First Period As A Disabled Child | #SpinaBifida

– Hey everyone, welcome to #SpinaBifida. (bubble popping) A still ever-so-popular
trend on YouTube is talking about your first period. And a lot of the narrative of
first periods have been scary, surprised, not knowing what
to do, thinking you’re dying and that’s largely because
our sex education is crap. But I wanted to share
my first period story because I think my disability really helped me in this situation. So when I got my first period,
I wasn’t really surprised or scared because even
though my sex education at school wasn’t great, I was
already interested in medicine and interested in how my body works. Because I’m disabled, I
always got to talk to doctors. I always got to talk to nurses and I liked researching on my own. I got my period one day
when I was nine years old. I was going downstairs and
I didn’t have any cramps but I had to go to the bathroom. So in our house, we have
this little bathroom that’s just a half bath
and my mom was mopping in her room next to it. I went to the bathroom and I looked down and I saw on my pad, blood. For those of you who
are probably wondering why I was already wearing a pad, I wear bladder control pads. That has to do with my disability. So in a sense, my
disability kinda saved me from ruining my clothes. And all I remember is
just calling for my mom, letting her know that I got my period. I got a new pad and my mom just went out and got a milkshake for me. She got a milkshake for me and her. She did that with pretty
much all my sisters. I don’t know why that’s
a thing, but it was. I got a chocolate shake. There really, for me,
was no learning curve. I already wear pads on a regular basis, so changing them a little bit more often when I was on my period was nothing big. So I think my disability
just benefited me. It gave me an already
curiosity of what my body does and it made me comfortable with
changes coming into my life. So I’m pretty thankful for my spina bifida in that kinda sense. But mine is just a really rare experience and it shouldn’t be that. We should have a better
sex education program in our schools. We should have, just better programs to teach people about their bodies because there’s a lot of
people that menstruate and they should know and they
shouldn’t be scared of it. And there should be options
for them to help manage it, whether that be access to
clean products like tampons and pads or menstrual cups
or even birth control. We just need better education
for the people who menstruate so that when they do get their period, they’re not terrified. But that’s my little soapbox for today. I just wanted to share
my first period story being a disabled person ’cause
I thought the experience was a little bit different than
from what you usually hear. So if you’re disabled and you menstruate and you’re comfortable sharing it, what was your first period like? That’s it for #SpinaBifida,
thank you for watching. If you like my work and
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