Esophagoscopy Without Sedation (Trans-Nasal Esophagoscopy; Esophagus Exam Endoscopy)

Esophagoscopy Without Sedation (Trans-Nasal Esophagoscopy; Esophagus Exam Endoscopy)

It is possible to examine without any
sedation the lining of the esophagus which is the tube that goes from the
mouth down into the stomach. Usually performed if there is concern for reflux
or esophageal cancer, this exam is performed by passing a scope through the
nose after adequate topical anesthesia. Here the scope is passed gently and
slowly through the nose. Once the back is reached, it is guided down into the
throat. Here we can see the voice box at this
point. The patient is instructed to swallow water a few times and the scope
is then passed into the esophagus. The scope is gently threaded towards the
stomach while the lining is carefully examined for any abnormalities. Here we have reached the point just
behind the heart. Here we can see a clear border
separating the esophagus from the stomach. At this point the scope is gently
withdrawn. If any abnormalities were seen, biopsies
would have to be taken. As you can see, the patient is able to tolerate this
exam without too much discomfort. Patients who are not candidates for
awake esophagus copy include a nose that is too small for the scope to enter as
well as patients with a very strong gag reflex.


  1. A quick inquiry, is there a specific protocol (international guidlines) for cleaning the endoscope in between patient examinations.  For example if a patient presents with an upper respiratory complication (for instance viral) what is to stop the transmission of body fluids to another patient from the device.

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  3. I've had something SIMILAR done. It's wasn't a scope, though. It was to help with stomach issues. The same procedure was done on me, (DOWN THE NOSE, THROUGH THE THROAT, AND INTO THE STOMACH. Although, I had to keep it in for 3 days…. 😱😭😂

  4. I just had that done yesterday, it wasn't bad at all.  It wasn't nearly as unpleasant as the XR Esophagram where I had to drink barium and other very nasty tasting chemical mixers when they did xrays while swallowing them.  Talk about nauseating!!!

  5. Where can I find a doctor in the Tampa Bay area of FL that does this procedure? I've called about 2 dozen doctors offices and hospitals with no luck. I'm getting desperate here.

  6. The headrest should have been placed to support the patient's head. The head support can help a patient feel less anxious and it helps prevent sudden head movement.

  7. I watched this video before I had this procedure done and it really wasn't that bad once they spray the lidocaine up your nose.

  8. It looks worse than it actually feels. Had a tumor at the base of my tongue and i need to get check ups every 3 months. Just had it done today again for the third time. Compared to everything i went through, this was nothing.

  9. I done it today. The doctor did not gave me water. The anestesi that the doctor spray into your nose and throat taste bad. I have done and glad that the result was clear.

  10. I had one done today and it was the worst thing in my life. I had to have them pull it out I was gagging so bad. Then they did it again. Fucking terrible !!!!!

  11. Is it possible to look at the esophagus with this procedure? When I had mine done the ENT said no and she just went down into my throat.

  12. I've done this without knowing I was going in for the procedure. They told me they wanted a check up. It was nothin, you don't feel anything. Just gotta breathe right and not move much

  13. Rumor has it she suddenly got the hiccups causing a chain reaction. The camera went down farther than expected. She then had to fart suddenly causing the camera to pop out of her anus. I shit you not.

  14. tentei fazer este enxame hoje e não consegui, entrei em pânico, esta endoscopia nasal deveria ser com sedativo como a endoscopia de estomago.

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