First Period & Vaginal Discharge | Puberty

First Period & Vaginal Discharge | Puberty

Okay. So you’re getting ready to have your period. Ask most adult women when their first period
was and many of them are going to have a story for you. The truth is that most women, every woman
for that matter, has their period at one time or another. All of these puberty hormones that are causing
different changes in your body are also getting your body ready to have a baby one day if
you so choose. So this is what’s going on and why you’re
menstruating. One of the first signs that your period is
on it’s way is vaginal discharge which may sound weird, but you may notice a clear to
a milky white discharge coming from between your legs, that sort of sticks to your underwear
or you’re not sure what it is. That can happen a few months to even a year
before you get your period. It’s totally normal, it’s a sign that your
period may be on it’s way and you just need to wear a panty liner in your underwear just
to protect it. What you need to remember is there’s no really
set pattern, especially when your period begins. Don’t flip out if you get your period and
it doesn’t stick around for too long. Eventually it’s going to get into a set pattern
where it lasts about 28 to 31 days on average and you bleed for four to seven days roughly
on average. Some people bleed more, some people bleed
less. You just need to remember, we all develop
at our own pace and if you’re wondering when you’re period’s going to come, it’s usually
about two to two and a half years after your breasts develop, and if it doesn’t happen
then a good way to predict is to look at your mom’s cycle or your first degree relative,
like a sister or an aunt or a grandma. Usually it runs in your family. So if your mom got her period around 14 you
can expect to get it around there, too. Don’t worry if you experience a lot of physical
and emotional signs that go along with getting your period. You may experience sore breasts, you may have
mood swings, you may feel bloated, you may have cramps. All of these are normal symptoms and signs
that go along with having your period. So don’t worry, every woman goes through it
and you’ll get through it, too.


  1. I. don't know if I have a little discharge, its at the top of my underwear and its sticky, is that discharge also when I wipe its some sticky stuff on there on there too, I also have crohns and my mom started at 12 and I'm twelve should I get it soon

  2. I started when I was eleven… I physically grew up a lot faster than every other girl in my class; I had acne when I was nine!

  3. I used to be scared of puberty but now I'm not anymore because I just started puberty because I'm 13 thank you for making this interesting video I really appreciate it

  4. I have discharge really bad between periods and I really don't know what that is so can you please make a video about it would make me feel so much better its just keeping me from what I love to do and I don't know what to do so can you please help

  5. Yesterday I had my second discharge and the same old thing happened it didn't stick to my underwear it just hangs on to my bits below

  6. I had my first period when I was 12 nov 29th but ever since I've only had 3, my last one was jan 27 until the 31st and haven't had one since. (13 now) it's been already 2 months or so since I've missed it. And (no I'm not prego I'm only 13) Should I be worried?

  7. My breasts are already developed and full in stuff but it has been two years…and I also have vaginal discharge for two years too and it just scares me.

  8. I have had discharge for 1 and a half years
    Developing breasts
    And my mum started at 11-12 ish
    I'm 13
    When will I start around
    Oh and I'm very emotional sometimes !!!!

  9. Hi, I'm Twelve Years Old, I've Recently Started To Have Vaginal Discharge, At First Thought I Had A Wierd Bladder Issue, But After This Video My Thoughts Changed. On July 28th, I Finally Gathered All Of My Deapest Fear And Threw It Out Of My Way And Told My Mom About My Problem. And Of Course I Asked Her If I Could Start Wearing Pads. I Was So Suprised,That My Mom Was So Supportive And She Even Tought Me How To Put In Pads.And Later That Day My Mom Bought Pads For The Both Of Us.

    Edit: My Mom Had Her First Period At The Age Of 13/14.

  10. All these triggered ten year olds , oh, just enjoy it while it lasts.
    What I would give to just stop this monthly trauma ;-;

  11. I wanna ask u something mam my little sis who is 12 yrs old having black dry discharge there is no blood, I also placed pad on her panty I waited for hole day but there is no blood
    What it can be coz there is no blood can I consider it her first period????

  12. I'm so scared I thought something bad was gonna happen someone plz help me idk how to tell my mum I'm to scared I've been sneaking her pads for the past week but she hasn't realised I'm to shy and I'm only 11

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