Everything You Need To Know About PCOS | Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Everything You Need To Know About PCOS | Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

If you love watching Glamrs videos and would like to be notified every time we drop a new one, please bash that bell icon below! A lot of people have been diagnosed with PCOS in the last 5 years but it’s been increasing at an alarming rate like I see 8 out of 10 women with PCOS. So what would be the main cause of them being diagnosed with PCOS? So the cause, there could be many like I said lifestyle factors but how do you detect that you have PCOS, there are three criterias. You either have cyst in your ovaries, so when you go for an ultrasound on the second or third day of your periods the doctor tells
you that you have cyst which are actually follicles which haven’t developed completely because of lack of female hormones and excess male hormones. The second criteria is that you have all the male patterns like acne on the jaw line, hair growth on the chin, cheeks, chest, naval and all the male androgen patterns like balding and the third criteria is irregular periods. So either you miss your periods or your periods are 35 days up every cycle. So these three criterias will actually determine if you are a PCOS patient but not necessarily because even thyroid plays a very important role and it also has similar symptoms. So PCOS and thyroid kind of go hand in hand yes but these three criterias are for PCOS. Is it possible if a person is diagnosed with
PCOS they’ll be diagnosed with thyroid as well? Well, it could be interchangeable like PCOS could have thyroid issues or not. It varies. It’s not a rule that that has to happen. On a general basis if you have to advise the women out here watching us if they have PCOS what’s the first thing that they need to change in their lifestyle? Their thought process. Absolutely important so you need to understand that PCOS is not a disease. It is just that you haven’t taken care of
your lifestyle and so you’re seeing certain symptoms. So a lot of PCOS women they say that I’m battling with PCOS and it’s made my life hell because it is a very confident shattering disease because when you as a woman have hair on your face it’s something that you just wouldn’t want to have. I mean one can’t deal with it. You don’t want to go out of the house, you don’t want to meet friends it’s really sad. But yes you need to change your thinking that your body is actually giving you certain signals and you need to listen to them instead of being so against your body and being self sabotaging like being self criticising that omg look at the way I look and that’s just not the way. Just change your thought process like Okay, this is the way it is and now I need to do something for this. So that’s the first step. Convincing yourself that it’s not a disease, it’s sign and you have got to change it. What according to you is the most common mistake that one does once their diagnosed with PCOS? Going on a pill. That’s the worst thing you can do to yourself. A pill is nothing but just an external synthetic hormone which shuts your reproductive system and when you bleed on a pill it’s a pill bleed and not an actual bleed because your hormones are not being produced so the pill actually gives a signal to your body to shut the reproductive system and it does the job but actually you’re not ovulating. So now that when you take a pill nothing improves, everything is temporarily and you feel like you have got your periods back, skin is better but the day you leave the pill, you’re in the worst state. So it does have a lot of side effects. If they are on the pill if they stop the pill what else can they do? Change your lifestyle, so when I deal with PCOS women I have like a 12 page quiz which we ask them to fill and we judge what is the cause of their PCOS. So there are a lot of causes of PCOS like it could be inflammation, insulin resistance, thyroid, poor diet, stress. A lot of factors so when they fill the quiz we actually understand which part of their lifestyle is causing the PCOS but everything is interchangeable and there are types so everyone is not at the highest PCOS level. So there is type A, B, C, D. So A is the highest that all 3 criteria I mentioned, B is two criteria and C&D are just like the beginning to get towards the type A. So when you judge then you actually understand which part of their lifestyle needs to be corrected. So if don’t have to go on the pill you first need to judge what your lifestyle is and where is it wrong? Correct that with supplements, with herbs and all of that and then see what needs to be done. Absolute natural ways. I have treated so many PCOS women, their periods have come back and it’s just amazing to see you get the woman essence back. So as you mentioned there are 4 categories
A, B, C, D so is it possible if a person is on the C and D level which is the low level and not taking any medication towards it it can lead to B and A level as well? It can it can if they don’t take care of their lifestyle. So PCOS is a problem which cannot be cured, it can be reversed it’s just like diabetes once a diabetic you’re a diabetic. So once a PCOS you have all the chances of being type A if you don’t take care of your lifestyle and infact if you take care of your lifestyle from type A you can actually come down to type C, D and then kind of keep the symptoms really minimal without affecting your life. Thank you so much Neha, it was a pleasure having you here. Have a great day I’m jenifer karai until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs.


  1. PCOS is currently incurable. Your symptoms may lessen but not go away. This woman is incredibly incorrect. She's not an expert on PCOS. I did not have cysts on my ovaries because my hormones weren't even enough for my eggs to mature to that point even. You're born with PCOS in most cases. Some people develop it later but I was born with it and I went from being a regularly weight child to gaining weight extremely fast as soon as I got anywhere near puberty. My lifestyle choices were not bad I ate the same as my very skinny older sister and I was one of those kids who didn't eat all their lunch I ran outside to go play with my best friend. As a teenager at age 14 I weigh 204 lbs despite the fact that I ran up and down Foothills in Colorado with children on my back at times and rode my bicycle everywhere. I was extremely active. It didn't matter. I had to go through weight loss surgery because after talking to two different nutritionist who are baffled at why I could not lose weight my doctor said that I needed to do something now or I was going to die of a heart attack or a stroke. I was eating all the correct things there was nothing wrong that way. But it took weight loss surgery in 2015 and I lost nearly a hundred pounds and I've kept it off. Even now I am pregnant I've only gained 5 lb. Two weeks after that weight loss surgery my doctor was able to take me off of metformin and Lipitor for triglycerides and blood pressure medicine. But they had to put me on birth control because I spontaneously ovulated. I have not ovulated ever

  2. I did find This Woman's description of PCOS and why women have it as deeply hurtful and judging. This is one of the biggest things that bothers women who have PCOS. Do you know how many diets that I went through from the age of 13 to when I was 33 years old?! They dont work for everyone. Further hurt ignorance also includes the fact that she does not add that every woman with PCOS is different and there is an actual Spectrum. I knew a woman I went to work with you head piece to us for she was on the exact opposite end of the spectrum where she could not ovulate normally. She ovulated twice a month causing her to have extremely painful cyst. Where is I had never ovulated. Even on Clomid where they did three separate cycles and kept upping my prescription they could not even get a whole number on my progesterone level. It came up to .6. They had to try to refer me to in vitro which would have cost me $12,000 a cycle. So instead went online and try to find holistic things that could help us ovulate and did different diets and nothing worked. We did this weight loss surgery in 2015 to save my life and it turned out that it took away most of my PCOS issues with fertility but it left me with the facial hair and excessive hair growth on my body and skin and hair problems. I still have vitamin D deficiency but I no longer have endometrial hyperplasia, or triglyceride issues, or high blood pressure or serious insulin resistance. What this woman is doing by saying that it was caused by poor lifestyle choices is pretty much shaming women who have PCOS and saying that it's their own fault and it's just a disorder formed because you got fat. That is incorrect most of our weight gain issues are because of the PCOS in the first place

  3. I was diagnosed with PCOS in the year 2016 then I have taken aloepathic medicines for 1 year and my periods became dependent on those medicine then I recited homeopathy medicine in 2018 and only in 4 months my sonography report told me that there is no evidence of PCOS I was very happy but still I have irregular periods please tell me what could be the reasons behind it???

  4. She isn’t even a doctor. How can she so confidently tell us not to take pills?The pills don’t really shut your reproductive system. They just maintain the hormonal imbalance. PCOS stays throughout your life. You just have to control it so that the condition doesn’t exacerbate. You control it by taking pills. The pills are mostly composed of ethinyl estradiol which is a form of hormone estrogen that you give to the body because there is lack of production by your body in PCOS.

    Obviously lifestyle changes are important as well but do take pills. It regulates your hormonal system. Those skills gynaecologists are not fools to prescribe pills.
    Everyone, please don’t rely on such YouTube videos and consult a doctor.
    ( I’m a doctor myself, so I know. And I have PCOS too.)

  5. Stay away from sugar. Reduce rice, fruit, breads & processed foods. It's so hard when most of our diet is mostly rice. You'll need to eat more fats, protein & veggies to fill up. My skin cleared up a lot & my menstrual cycle is back. Best of luck 💖

  6. There is a huge connection with insulin resistance and PCOS. Our bodies don't metabolise sugar that well which in turn screws up the hormones. Google it, there has been studies. I tried the Keto diet, not following exactly to the letter as life is about balance. I eat lots of butter, fats, Vegetables (accept potato) no grains eg, bread, rice etc. Just simple meat and veggies like our ancestors. And no kidding it reversed most of the PCOS symptoms over 2 years. I was worried at first about eating so much fat because of weight gain but the reverse happened, I lost loads of weight! Also SLEEP is very important for hormone health. Please look after yourself ladies and good luck!

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