Fit Clubz: Fitness Phenomenon Or Bowling Pins? – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Fit Clubz: Fitness Phenomenon Or Bowling Pins? – Sweat Inc., Season 1

All right, guys. Ready. Obi: Uh-oh! My man is trying to
bring the past to the present. Jillian: Hit us! Clubz Fitness is a functional
fitness program designed to improve mobility and truly has something
for everyone. Fit Clubz is an actual tool
that allows you to do all functional,
full-body exercises. Holding something
away from your body, your body
has to work harder, which is going to
burn more calories and be more efficient
for training. We have
three different programs. We have Cardio, we have Power,
and then we have Recovery. You get a real high-intensity
exercise interval at a very short
period of time. I don’t know how familiar
you are with Indian clubs. That’s where we got
the influence when designing my product.
It’s an 1800s design from the military
to train mobility. – How much are they?
– $40. – What’s your cost on that?
– $15 to $20. What are you patenting
on a tool that’s been around
for 500 years? The patent
is on functionality and based on the padding
that’s around it. Have you been to any big box
gyms? Has anyone seen this yet? We’ve pitched
somewhat to a couple
of large gym chains. They’re not biting. There’s people who have
nibbled at it, absolutely. Okay. So, we launched
at the beginning of 2014, sold over 2,000 units. Randy: I like the innovation,
but I am a little concerned. You’ve been at it
for a couple of years, and you’ve only sold
2,000 sets. I mean, that creates
some question marks. Indian clubs are bad-ass.
They’re big, they’re heavy, and you can do some really
crushing things on them. This feels like the super
watered-down version of something cool. I’m just not sure
whether dancing around with some bowling pins
in my hand is a phenomenon. I don’t know anybody
who’s doing it in a group
fitness environment, and I think it’s proven,
and this is really all about you and how
you’re going to turn this into a workout that’s easy
to teach and easy to do. These, basically, think of it
as an extension of your body. Everything that we do
is going to have just the added resistance
of holding out. I’m going to take
you guys through some of my favorite
signature exercises
and let you feel it. Everything
is going to be either 30 seconds
or 60 seconds at a time. Why would somebody
use this over dumbbells? Tell me that. The weight placement.
The weight is placed
away from you, and the handle,
if you have a weight, part of the weight
is in your hand. So, this allows you
to get that pendulum force. As you can see,
you feel that extension
and that squeeze all the way to the very end.
We’ll start with our left leg. We’re going to twist and
come all the way to the sky and then alternate. I love the fluidity of this. I’m a big fan of staying
in motion and having active recovery. I really love dynamic
resistance training. What I like about
Jason’s Fit Clubz,
they continue to flow, and they require core
strength and stability. It’s a great workout. I’ve burned 75 calories
so far, guys. In three, two, one. A reach-out,
some cap. Reach out. It’s almost like plank
punches a little bit. There you go,
and you’ve got
the extra leverage ’cause you’re
adding a little weight. Jason’s taken a product
from the past, and he’s modernized it,
but he hasn’t improved on it, and he’s made it light,
and it’s ineffective in terms of functional
strength training. In three, two, one.
Anybody break a little sweat? I wish I would’ve seen more
exercises from major muscles, like the chest and the back.
Fit Clubz are a great tool to rehabilitate shoulder
injuries, but it’s not very effective for people
looking to build muscle. Thanks for the opportunity. I’m aware there’s
areas for improvement. It’s obviously not designed
for the whole world. We have a good niche, and I think
that we can expand that. I’m feeling really good.
I don’t want to trash-talk, but I think I’ve got
this thing in the bag. Let’s see what you guys got.


  1. This has to be the worst Indian Club video I have ever seen. Jillian Michaels, you should be ashamed to have your name associated with this video. There was not a single Indian Clubs movement on display here.

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