of stalker because I am not like that. Infact I have blocked everyone that is like that. But just know that people might say stuff to get to you and try to hurt you but that doesn't mean you should give in to the bad things. Focus on the light. Sometimes we need someone to listen to us. And I am here for anyone that needs that. Be safe and stay strong💘❣

  11. When you struggle with it so you just watch Anorexia short films to make yourself feel worse about yourself without meaning to.

    It’s sad man. I’m trying to fight it bc my friend is really upset about it but I can’t it’s too hard.

  12. Today I made myself throw up for the first time, and now I can’t really stop. I’m obsessing over my body

  13. Everyone of my friends say I'm fat but actually I'm actually closer to underweight then overweight and it's because they are underweight they say that I am overweight when I'm actually just closer to underweight

  14. It hit me how long I’ve had an ed for and I always thought I could quit when i want but woah man fuck it’s a challenge, never never never let shit get too far man. If you have a single thought of starving or putting harm to your body please talk to someone a friend family anyone who can listen because it isn’t all about “losing weight” you lose yourself you lose everything to your disorder, it can become your fucking life. It isn’t your friend it isn’t help it is going to killing you

  15. How do I tell my friends I'm bulimic ? I'm so scared to tell them bc they may think I want attention or they wont know what bulimia is. Please help.

  16. I feel I have an eating disorder. I don't like to eat it disgusts me. I'm so fat too

    I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa a day ago.

  17. Can someone help. I don’t know if I have anorexia or not, like I eat but it almost makes me throw up just thinking about eating and every bite I take I think “your gonna get so fat “STOP!” “That’s disgusting” or something like that. I always wanna lose weight and I try to starve myself (it doesn’t end up working) so I don’t know if that’s anorexia or something else

  18. I’ve been diagnosed with anorexia about a week ago and i dont know what to do. I hate my body soo much and i feel really fat and i just want to loose weight help me

  19. My heart goes out to anyone dealing with this type of disorder. I understand, I am one of you. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  20. Anorexia is like having a best friend you really love but who is actually a really bad influence. You recognize it but it is hard to get rid of it because you feel like you need this Person in your life otherwise you will be alone

  21. I weighed 160 pounds in sixth grade then I lost 50 pounds in 5 months bc people in school were teasing me and giving me weird looks. I didn’t lose it by the healthy way but with throwing up every night and it was awful. I’m now better without doing any of those things but to this day whenever I look at myself I see all the imperfections and feel fat when others tell me I look perfectly fine…I wish this could stop… the voice in my head which says I look bad each time I eat one cookie… it’s awful:((

  22. I wake up – I panic
    I put on makeup- I panic attack being allergic to it
    I eat breakfast- panic because I’m scared of choking
    Go out- afraid of being shot, passing out, being kidnapped
    Look around- see people doing things calmly wonder to myself if I will ever be that strong
    Go to a restaurant- panic about being poisoned
    Goes home- panics because I HAVE THIS AMAZING IDEA THAT IM POSSESSED
    Shower- afraid of drowning
    Eating dinner- afraid that my OWN FUCKING PARENTS WILL poison me ( they never did or will)
    Go to bed – over thinks and is worried about school
    Laying in bed- gets a feeling where it feels like I’m in a dream
    Still in bed- wondering why therapy worked for everyone except me
    In bed- crying in bed thinking about how I could do things so carelessly and calm and could do everything and what happened

    I’m only 12

  23. I know the feeling about the eating disorder being about contorl… Sometimes it is the only thing I can control

  24. Most of you don't know that anorexia comes hand in hand with binge eating disorder. Once we start to eat, we start to binge. We lose control. You don't understand

  25. 1 in 100 women are heartbroken! You are not alone… Eating disorder is caused by a heartbreak. Stop making it look like a brain damage!! So sick of psychiatrist plague!! This world needs to kick out all psychiatrists and show some love and care.

  26. i live with my parent and they are starving me i only eat once or twice a day maybe and i mean maybe twice a day if im lucky i gotta sneak around to eat i eat at 6:00am and late at night if i can but if i get caught i face the consequences sometimes only eat once a day but because of them i feel guilty for eating so i throw it up

  27. This is one of the most accurate portrayals of what goes on in the head of an eating disorder sufferer. Well deserving of the awards & getting the message out there that eating disorders are not a fad or fashion.

  28. I eat a lot.. Sometimes I eat an apple or just a cheeseburger and my parents are confused and other days I’m eating like crazy..

  29. I'm anorexic but my mom makes me eat…. Every time I eat i just feel so.. Bad… It's gotten to the point where when I eat more than half a sandwich I feel physically sick….

  30. That last part can also be portrayed as binge eating disorder. To those who suffer from eating disorders, reach out for help and know that everything will be alright if you don't give up♡

  31. As someone who's struggled with an eating disorder for many, many years, I absolutely love this short. I would always repeat to myself "Hungry to bed. Hungry to rise. Makes a girl smaller in size." That was my motto for a very long time, and I still struggle with it to this day. It's a battle daily, but one I'm currently finally winning.

  32. Everyone make me feel shameful for being too thin. I have tried to have everything to gain weight but nothing happend. I still like as 10 year back. I cant see myself in front of mirror.

  33. I hate how when you go through anorexia or something with an eating disorder your brain makes you think that you’re in control

  34. I don’t have a eating disorder but i do relate to that last scene when whole conversations are playing in your head.

  35. I only realised the friend was the eating disorder when she called her Ana and she kept saying things like “all u do is bring me down”

  36. Can i just point out how amazing the details in this are? I mean, the mirror avoidance, body checking, voices, control, knowing it's wrong but not being able to leave, and so so much more. I can speak for myself and many others when i say that i saw myself in this video

  37. today my friend told me she had anorexia. my eyes still ache from crying so much. it hurts because looking back, there were so many signs. it was so obvious. so clear. and yet, I had no idea. I didn’t know. I didn’t speak to her about it. I didn’t question the way she looked at herself in the mirror. I feel so terrible about it all cause I should have been there. I should have payed attention but I didn’t. my friend is okay now. she’s getting help. got a meal plan. got appointments with the doctor. but I want to help. I want to do more. make up for lost time so to speak. that’s why I’m watching this and I will watch hours and hours of short films and documentaries and I will read about it too until I know I’ve helped. till I can at least partially understand. I don’t want my friend to carry on feeling like this. like she’s not good enough. and neither should anyone else. have a good day ❤️

  38. Losing weight is like cheep plastic surgery I wonder how the girl would react if she was shown a 3-d model of herself that she and a plastic surgeon talked on

  39. Sometime I feel like I’m faking it. I’d wake up, go to school and starve til around 1 when we eat lunch and have a little bit of salad and two whole grain crackers, and a piece of gum.
    Then I would wait until after school and eat atleast 600 -1000 calories and feel fat. I might purge but everytime I do I feel like I have bulimia and not anorexia . I dunno what I have. I feel useless. I just ate cheese itz and a cupcake because my mind just said “f it just eat everything”😭 I just want to hide and cry my eyes out.
    School work is too hard. I feel like my fingers are going to fall off. I can’t tell if it’s because I’m losing weight on my hands as well or from writing nonstop.
    I feel too young to have an eating disorder.
    I have 2 tests tomorrow which If I fail it will bring my grade down for the first 9 weeks
    I only make it harder for myself. I asked my mom if I could switch to homeschooling. it was a mistake.
    It’s not for me. Now I have to wait until next year January to see my best friends. And try to smile everyday.
    I have No One to talk to.
    I want to be alone but hate feeling lonely.

  40. I like the idea that she brings her friend around with her, as thats what its like. Very few people who have anorexia want to look like models though or something from a magazine though… its never about that.

  41. Black hair female is annoying all about herself.
    Blonde needs people who really cares about others to have self confidence in herself.

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