Eric Dane On His Battle With Depression: It ‘Hit Me Like A Truck’ | TODAY

Eric Dane On His Battle With Depression: It ‘Hit Me Like A Truck’ | TODAY


  1. 🙂 Great interview with Eric Dane. A reality check for the ladies on the Today show! I was pleased & happy to see Eric Dane in good shape and ready to return to his work as the ship's commander on the award winning TV series "The Last Ship".

  2. & the fact that he's talking about mental illness makes him so much more relatable but honestly his voice , self, & eveything turns me on so much hahahha

  3. 1. McSteamy! I loooved him on Grey's Anatomy.2. How was this a great interview??? they did not ask him any other personal questions. 3. Why would he drop the name of the medication he took? Is he getting paid to promote it subliminally? 4. I know Pharmaceutical companies invest MILLIONS of dollars promoting their drugs, competing with one another… I cannot believe he used The Today Show for this… He's a great actor. I expected more from him…I know mental illness is a serious issue… don't get me wrong…
    But… you cannot just come and so a 2 minute interview and leave your audience/fans full of questions???
    Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell… incidents.. now this?
    A gig paid by a pharmaceutical company maybe? or is it real? Kinda confused…

  4. When you've been very good looking most of your young life and watch the ravages of aging get a hold of u, that will depress u.

  5. I'm on Pristique, too. It really has made a world of difference. It's made me gain some weight, which sucks. But I feel soooo much healthier and back to my old self.

  6. Ok love how this guy who owns up to his battle with depression. But he takes time off and pops a pill and everything is great. Wow I wish that was reality. Also he decided to give the drug a shout out. Like was that a plug for the drug company. Feeling annoyed. 😬😬😬

  7. I was the same felt depressed for no reason but I was not very lucky like him because my parents refused to take me to therapy or take meds which could have solved the problem so my case ended up being worse

  8. Congratulations with the Last Ship absolutely one of the most compelling programs and the chemistry of the actors is phenomenal you're a wonderful person you will get through the depression you'd make any mother proud so make yourself proud and pat yourself on the back Eric you're a good guy

  9. Season 4 began on the evening(august 20th here 21st in Singapore)the USS John McCain was rammed by a tanker on the straights of Malacca. Odd timing?

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