Fastest Back Pain Relief If Bending Forward Hurts!

Fastest Back Pain Relief If Bending Forward Hurts!


  1. I bought a portable PT table to use to do these types of exercises. At my age, it's too hard to get down on the floor with back pain! Highly recommend it!

  2. It's advise like this that i like so much. Ive had this issue, just as people i know also. I'm forwarding this to someone who can use this now. Great job! Keep up the good work amd i know this channel will keep growing.

  3. I'm so tired of hearing that this work is based on " the Mckenzie method". Mckenzie in fact tried exercises and yoga poses that already existed then called them his own.

  4. People with any pain need to work hard to move and maintain muscle toning.. people whom don't exercise will always need a physiotherapy.. chiropractor oestotherapy etc

  5. Could you please do a video about solutions for back pain from bending and stooping? I relieve the pain by sitting down, but I would like to learn exercises to help.

    Love your videos. They are so helpful and upbeat!

  6. Hey Bob and Brad, I was just wondering if a bad taste in the mouth is associated to having a herniated disc? Thanks for your time

  7. Please do a video on core strengthening that won’t make my back and sciatica pain worse – my bottom two discs are herniated and the bottom three discs are very arthritic. I was told I need back surgery but I want to lose 20-30 pounds first and strengthen my core muscles. I did the hamstring stretch in your video the other day and it made my pain worse. Help! Thanks in advance.

  8. You say we can do the mckenzie method 8-10 times a day. im a fitness trainer so im always available to stretch a lot. can i do it more than 10 times? like even 20?

  9. Wow thank you! I always have terrible posture where it feels like my back is locked up making me hunch over. Doing the press up and belt stretches I like instantly feel a lot better and it's easier to stand up straight. Thanks dudes. Lol, I like how Brad says Bobbbb.

  10. Hi I have l4-l5/s1 pain(herniation) and I cant bend forward w.o feeling sharp pain. What can i do? Really depressing, pls advise.

  11. I just started going to physical therapist and she wants me to sit slouched in the chair and to bend at my waist. It all seems so wrong to me. But I am incredibly stiff but have been maintaining very good posture which she says is what caused my stiffness. I'm so confused :,,,(

  12. A huge thank you for your advice, the extended position push-ups did the trick. I was on day three of building my wall when my back went, and couldn't allow any time to get the wall finished. Luckily after two days, I'm back on the build. A very relieved viewer, if I'm ever passing, I will straighten that cabinet door for you ok 🙂 Thanks again.

  13. Thanks Bob and Brad . I'm suffering exactly this right now . Will try soon . My problem is due to recliner as you rightly pointed out

  14. Went to therapy and nothing helped. Did a lot of these press ups. I can hardly roll back over after these. Whats next when this doesn’t work?
    Whats wrong with us other 20 %

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