EXPLODING VAPES – Why It Happens & How To Prevent It

EXPLODING VAPES – Why It Happens & How To Prevent It

Hey, what’s up? You guys so I was watching this video and playing it back after editing it and I realized that it came off as me being Like really rude and sarcastic towards people who are concerned about my health But what I actually the actual target of this video and the sarcasm in it is Like the people who write these articles or the the news stations in the media that puts it out there? That try to make people believe that vaping is so bad That’s who I’m annoyed with definitely not you guys or anyone who’s concerned with me. You know having a dangerous habit Hey, what’s up? You guys it is Tyler and today. I am talking about the dangers of vaping as You may know I started vaping a Few years back To help me quit smoking when I started testosterone and since then it seems like any video where I talk about Vaping or show clips of me puffing on that dank [e]. I get comments of people telling me How dangerous it is to vape I also get this in real life from concerned family members from time to time so I thought it? Would be appropriate to address it in a video, so let’s talk about exploding mods That’s usually everyone’s go-to argument when making a case against vaping and while it is definitely something that needed to be brought to people’s attention I think [it] was kind of blown out of proportion We blow up well everyone acts like this just happens out of nowhere but it always just comes down to people’s carelessness or Ignorant when it comes to their mods now people just don’t know what the fuck they’re doing and then their shit blows up Now this occurrence is almost exclusive to [Subohm] vaping with mechanical mods Which is as advanced and complicated as vaping kits But literally anyone can do it if they just take 20 minutes to learn what’s going on mechanical mods kind of let users push The boundaries set by regulated mods by using a fixed voltage to increase the wattage By decreasing the Ohms with a low resistance coil [like] I said this sort of build isn’t regulated so it’s up to the user to Calculate these [things] and ensure safety though the reason mechanical mods are known to catch fire or in some cases explode is because people don’t follow Ohm’s law and build them with too much power and Not enough resistance so they can over exert the battery or exceed the maximum amperage limit on the device Causing it to fail now I personally like [to] sub own vape and get that big tasty cloud without having to like calculate the voltage and the resistance And build the coils and all the bullshit, so I use this nifty little fuck box And it does it all for [me] It is a variable voltage and variable wattage box Mod And it reads the resistance of the atomizer in my tank it lets me control the voltage and then it displays The adjusted wattage in congruence to my voltage settings and Vice-versa with the wattage so it’s all displayed right there And I always know how much power the battery is drawing now This thing is super regulated and has lots of safety measures like it won’t let me vape for more than 10 seconds I can lock the buttons up So that the settings don’t change when I don’t want them to there’s a lot going on [here] And the most notable of which is that it literally won’t even let you Exceed the maximum amperage which as we talked about with mechanical mods is Kind of why things blow [up] sometimes now despite all of this one could still Get this baby to catch fire if they really wanted to and that is by screwing up the batteries now box mods like this My little stormtrooper here that are powered by Lithium-ion batteries allow you to remove the battery so you can change it But this gives the user the chance to potentially damage the battery in Damaged Batteries are dangerous So if someone drops their battery enough [in] the casing starts to come off or they just decide they want to remove it for some? Reason [because] they just fucking are really stupid. Maybe they just want to catch themselves on fire. [I] don’t know but Vaping with a battery that does not have a protective case over it is not [a] good thing to do also rubbing your battery against other metal objects [is] Not good so both [of] those things are harmful to your battery and can in term possibly harm you but again it’s I mean it Why would you do that and a lot of box mods have an on site charge port so you can charge your vape right there? Without ever having to remove the battery which completely eliminates the issue So it’s kind of an easily avoidable situation. This thing is not going to blow up unless you Kind of try to make it blow up or you’re just really fucking stupid. No natural selection now There are two more things that are universally true with all battery types including the ego style battery used with vape pins one you need to use the correct charger into You need to not leave your battery on the charger for a ridiculous amount of time for most ego style batteries There is only one type of charger which eliminates that danger, but some of them do have a micro usb Charge port which is like the charger for a motorola razr or a PS3 controller? so some people like to [use] their phone chargers on their vape pins without Realizing that the battery in their vape pin is not the same as the battery in their phone and that can cause their vape pen to draw too much power and damage the battery [this] is true for all vapes that have a charge port just use the charger that came with your vape and You won’t fry your battery and the second one not over charging your battery It is extremely rare for someone to overcharge their battery to the point where it damages it or even catches fire But it is possible and most batteries have a charging cap so they won’t draw any more power once they’re fully charged and like this box is regulated to do that, but some batteries don’t so You have to make sure like ego style batteries the recommended charge time is like [8] hours, so I Have charged in the past all of my vapes that I have had ever Overnight and sometimes well into the next day And I’ve never had anything explode so I’m thinking that You probably have to keep your vape on there for like a good two or three days or maybe even more I don’t know you have to charge that bitch for a long time for it to actually catch on fire, but yeah That is literally every possible way one could cause there vape to catch fire or even blow up but keep in mind that this is a super rare occurrence and only Exclusively happens when people do shit to [fuck] things up So like as long as you have a regulated vape or you know how to regulate yours And you just maintain your batteries in a way that makes any [fucking] sense You’re fine. You’re never gonna. Have your vape just randomly explode that doesn’t happen you have to screw it up for that to happen Like yes, it is scary to think that this is a possibility at all but for most people I think it’s kind of common sense not to screw with a lithium-ion battery you plan on having close to your face multiple times a day I put some links in [the] description to Articles with tips on sub ohm vaping and vaping safely without blowing your shit up But I pretty much covered [it] all in here But that is more extensive and lots of information for you to take in and read so that you know what’s going on So next time someone tells you that your vape is gonna blow up. You can confidently tell them no. It’s not because I’m not Fucking with it to make that happen, so this is actually part one of two videos Regarding the dangers of vaping so tune in next time where I talk about Popcorn lung syndrome And how it’s literally not [even] an issue at all because it is so easily avoidable the way that Media Demonizes vaping just because they’re all bought out by these tobacco companies man and Tobacco is like Losing all this money because baby came along is like so much safer and easier and it tastes better And it doesn’t stink and it’s healthier, and it’s like All they are is [just] fucking Politicians, and it’s all just politics do they’re all just like bought out by these companies you know they just like say shit [and] Broadcast this media to the masses to promote their agenda. It’s like what’s going on dude. Why? So fucked up man But no seriously that is kind of how I feel and thank you guys for watching that is my video I hope you liked it if you did give it a thumbs up if you didn’t like it. [I] don’t fucking care. I’m just kidding Well kind of thank you for watching. I hope you have a good day, and I’ll talk to you guys soon I get comments telling me. How danger it is to


  1. People look vapes catch fire mostly when it over heats like anything, phone batteries explode,microwaves,pc, and shii yall gotta take brakes

  2. I own a smok gx 2/4 and seems that the battery doesn’t seem to charge in the vape itself. So I decided to buy a vape battery charger model enook x2 18650. And i used my efest battery to charge in that battery charger. But im not really sure if it’s compatible. Pls reply asap

  3. Thank you! I've been vaping for a year, and feel so much healthier. I'm 71 and in Australia. Hadn't even realised they might blow up, but have "killed" 2 or 3 batteries with an improper charger. My new Vapo Flow is performing excellently, goes for a couple days. Says to draw before hitting the button. I'll add to that, continue to draw a bit after power off, may cool it and save coils. Its been a funny learning curve, but worth it.
    Australians, search Vapo (Aus & NZ) for what you need. Once I started vaping, tobacco gave itself up.

  4. Batteries dont blow up , They vent. It's important to keep air holes open and not blocked on mod. Also , charging your batteries IN your mod through USB can mess up the chip and cause way more issues with your Mod. External charger = way to go.

  5. I don't vape, no one who's close to me has ever vaped so I'm don't have a slightest consern about it.. but I still watched the vid and now feel like it's entertainting and helpful, thank you Ty ♡

  6. Sure you saying carelessness when you probably have like fifty of these fuckers sitten for a review ..truth is there dangerous ..fuck that all this talk about battery care ..they need to get it right.. idiot proof..its 2019 Jan 28 an yet another accident on New York news…go fuck yourselves vapers

  7. But why they often explode or catch fire during usage or even while having it just in the pocket without using or even touching it.
    I'm not that concerned about an explosion during charging,
    because it also happens with smartphones (…without a single person quit using smartphones).
    My worst nightmare would be an explosion during smoking (because of my extraordinary handsome face 😀 )
    and I'm also afraid that it could explode or catch fire while I have it in my pocket (worst case scenario-> near the genitals)
    If injuring/losing GENITALS is worse than happening that to the FACE is a difficult question,
    which only philosophy is able to answer.

  8. Listen, i haven’t damage or really taking out my battery and i have a Smok Resa Stick, i don’t use my phone or controller charger to charge it but i do use my Smok Mag 225 charger to charge it sometimes, can my battery still fry and cause it to blow up??

  9. When I use the cable the vape came with could I still use it with the plug my phone came with. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  10. Honestly, I don't remember any vape i ever had, cheap or expensive, that didn't shut off automatically when the battery was full… Even the cheap cig-a-likes did it. Probably just the bottom shelf cigalikes (like, worse than blu and njoy) sold in gas stations… get what you pay for.

  11. I agree with what you said I have the E leaf istick and is great I never had any problems with it I never smoked cigarettes but vaping is great I got enough vapor juice to vape for probably 2 years my uncle had a whole box full he never used ,right now I am vape in strawberry cheesecake and it tastes great but I don't do drugs or alcohol not even cigarettes I just vape and I love it but I would recommend strawberry cheesecake juice for your Vape it's taste great

  12. It always sucks when someone keeps going on about something and trying to get it banned when your highly addicted to it so much its part of your life. I have that same problem with smoking cigarettes

  13. i have a sub ohm vape mod i havent used in a long time and not sure if that is a concern? could there be an issue with the battery its been in there nearly 2 years

  14. I usually like him but I can't agree with the vaping… it's just a stupid habit that people have that has no benefits and literally is only bad for you

  15. My vape battery have small cuts is that bad and I let my battery charge all night then in the morning I take them out

  16. my vape started feeling hot ,and i saw my one battery had a burned mark, did none of the stuff you mentioned ,just natural use , why did that happen

  17. help a noob vaper please…. My first RDA and all the accessories are on it's way getting delivered now. I have an Eleaf Ijust3 starter kit, the ones where you buy the pre made coil and cotton things. My plan is to use my started kit mod and battery (or whatever it's called, I dunno the terminology) and add the RDA on top. My starter kit mod battery thing doesn't have an electronic menu, I cant set the wattage, it's just automatic. It's ohm range is 0.1-3.0ohm, and its max watt output is 80W (I assume it outputs that when fully charged, and less when the battery is low). Is it safe to add an RDA thing to it?

  18. This is probably dumb but if I have a little mod that can be controlled by me but only goes up to 40 Watts, is it the kind of unregulated mod that he’s talking about? I got it from a buddy so I don’t have instructions or anything

  19. Doesnt vaping cause paradontil disease.drymouth and cavities and inflamed gums?how do i know because i vape alot.lol..i love vapin.curious does nicotine recede gumline?

  20. People regularly talking about this fucking explosion thing gave me this stupid phobia that whenever I start vaping I imagine the box exploding at any moment. I think I'm gonna stop vaping really, really, really soon…

  21. Mechanical Mods and Mag-lite modified are crazy to use. I started with the junk mechanical. A couple of times I had a run-a-way twice quickly unscrewed the vaper and threw it. An hout later checked it. Then studied it a bit and have never used a mechanical and do not recommend them to even the smartest of people.

  22. My smok mod came unscrewed at the top as the threads on the screws are plastic poor design. However I repaired it with glue and electrical tape how likely will this cause an explosion. As soon as I get chance I will buy a new one however I work at sea and cannot get to a store in the middle of the ocean. Everything on it seems to work fine and the gauges for ohms watt volt and amps are all still reading at correct levels. I do not charge the batteries through the mod I use a dock and as yuu said keep my bat's in plastic cases

  23. That’s what happens when they put the level up too high and it blows their teeth out

  24. Haha…."nifty little fuck box"…. 2:32 ….so happy about that being said. Made my day. And its only just begun…positive start ha. 🙂

  25. Could someone please recommend the safest vape?

    I bought a trio mini pen, but I am a little scared because the oil sometimes sparks at the beginning? Is this normal?

    I want to move to vaping, but I will say I am scared a little, and I am a complete noob.

    What would someone recommend as the safest vape to purchase?

  26. recently a new vape made in China and sold in a vape shop, blew up. So, now it isn't just mods.

  27. your not gonna blow up people listen to this I was afraid to start vaping because of the news media making it seem that vaping is gonna kill you it's 95% safer then cigarettes enough said don't let the media scare you from trying to stop smoking cigarettes been a smoker for 30 years I made the switch to get off cigs get a mod with safety features on it this won't happen if you get them kind a vape shop will help you it's the best decision I ever made yes your body will adjust to it it takes a little time but sooner or later you'll be cigarette free😁

  28. 5:28 "just use the charger that came with your vape"- I bought a new vape today that came with only a usb cable, it has no charger.
    So what charger do they expect people to use other than laptop, mobile phone charger etc

  29. So if I got a regulated mod, then I shouldn't worry about it blowing up if I care for the battery and don't mess with the wattage much right?

  30. I found a v8 and threw a big baby on it the RBA makes the button flash…. I don't wanna lose fingers here

  31. My batterie exploed becouse i over chared it by night and used a different charger DONT BE ME BECAUSE I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT EXPLOSION AAAAND THE FACT I NEEDED TO BY ANOTHER ONE…….

  32. So i can't use the usb cable that followed in the vape package on my samsung s9 phone's charging head(adaper)? You are scaring me bro. Is it ok if i plug it on my laptop's usb port or TV's usb port? If not, where do i plug it in then? No charging adapter followed with my Smok Procolour.
    Isn't all micro usb cables the same or is my phone's cable and vape's usb cable different? Im confused.

  33. hey I find this video helpful but one question. How do I charge my mod if it came with just a charging USB cable and not the charger itself. My mod is SMOK Morph 219

  34. I want to thank you your video is very informative i recently got a smok skyhook mod and wanted all information about mods i could your video is perfect

  35. I bought a 80W kit with mod, tank, coils…. I won’t change a thing. keep it set between 50-60W. Pretty sure it won’t explode. I’m so glad I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore

  36. My vape came with no charger yet has a post yet is a vgod pro 200.. Yet i was told to charge them them in a seperate wall charger.. Is the vgod pro 200 regulated ?

  37. I love how stupid people are falling for the bullshit that vapes are soooooooooo bad for you. Wake the fuck up you gullible nimrods. I have 2 very simple words for you…. TOBACCO COMPANIES. who in the fuck do you think is putting out all those adds, and all those bullshit “studies”, Big Tobacco is the same exact thing as BIG PHARMA ya dumb fucks. Is it 100% “safe?” OF COURSE NOT….is it SAFE-R than cigarettes? Hell fucking yes. People, people, people, FOR DECADES the Tobacco companies had no competition…..UNTIL NOW. And they know they’re fucked cause they’re losing millions of customers….and are paying out the ass to make bullshit adds, and bullshit studies TO BRAINWASH YOU to believe vaping is the devil…..GOOD JOB ON LOOKING LIKE AN IDIOTIC MONKEY WHO BELIEVES EVERYTHING THEY SEE ON TV OR INTERNET

  38. I stole my mum's esig charger to charge my vape pen 22 cause her esig broke and she doesn't use the charger

  39. Ohhhhh. You gotta regulate the wattage and convert the transmorter to a similar renticular transmorification! That's how you get those BIG clouds! It's so simple, how did I miss that?

  40. Every time I see a news story about this its a smdh moment.
    How many of those are funded by Phillip Morris and Co. to push tobacco taxes I wonder ?

    If your mod explodes its your own fault. A lot of the video footage in fact contains people laughing at an idiot for doing an experimental mod, leaving spare change in a battery chamber because their box won't fire, flashing their firmware over to remove safety checks, etc. The world is full of idiots.

    Learn vape safety and stop giving big tobacco companies a legal reason to ban us.

  41. What about The Style Like > The "Boulder" Brand…That Have USB Ports Build Into them?… They don't come with its own Charger?

  42. Also how you said to use the vape it came with , mine broke so i just got a cheap charger from a local store with it fuck up the battery even if i don’t charge it for a long period of time

  43. I am reassured that only dumbass people will be punished for vaping. Nicotine does impact human health but it seems to be an improvement over literally inhaling smoke, so, each to their own.

  44. Overload protection on semi mech mods keep the battery from fucking up if you accidentally put in a coil that's to low ohm right?(like the acrohm fush)

  45. Ok here is the thing, smoking is bad yes and I've done so for almost 2 decades. I love vaping, it made me feel healthier let alone happier so that's a plus. Is it better than smoking? Yes but it's also better for your body to just not vape.

    Is it safer than cigarettes? Signs obviously point to yes but vaping hasn't been here for as long as cigarettes and research takes time. I'm sure as time goes on then "something" serious might pop up but as far now, it's too early to say. Granted there are chemicals and metals you have to consider but it's far better than all the chemicals in a cigarette so I'm pretty sure you would more than likely reach old and age and die of natural causes than run into a problem as a result.

    Just some food for thought really so TLDR = basically not vaping or smoking > vaping > smoking. I'm not gonna quit vaping, taste too good.

  46. @tyturner yooooo😔😭 my vape explode 3 days ago and my jaw is fucked up, long story short i wanted to use the the tank from my automatic vape with my mechanic vape, can someone explain why this happened please, battery was new and the vape was a VGOD MECH PRO 2 KIT, i had that vape for a year now but it was in perfect condition, I always thought i could use the tank from my other vape which is an ( OSUB 80w bby kit) without issue but i never did until the accident happened, what i can tell you guys is like i was having issues with the atomizer while using the automatic vape but didn't know how to fix it, so idk wtf i was thinking when i tried to put the tank on the other vape, idk why i thought it would work 🤦🏻‍♀️ but the shit explode really bad, I'm glad it was just on my jaw and no in other part of my face 😖i know it was my fault for not having enough info about it, and i really love vaping but i'm so traumatized now that i can even see one, please if you're new on this vaping thing make sure you know what you're doing or ask a professional, peace and love for everyone i hope nobody have to through this kinda situation. 😭😕😞💔

  47. Hi i been vapeing for years i use the smok the other day i had my batteries charging like normal once fully charged I unplugged it walked away and then i heard a big explosion they exploded and started a fire in my kitchen thank god i didnt have it in my hand. Be careful

  48. Why would anyone believe or trust what you have to say? You look and sound like a total dumbass. I don't trust the word of anyine who's dumb enough to get tattoos all over their body.

  49. Thx I didn't know why everyone was saying RDAs are dangerous but now I get that people are just fucking dumb because they don't know how to use it

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