this is not going to be a typical vlog i don’t know if this is going to go up honestly because I have already done this before and it just never comes up the way i obviously planned last week…. i took an ovulation test and it came out positive do you guys see the two lines?


  1. No tengo las palabras para agradecerle a Dios por este maravilloso regalo pero sobre todo ruego por mi niña para que la lleve de la mano asta el nacimiento de su bebé ?? ya seré una abuelita ?? ??‍♀️??‍♀️??????

  2. Such an Awesome video!!! Thank you so much for sharing this special heart felt moment!!! Wishing your little family the best!!!????

  3. God is so big and so good even when we don’t think He’s doing anything for us. I’m here again watching the video and you will soon be meeting your princess! So happy for you And I can’t wait to see you as a mother. You are going to be great, you already are great! Rest and enjoying the last days of your pregnancy! ? con mucho amor ?????

  4. Oh my goodness my baby girl is due Nov 13th. You found out few days after I did I found out we were pregnant with our babygirl March 6. Congratulations I was the same way I couldn’t believe it. After months and months of negative tests I kinda gave up. Then god blessed me with her which I’m so grateful and thankful for ❤️?? congrats again I pray you have a safe and healthy delivery ???

  5. Cuando estaba embarazada lo primero que se le antojo a mi esposo fue jugo de naranja y no se le quitaba el antojo más de una semana todos los días tomaba y también tuve una niña ahora tiene 3 meses

  6. amo este video me hicistes llorar y mas ahorita estoy embaraza dios siempre sabe su momento y nunca perder la fe!!mi hermana la mayor tiene problemas de fertilidad siempre i pray para un dia ella tenga un pregnancy test positive asi como tu bendiciones!!!!!

  7. Ok so when she first turned on the shower I was like oh that’s so smart so he won’t hear you but then I was like wait that is such a waste of water

  8. I can watch this video over and over and cry as many times as i watch it with your reaction ? i ? it and just to think that you are about pop soon!!!!

  9. I LITERALLY love your finding out I’m pregnant video ! I always come back to rewatch it can’t wait for your baby to be here ! Que dios los bendiga ❤️

  10. The moment she flipped the clearblue test around and saw Pregnant and held her tears of happiness and joy inside cuz she was in the closet ?????????

  11. The joy in her eyes when she saw the “pregnant” I cried really …this child is going to feel go in this family that’s for sure ?❤️

  12. If the pregnancy test shows 2 lines it's positive, the second line doesn't need to be dark at all. If it's there, it's positive.

  13. Thinking about how your about to be due and then this video came up. I’m so happy for you❤️ jaylin is going to be so blessed? you and valentin should do a reaction video to this after baby j is here ?

  14. I just ordered my balance pills. My husband and I have been trying for over a year. I pray this helps and it’s out time too. I keep rewatching this video because I understand the disappointment when you get negative after negative. I can’t wait to get my positive ♥️ Que Dios bendiga a tu familia.

  15. Its the best feeling in the world.i was trying to have a baby for 4 years and when i knew i was pregnant this year i was like crazy i felt the same way u did. even i have lost the baby but still remember the reaction.

  16. Every time I see this video it gives me hope. That some day I will feel that feeling that u felt that moment… Always having faith on god.

  17. This is like the fifth time I watch your video and I cry each time. Traspasas tu felicidad! I am so happy for you! Each time I watch I hug my babygirl a little harder because babies are such a blessing! Wishing you, Valentin and jaylin so many blessings!!

  18. You are super damn beautiful and gorgeous lady. I really like you don't know why. May Allah bless you and ur baby. ??

  19. Viendo el vídeo ahora y ya ella está en el hospital maybe ya con la bebe en brazos lo más me gusta cuando dice es niña y si era niña so happy for you God bless your fam!

  20. I heard that musical jewellery box sound in my kitchen a year ago. It was right by me and there were 4 chords. Don't have one in the house. It was the strangest thing ever. X

  21. Music box , when I was little I used to have one, you open and comes out a ballerina dancing to the sound of the music, ?? hope all goes well to you both ??

  22. Watching this for like the twentieth time while I wait for an update on her delivery Yasmín you are an amazing person that deserves nothing but the best praying for you can’t wait for baby jaylin Valentina to arrive ❤️?

  23. Eaton biendo esto Esperanto a Que Suban un update De tu Labour I know you're. Probably tired in the hospital but baby girl is coming soon

  24. Came here right after you posted that you finally gave birth to Jaylin ❤️ your pregnancy experience has been the best I have seen. Congratulations once again, may God bless you and your family✨

  25. I knew from the second test that it was positive. Even a faint line is a positive because it is measuring a hormone that is only present during pregnancy, so a faint line is still pregnant, just early! So happy for her!

  26. Omgggg!!! Llore? que dificil fue tu parto Yasmin pero una gran mujer fuerte para mantenerte todas esa hrs al pie del cañon… fue un partl largo . Pero dios te bendigo con tu linda bebe?? dios los bendiga mucho!!!!

  27. First response pregnancy test suck tbh I feel like a waste of money the lines come out very faint and some don’t even work! Clear blue is the way to go

  28. everyone here thanking God for her getting pregnant and no one thanking the devil for him not putting a condom on lol. either way, I wish you luck with your child and hope it's strong and healthy

  29. I watched this video before and followed you through your entire pregnancy. But I just had to rewatch this video. Watching this after your birth vlog makes me so emotional. Like YES! Finally they have their little girl. Se nota toda la felicidad que tu pequeño tesorito te a traido , no solo ati pero tambien a tu familia ?? mi corazon ?? muchisimas bendiciones!
    Normalmente nunca comento en los videos de la gente pero te veo tan feliz con tu bebe me da esperanzas. Algun dia yo tambien sere mama ? felicidades Jasmine

  30. Came back to this video after watching your birth vlog…I cried all over again when you found out you where pregnant ? so precious.

  31. This mad me cry so so so much ! I felt every emotion, it was so beautiful and ur so strong , bless this new family ??❤️?✨

  32. I barely came on your channel and subscribed… omg this video is so cute!!!?? first time on here and it’s already my favorite

  33. I just found out I’m pregnant I have a appointment today to find out how many weeks I am and me and my husband have been trying forever and it finally happened!!! I related to this video so much!! ?❤️?

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