Explore the Fitness and Health Promotion Program

Explore the Fitness and Health Promotion Program

[music] ALEXEI SMITH: Are you
passionate about fitness? ALEX RUTH: Are you somebody
that likes science? Do you want to learn
how the human body works? ALEXEI SMITH: Do you want to
live a healthier lifestyle? ALEX RUTH: Then this is
the program for you. BEAU KENT: The Fitness and
Health Promotion program is a two-year diploma program
at George Brown College to train individuals to work in the
fitness and health industry. We address areas of
exercise prescription, developing exercise
programs and our students, our graduates are going to
be demonstrating those to various clients of all ages
and health conditions. ALEXEI SMITH: You have to be
willing to do your work; you have to do some
studying on your own, really enjoy fitness. NICK CHAN: A misconception
of — for this program is if you know how to work out,
you’ll be a great trainer. This program is theory based. It has a lot of science;
it has a lot of academic in it. That being said, it also
has a very — a strong, applied or hands-on portion. CHRIS MELYNK: The ability
to actually understand the human body, the ability
to understand all of the science behind phys-ed or personal
training or group exercise. Knowing what’s
going on with the body, that’s a huge thing. ALEXEI SMITH: The
faculty’s always there, they’re willing to help
outside of class time. You can always rely on them. ALEX RUTH: What I’m finding
helpful in the labs is exercise techniques. NICK CHAN: I did my
field placement at Advantage4Athletes. A very important part of the
program, from their experience, their knowledge, it made me
more of a well-rounded trainer. CHRIS MELYNK: The grads
that come out of George Brown, there’s not a lot of training
necessarily or coaching that has to go on and they
have the ability to just step into a role,
especially as fitness staff and grow from there. ALEX RUTH: I really like
George Brown and this campus in particular because of all
the services that are offered to me and everything
is readily available. It’s all in one building. I don’t have to work hard
to seek out help when I need it. We’ve got tutoring,
financial support. So many things that just aren’t
available in other schools and I think really valuable
to the learning experience. [music]


  1. Does anybody know if I'll be able to pathway into Kinesiology at uoit if I receive my diploma from this course? I know Durham college offers a pathway to uoit but I'm not sure if I want to go there yet.

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