From Intern to Clinical Trial Assistant to Clinical Research Associate

From Intern to Clinical Trial Assistant to Clinical Research Associate


  1. Thank you for sharing this conversation, reminded me of my time as a CRA in China, very similar to her experience. I used to confuse about this work development, however, after I stay in Canada for 2 years, I totally changed my mind. Right now, I have more confidence towards this work and I am proud of being a CRA. As you should perform a high standard towards what you do every day to secure the project quality, instead of just kill time there or sacrifice the quality for the quantity. I believe there is meaning for each work, your experience will help you refresh your mind and believe.

  2. Hi there
    I am learning about the field of clinical research and would like to join. I am in the pharmaceutical research field doing analytical development work for sometime, I am not right out of college. A way to get in I keep hearing is to work as an assistant or coordinator, but that would be a significant salary cut. Any recommendations or comments to this concern?

  3. Hi.. I have done my Engineering in Biotechnology. Currently working as Clinical data specialist at IQVIA in India. I am willing to immigrant to Canada. Could you please suggest the possibility of getting job in Canada

  4. I would like this Msc clinical research course and i want to join these course plz give me information to get admission in this course

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