Episode 14: Breast Cancer Cleared with Cannabis Oil (no chemo or radiation)

Episode 14: Breast Cancer Cleared with Cannabis Oil (no chemo or radiation)

– You’re listening canvas health radio. Here are your hosts Ian Jessop and Corrie Yelland. _ Ian: Welcome to another episode of cannabis health radiol, I’m Ian Jessup. _ And I’m Corrie Yelland. – Ian: When you look at the statistics
for breast cancer deaths around the world, it’s horrific! Nearly half a million women die of breast cancer worldwide. In the United States and in Canada breast cancer
is the second leading cause of death for women with lung cancer being number one. One woman who is a breast cancer survivor thanks to cannabis oil
is Barb Philpott of Vernon British Columbia. and she joins us,
Barb how are you today? – Barb: I’m great, thank you. – Ian: Barb tell us your story of being
diagnosed with breast cancer – Barb: Okay well recently cancer wasn’t even
in my wheelhouse there’s none on either side of my family and so when I got a
lump I thought oh my gosh this has got to go away and I went I had a mammogram
and yes it was cancer and I went to see estrogen and oncologist and it
radiologist and I listened to them and I had always said if I had cancer I didn’t
know what I would do well after talking to the 3G my new exactly what I would do
I would not take chemo or radiation but I had no other idea what I would do and
my daughter who’s very much into natural health told me about Corey connected me
with Corey and that was pretty much the end of the story the minute I got I did
get this lump removed you underwent surgery I did so under undergo surgery
yet alumni talk to me I was in London lumpectomy yes I had
everybody scaring me into it except for my daughter so I went ahead and I said
that’s it I’m not doing anymore and she connected me with Corey and I started
taking the oil right away and I am now for your breast cancer survivor
I don’t have any of the ill effects my friends have had I don’t have any of the
side effects my friends have had I’ve only had good things happen to me
everything’s improving because of the oil that’s great when you told your
doctor that you weren’t going to undergo chemo did they did they offer chemo and
radiation to you my family doctor sent me to the other three doctors and I told
her I didn’t know what I was learning to do and when I came back I told
I was not taking chemo or radiation the surgeon what is she saying she won’t say
anything she just smiled she had an idea and right after I told her what I plan
to do she said I couldn’t tell you before but I didn’t take chemo or
radiation either oh well that was very telling Wow that ought to be interesting
yeah she let me make my own decision and then said good for you right on then
that one third that was your oncologist who said that
no that was my family doctor family doctor okay the surgeon didn’t say too
much the oncologist kind of smiled but he told me he wanted me to weigh my my
options but to see I guess it was but the radiologist went dessert and it kept
telling me how safe it was and I knew hundreds of people who did not have a
safe radiation and I just didn’t trust him yeah he was a was a hard sell for
him wasn’t it very hard because the thing is – and I
when I chose to go with the cannabis oil I lost all privileges at the Alberta
counselor center I did not have any counseling I didn’t have anything
because I did not so but they wanted me to go so you were blacklisted
essentially pretty much yeah and then when I went back on my years the surgeon
walked in he said you’re cancer-free and he walked down the room no very flippant
about the whole thing yeah very much so what do your friends and family say I
know your daughter is probably supportive but what do other people say
to you a barb who know that you had breast cancer but you did not undertake
conventional medical treatment they tend to ignore me it’s kind of funny they
don’t want to talk about it they don’t want to hear about it and I even with my
friends that have cancer I get so frustrated with them cuz they just won’t
listen because they’re so caught up in the fear and naming your label or the
counter that they got and all the various things go with it and I mean
there’s to me they’re just drawing the chance to write into themselves and one
says she’s in remission and I say no your counts are free
you know what issues I thought well what can I say in talking to people about
their various ailments and they have a reluctance to use cannabis oil Cory you
and I have talked about this privately some people become their disease their
disease is their crutch mm-hmm acting someone says well I’m a cancer survivor
or I am a cancer victim victim that’s right there’s a victim I hate that yeah
thank you yeah to cancer victim so barb when you started on cannabis oil when
you were actually going through having breast cancer and using the count of the
soil what was the reaction of your family and friends my both my daughters
were very supportive my husband just said nothing so I guess he starts sort
of supported it but in a small quiet way yeah he was afraid also that I was
hurting the wrong thing sure and all my friends just did not support it did they
say anything to you somehow she did I know what I was doing I have one yeah I
do and some said well that’s not what I
would do you know they just they just were not supportive topic that sort of
ignorance or of what cannabis oils about or out of fear or combination of both
peer to peer here yeah there’s the law like I end up sending some model to one
of my friends that had breast cancer and she was terrified trying to find a
hiding place in their house the police couldn’t find it and she ended up never
taking it because she was afraid that somebody might find out that’s bad
yeah and in fairness to to the public we have been demonized over the last nearly
80 years since 1937 that somehow cannabis is this reefer madness drug
that is going to poison us and make us do all sorts of various things that we
wouldn’t normally do you know unbeknownst to most people the cannabis
has been used for thousands of years there is not one documented case of
anyone overdosing on cannabis because apparently already you can’t do it
well I have I haven’t been able to do it you still take cannabis oil barb I do I
take it as a preventative I sometimes three times a week
some nights every night I also sleep better when I’m using it and my blood
Sugar’s are more normal and so is my blood pressure more normal when I take
it so I do take it at least three times a week three times a week yeah so barb
when you were going through treating yourself for cancer with the oil how
much did you take a day and how long did it take for you to become labeled
cancer-free I was count to three the minute I took
the first stop of all there you go Lisa in your own mind you were cancer-free
right in my own mind I was I knew nothing about cannabis I never even
thought I was growing up I had knew nothing about it I just knew that my
daughter believed in it and Cory believed in it and I believed in both of
them interesting how much did you take barb I started off with a quarter of a
grain of rice I think for four days and then I kept increasing it by a quarter
until I was up to four grains of rice I don’t know if that’s what I was supposed
to do but that’s what I did and I took that for at least a year and
then I was out of the country for a few months and couldn’t take it and I got
really afraid and the fear started to set in and again that went maybe I
didn’t get it so as soon as I got home I started up on it again and felt
comfortable from that point on now did during the period did you always have
that lump still there no I don’t believe so they did did remove 20 of my lymph
nodes which really annoyed me because I said don’t touch my lymph nodes and then
they removed 20 and told me there was cancer in one of them and I said wasn’t
a live cell or a dead cell and they didn’t know and I you know I mean this
one my arm but I didn’t have it writing so there’s nothing I can do about it and
I don’t want to deal with them ever again anyhow by taking cannabis oil as a
preventative and you say it helps you sleep better and it helps with your
blood pressure and phone service and part knee and blood sugar and blood
sugars correct yeah so is there anything else that
you find that you are somehow a little different maybe even a little better as
a result of taking cannabis oil I have less pain and like I had back surgery
several years before the cancers and I certainly have less pain
I don’t take enough of it to make the pain go totally away I don’t believe
when I do take it every day I have less pain if I do it three times a week the
pain starts to heat back in yeah probably because when you’re doing it a
couple times a week you’ve got that cannabinoid level fluctuating in your
system versus yeah you’re nailing it 24 hours there is it’s a hormone issue
apparently about 80 percent of all breast cancers are what they term e are
positive and that means the cancer cells grow in response to the hormone estrogen
and of those about 65 percent of these are also PR positive they grow in
response to another hormone progesterone says if your breast cancer has a
significant number of receptors for either estrogen or progesterone it’s
considered hormone receptor-positive that was from the cancer none that was
from WebMD what do you know if your cancer was hormone driven I think it
must’ve been because they want to know what supplements I was on and made me
get off anything that had estrogen in it interesting so one of the big things
that’s going on right now in treating women with breast cancer with cannabis
oil is this for the longest time anybody who had breast cancer we would give or
recommend everybody take high THC then there became a question as to whether or
not THC in some cases particularly with hormone driven breast cancers I’m
talking about would actually push the counter so then CBD became the new kid
on the block and there was a study out of San
Francisco with metastatic breast cancer that showed that you know CBD was what
hormone driven or hormone receptor driven breast cancer should be tabled
for the last year basically I think that’s been the recommendation is high
CBD speaking just for myself I can’t speak for everybody else of
every single case of hormone driven breast cancer that I’ve dealt with where
the woman has done just CBD it hasn’t worked yeah I use tha THC exactly so you
know I’m wondering if when we’re talking about the hormone driven breast cancer
I believe the latest mode of thinking is this you need 50:50 high THC high CBD I
mean you know it’s it’s still a crapshoot because we don’t have the
studies that show you know how much for this how much for that right when I
think it depends the quality of oil you get well definitely the quality of the
oil makes a huge difference well you know I talked to a poor soul the other
day that was using an oil could figure out why it wasn’t working and it was
something like seven percent THC and then like oh my god it’s no wonder it’s
not working well one of the reasons I moved to BC was so I could legally
obtain the oil because I really had a problem when I lived in Alberta trying
to find it and getting it sent to me through the mail and I was really
worried about that and I came here and I still had to get a medical marijuana
license but what really annoyed me is in order to activate the license I had to
order from a Canadian government dispensary I got from them for two
hundred and fifty dollars exactly what I got at the dispensary in town here for
62 well all about the huge difference a huge difference but you’re supporting
your country yeah barb what was what was it like in because I asked this question
is we’ve we get occasionally get emails from people in Alberta who want to know
how to obtain cannabis oil in Alberta is it much more difficult there than it is
here in British Columbia I found it very difficult I got mine from the East Coast
we talked to Kelly shut up but a week ago with respect to members
she had chrome families living in Saskatchewan yeah in Regina and she has
her opened her own dispensary in August and she gets her product from British
Columbia yeah and when we when we interviewed Mandy Giri with a little
Cheyenne she talked about wanting to move to British Columbia because it’s so
hard to source in Alberta that’s right so we have to get like no we have to get
those Cowboys on board this is the dispensary that I go to there’s a girl
that works there that is a pharmacist system and she is very very helpful in
what you need to look for and what to watch for and she’ll take whatever time
you need to talk to you about whatever you’re purchasing yeah interesting part
so when you did the oil just for sick of our listeners who who often want to know
details do you know how many times a day did you do it four times four times a
day so you would do it what every six hours or so or I when I got up at noon
at four o’clock on the afternoon before I went to bed and did you do all all
orally or did you do some bicep aza Tori I didn’t know about the palm tree so I
did it orally for about I wasn’t that educated when I started taking it you
know and actually first week I did get high and I didn’t like him I didn’t like
the feeling at all right but once I got used to it there was no high at all well
you know what jaws says do you want to get high or do you want to die do you
prefer the high I would would think yeah how much do you think you got up to
taking a day we was talking earlier about four grains of rice sighs if that
was how much you got up to taking a day no about four times a day four times a
day you would do the foregrip four grand to race okay that’s easily a gram adatom
yeah boy you’re a lot better than I am barb Ian Cheska Ian took a dose of cannabis
oil and he didn’t listen to me the very first time I took it barb and I’ve told
the story Solicitors I know what a bore listeners
but I was told to take size of a half a grain of rice like
took it and an hour later I said I don’t feel anything I should take some more so
I took some more which was the size of a grain of rice and I’ve regretted it ever
since done I’m like you the the high was not something that I want to experience
a game but you know what if I was in a situation like you or many other people
which is a life-and-death situation I would do that every day if I knew that
it would eradicate the health issue that I had exactly and I did that for two and
a half years before I started coming back so the very first dose you took you
got high if you took that sorry I wasn’t in control I didn’t feel like I was in
control of my own mouth like I couldn’t I couldn’t portray what was coming out
of my mouth it was in my head and like I felt stupid and I really didn’t like
that feeling at all I’m not in control of my mouth some of the time but you
should become a politician so you you had trouble if you took the same amount
today that you took the very first time would it make a difference in terms of
how you felt would you feel hi I have no idea I mean I don’t even measure it when
I take it I just squeeze it till it quits coming out and I’d say sometimes
there’s more than four grains of rice sometimes there’s less sometimes it’s up
to six because they keep seeping out of the tube so I think I’m not going to
weight it so I change it yeah and I think you know now obviously you’re
comfortable with it right it’s not one that like when you first started taking
it you know I keep trying to tell people this isn’t an exact science so you know
don’t worry if it’s a little bit more or a little bit less yeah I just felt you
had to you know get it into your system till you learn what your tolerance was
and then go from there yeah so did you have a sense in your
body of when this started to turn around like were you feeling different at some
level I would say within about three months I felt like I was consciously
interesting because you know that was the same with me
keeping in mind there was nothing out there no Facebook groups here anything
back down and I hadn’t got up to the gram a day so I was convinced even
though I felt like it was gone that it was still there I mean in hindsight it
probably was gone way back when so interesting at the 3-month market that’s
when you felt that let me yeah yeah let me ask you two of you when you say you
felt it was gone what explain that I don’t quite
understand uh for myself it was just this almost an intuitive thing okay just
like I just knew just like when I was checking out cannabis oil
I just knew if anything was going to save my life this was it exactly it’s
almost like I’m spent for something it is and the thing is when I talk to other
people and try and talk them to them about the oil when they start bringing
up all their fears let them start seeping in and I think oh I’m running a
home and get some oil real quick I don’t want their fear no no that’s
right yeah we we talked to Aaron purchase about her daughter Michaela and
raised Michaela brave mykayla had leukemia and she says she doesn’t was it
Aaron that said that she doesn’t talk about that because she doesn’t want the
the child to assume the know that was Mandi that the Cheyenne about a little
Diane who’s for real next year yeah just starting school yeah doesn’t want it
doesn’t want to think about the disease yeah because it’s like giving it power
yeah you know that well what you fear most will happen you know putting
pouring all your energy into something negative that’s right you feel that way
Bart I really very strongly feel that way to me right now cancer is just a
non-issue it’s not in my body it’s not going to be come back into my body and
if it dares to even try I’ll be ready how did your husband feel about it now
uh I don’t know he’s not very doesn’t talk about it very
much but he doesn’t he doesn’t seem bothered that I use it and actually he
was starting to use it he was diagnosed with epilepsy and he’s borders on taking
the oil and taking a piss he can’t let go the meds EF you can’t let go of that
fear that he just take his meds he’ll have a seizure quick
go there what wait no no good should come around and your daughter does your
daughter take Canada’s cannabis oil at all ah I believe she did yes and it’s
helped her for what she was using it for you okay yeah now you moved from Alberta
to British Columbia and you live in Vernon British Columbia is there much of
a cannabis community there do you have many dispensaries I believe there’s
three node one I just go to the one I know there’s a second one and I think
there’s a third one in Vernon but I haven’t found it yet it’s pretty common
around here it’s not a big deal at all in Vernon like I’ve talked to quite a
few people in this area that it’s just not a big deal to them they’re not
afraid of the law but not afraid or anything else they just yep I need it
I’ll take it barb what would you say to two women who
may be listening who are fearful of breast cancer or who have breast cancer
and are undecided as to what sort of treatment they should take well I think
what I would say is if you go as a traditional route with the surgery and
the chemo and the radiation you’re going to probably end up with chemo neuropathy
for the rest of your life you’re going to I have not known anyone that’s taking
radiation that hasn’t been burnt and the radio it just tells you it’s so exact
and you don’t burn anybody and get anyone every single person I know that’s
taking radiation has been burnt and it’s painful so I would say get on the oil go
for three months at least and then go for a check-up yeah give it a try first
day and Cory Cory when you were telling your story when you were researching
radiation and found out what it did you decided I’m not going I’m not I’m not
going there yup yeah okay thank you I’m not doing that to my body I think I
would have rather died of cancer than taking radiation there was a guide of
that too yeah you know it’s amazing the number of people that pass away from
side effects from radiation or chemotherapy and it’s not publicized no
you know and the others I find with people that
quemo for breast cancer within a year they have catches from where else in
their body yeah lung cancer or whatever chemo just creates more cancer it’s yeah
you know there’s 19 different chemotherapy drugs that practically come
with a written guarantee that you will have leukemia within two years and we
have a very high-profile case here in Victoria right now with a little girl
who has leukemia and Children’s Hospital in Vancouver openly admits that she has
leukemia as a result of the chemotherapy they gave her Susan and what we’ll do at
the end of this program barb I want to play a clip from dr. Peter Glidden in
the United States about the dangers of chemotherapy
he says 97% but doesn’t work at all so we’ll do that Barbara was a plan to talk
to you it’s great that you’re healthy and cannabis oil helped you move on
again move on to get your husband on it no I’m not pushing no do it when you do
he’ll do it when he’s ready okay thanks barb appreciate this thank you thank you
very much bye take care bye bye as we mentioned in our discussion with
barb dr. Peter Glidden is a naturopathic doctor in the United States and he had
some very interesting comments on chemotherapy he did it in an interview
with a Health Tube dot-com and so let’s listen to see what in here or what Peter
Glidden has to say about chemotherapy dr. can we talk about cancer a little
bit various types out there what are some of the things that you’ve seen in
terms of your patients and what some of the things that you’ve been able to do a
better thing to talk about in relationship to get well I will talk
about that a better thing to talk about however is the relationship between
profits and cancer in the United States and there was a study that was published
I believe it was in 1994 it was a 12-year program 12-year study they
looked at adults who had developed cancer as an adult not childhood cancer
but adult cancer right this is the main types of cancer that we get here in the
United States they did a meta-analysis of these people all around the world who
developed cancer as adults for 12 years and were treated with chemo they
looked at the result and they published the results in the Journal of Clinical
Oncology and the result 97% of the time chemotherapy does not work 97% of the
time it doesn’t work so why is it still used one reason and one reason only
money if you go to a medical doctor an m.d. with a sinus infection and that
doctor prescribes an antibiotic he gets no financial kickback now if he
prescribes 5,000 you know of that antibiotic in one month the drug company
that makes it might send him to Cancun for a conference right but he gets no
direct remuneration not with with chemo therapeutic drugs it’s different email
therapeutic drugs are the only classification of drugs that the
prescribing doctor gets a direct cut up so if your doctor prescribes
chemotherapy for you here’s how it goes more or less the doctor buys it from the
pharmaceutical company for five thousand dollars sells it to the patient for
$12,000 insurance pays nine thousand dollars and the doctor pockets the four
thousand dollar difference and there ought to be a law the only reason
chemotherapy is used is because doctors make money from period it doesn’t work
ninety seven percent of the time their Ford Motor Company made an automobile
that exploded ninety seven percent of the time would they still be in business
no this is a tip of the iceberg of the control that the pharmaceutical industry
has on us we most people have no idea of this at all now I wrote a book while the
m.d. emperor has no globe right in my book I have a bulleted list of ten
questions that every cancer patient should ask their doctor and question
I’ve had patients kicked out literally kicked out of the oncologists office
because the doctor was P owed that the patient was asking them these questions
and these are just common sense question cancer treatment in the United States we
have lost the war on cancer we have lost the war on cancer why because cancer is
not a reductionistic phenomenon answer is a holistic phenomena when you try to
bring a reductionistic methodology like drugs and surgery to bear on a holistic
phenomenon you will completely miss the boat each and every time you cannot do
it medical doctors are like colorblind art critics they can see that that’s a
boat they can see the black and white outline but they’re completely blind to
all of the colors and textures that make up the substance of this thing it’s no
difference with cancer the reason that people get cancer in the United States
and the reason that we have completely lousy outcomes is because medical
doctors are driving the research by when women get together and do a 5k run for
breast cancer all of that money you think any of that money goes to
nutritional research do you think any of that money goes to homeopathic research
or acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine or nature passage research no
all of it goes to drugs and surgery which do not work now why aren’t those
women running for selenium if every girl in this country took 200 micrograms of
selenium in one generation we eliminate breast cancer by 82% that’s a big number
why aren’t we doing that because medicine in the United States is a
for-profit industry and most people are completely unaware of this and most
people bow down the altar of MD directed high-tech medicine at their own demise
let’s dr. Peter Glidden from Minnesota and I’m not sure whether this study that
I found was the same one he was referring to but this came out in 2004
it was also in the Journal of Clinical Oncology it was a 14-year study and it’s
called the contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to five-year survival in
adult malignancies and it looked at 22 types of cancers in the United States
and Australia and they studied almost 150 5000 people 20 years in older now
here’s are the results the overall contribution of curative and adjuvant
cytotoxic chemotherapy to five-year survival in adults was estimated to be
2.3 percent in Australia and 2.1 percent in the United States the interesting
thing as the survival rate for a number of cancers was after five years was
absolutely zero this included pancreatic cancer soft
tissue sarcoma melanoma of the skin uterine cancer prostate cancer bladder
cancer kidney cancer and multiple myeloma the absolute number of the
5-year survivors due to chemotherapy in those particular cancers was the zero
now in Australia they studied almost 73,000 people and the absolute number of
five-year survivals due to chemotherapy of the 73,000 1,700 that’s 2.3 percent
that doesn’t we thank Barb Philpott for her contribution and her discussion on
breast cancer and congratulations barb on your being cleared of breast cancer
and we’ll be back for another edition of cannabis health radio tomorrow wherever
you are in the world listening to us we thank you very much and we appreciate it
and we’ll be back again you’ve been listening to the cannabis house radio
podcast this is our website cannabis alex radio
calm and follow us on Facebook and Twitter


  1. my dad was bombarded with chemo for two years and died from a heart attack due to hyponatriosis due to the chemo, he didn't die from his cancer… no doctor even cared about this fact.

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