First Trimester Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know

(mellow music) – My name is Chris Allphin,
I’m a board certified OB/GYN at Monarch Healthcare
in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Today I’m going to talk about
health in the first trimester, what to expect, what’s going
to be told to you by the physician and how to
establish care and providing. (mellow music) Once you find out you’re
pregnant, the first thing you’ll want to do is
establish care with an OB/GYN. This can be done in several
ways, first ask friends, family, women you know
that have just had babies, who their doctor was, ask
them about their experience and if they would
recommend the same doctor. Next, do research on that doctor. You can find trusted
websites on the internet, such as Heathgrades and then make an appointment with that physician. During that time, you’ll
be able to figure out what his or her practice is like. And to know if you’re a
good fit with that practice and to see if what you
desire for your pregnancy is the same thing that
they desire for you. At that first appointment,
you will get your very first ultrasound, at that ultrasound you’ll be given a due date. That’s the most accurate
way to get an accurate due date for the pregnancy. During that ultrasound
they’ll be able to tell you if your baby’s growing well,
if your baby has a heartbeat you’ll be able to see it on the monitor. And it’s a very exciting time to be able to see your
baby for the first time. (mellow music) One of the first symptoms
that you may notice is nausea. Nausea can be fixed with a
handful of over the counter remedies that you don’t
need a prescription for. The first one I recommend
is ginger, ginger capsules, ginger ale, ginger you just find in the natural grocer
in the vegetable aisle. Other things include vitamin
B-6 capsules and unisom. The specific type of unisom
is called doxylamine. Again all these can be
found over the counter and are very safe to take in pregnancy. And you can try these even
before coming to your provider. Another symptom you may
feel is breast tenderness. This is very common, as your
breast start to engorge, preparing for pregnancy,
preparing for breastfeeding, they can be tender. The only thing to help you
with this can be Tylenol, which is safe in pregnancy
as well as maybe ice packs. Be prepared to get used
to this as this may last throughout the pregnancy
and breastfeeding. Another symptom may be cramping. Cramping is a common symptom
of pregnancy as your uterus starts to grow, it’s the first
time you’ve been pregnant, your uterus is usually quite small and now has a baby inside it. As it starts to grow you
can expect some cramping. There’s not much that
can help with cramping, it will go away with time
and as you get through your first trimester, cramping will go away. Another common symptom
of pregnancy is fatigue. This happens for a number
of reasons, it could be from anemia, could just be a common
symptom from the pregnancy taking energy from your body. This can be fixed in a number
of ways from increasing your iron supplements to
vitamin B-6, which you’re also taking for nausea, can also
increase your energy levels. If you experience bleeding
in the first trimester, call your doctor, sometimes
it can be completely benign, but the important thing
would be find out if this was something that could
be affecting your baby. If it’s a lot, go to the emergency room. If it’s during office hours,
call and make an appointment and be seen as soon as possible. (mellow music) Women often ask me about
pre-natal vitamins. I like taking pre-natal
vitamins in the pregnancy, this provides vitamins and
minerals that your pregnancy needs, that you may
not get from your diet. Another question I get is about diet. What I recommend in a
pregnancy is that you make sure that your meat is thoroughly cooked, seafood is okay on occasion as long as the seafood you’re eating
is not high in mercury. Other things to consider is that you can exercise regularly, it may not be the time to start Insanity Workout,
but if you’ve been doing that previously, continue it and I
commend you for your efforts. (mellow music) After the first appointment,
you’re gonna have a lot of questions, that’s okay,
write ’em down and we’ll be seeing you again in four weeks to discuss whatever else comes up
over the next month. Again, congratulations, this
is an exciting time in your life, take the time to make
an appointment and go over any questions you may have with your provider. (mellow music)

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