‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3, “The Climb”

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3, “The Climb”

whatever they want the flick game of
thrones episode six even through the client he got of the taliban and uh… so i want to jump are if you guys
are cool with it to the first of all it is a masculine conversation today there’s nothing uh… isolates let’s go to that that disagree perfect but i i i p
conversation were awesome between various and little things also i tell you the
rights of the error rate if it’s not a little i’m right away yellow obviously that’s what that’s what
i want him stride analysis yeah i i i love it everyone at five
times and uh… that’s about raggedy leased for and i had uh… closed
captioning the tracking bollocks acquisition but i’m still bewildered but it doesn’t matter how
will you know how much everybody be quiet but we know will stop iraqi during quiet this important part of that so uh… you know that gives you and i show the different
their views of various and uh… and little finger uh… barris is more practical i want to
avoid the chaos because it gets people killed the kids you’re not shocked off in the
middle of the chaos israeli that’s is practical experience right did that
before you continue what did that remind you of the notion comes little finger
said you know this is what is the route rankings this it’s the latter that’s all
it is something declines of it it’s a manner to get ahead and win but what about reform curious about what
that reminded of my battles that you’ll have the answer that i will give orders because
jack and i are from the same better than i reminded me of something very
specifically like it’s fake but we all except man obviously didn’t that i was like i
wasn’t leveling that’s now anathema there’s nothing like
the american dream the other a little bit more fragile but is this idea of
something that we all know was total warship uh… but we also i’m off on it and operate our whole lives as if it’s
something incredibly real india having malone arbitron rhetoric concerns for
older should of bread anyway uh… so meanwhile little fingers
sees it from this perspective and for him its hey you know i a co it was chaos and i thrive in the test thank god for the test is if there was
just before her well then i couldn’t have moved up right
i could have gone up the ladder cas is the lords and i’m not a lord there is a you know nobility another
ability so he’s like a hates gasping good to me i a local i
make ahead if you don’t like in essence what he’s saying is your policy with okay that is actually in the sense
then fair yes set aside as an equalizer to cast expert on direct confirm some people i’d
love that’s underway with some of the day is free they have the top just like one episode
to go about their saying he thinks the authors of the most dangerous people in
the realm and we haven’t really seen little figure being dangerous since maybe he betrayed northstar or something like that so it’s good to
see him willing to throw like one of his former confidant’s employees to joffrey in a particularly brutal scene uh… the leaders have been talking about how
you are still enjoy a little finger like we have a little like back-and-forth the little thing you didn’t see the same
way might see where he was correspondences light and also very
should know now that it’s truthful finger obviously there’s instead you know mum so i’m just curious to know why little finger doesn’t strike me as a guy and i’m sure that you probably both
disagree but doesn’t strike me as a guy who would
have survived like elevator yet because i don’t see particularly charming he seems dangerous to a lot of people who would think
warble and and who do you offend by coming in do you think you you you suspect he’s
got this his band of spies is gonna be
particularly loyal after he’s killed a black male and i’m
dumb luck i can find somebody else to paint yeah i guess would be guilty if
rate of two things and and that’s what he tax and so for these two things was information so is network of spy so
he has things on people right but you’re right it was to kill ’em you
know what hurts a but also money breweries master of the coin which is
enormously important whenever and then give your born of that you know of mobility et
cetera in whatever time period right you warm warm the right family go for the money probate money breeze probably the need
for but i mean again many could have been masters on after the club with
somebody else wasn’t master the continuity stopping master the corn
because he got a throat cut on monday morning then you know after lunch on
monday you know dave williams is natural color
but i think the people like the kenyan and that and that the power around the
throne wanted to keep around because he supposedly had this ability to finance
all their expensive habits even though apparently that’s ok audios magical was
money rapid turnover that aren’t left blood too much to make some some
actually write to me i distinguish about various what is a little finger before yes on
the boat two slides versus durability oscillator who’s in a defendant who is
in the chair of the unit right sunny smart any helps living like robert a
robert wouldn’t stand for that uh… nonprofit and catch up with
government and we don’t network and i don’t think i i i went under and i would
love to get right and a so yet to my thing you’re poised better on various
i’m surprised he survived especially after school over a little
finger many many times especially the last one which she cared so much about
and yes as messy into that ferris was like all right disguise more powerful than i
am and more dangerous they’ll watch myself right away but there’s probably smarter so he might be able to have both said
they were supposed to go over it partially i would say usa people watching understand but most of the limestone uh… so what
what little finger would be how bare screwed little finger was keeping little finger away from socks by warning signs of a little
fingerprint rods honoring so laura tyson here uh… sence of marriage so that’s also would not runaway with
little thing right there are a some salt instead that were low-paying over here
what’s often because that in which is he to that dot here and it was twofold one year to
you the north that’s going to help you set me up your entire once you get on
the phone yadda yadda and number two he always loved her uh… mom and she
looks like ur mama needs like visit also to forgive their sin yeah younger version like back what i
loved it right perfect uh… and then he denim so and and and dot maneuver in
response to that wishes to written that he wasn’t able to get it back obviously
musical answers gone the way and it’s really just he just kill draw
satisfied but variances actually bothered by that yet we think a little yeah i’m telling you i liked her
stallini had there’s a humanities road which makes you think that that scene
with him in the ad where he came to help med which at the time you don’t know whether whether you know he says i’d like to
help you but i just can’t now you think you know i’d say you wanted help about obviously listed
this too late because i i think it’s twofold i think that one he’s a he’s mad
the russes killed because i think i think he felt some sort of genuine
connection arrives and he’s not as heartless us on the other people operating the indifference but he also it’s a representation of his
inability to protect people basic exactly little finger is set the woman who was under your protection and he said he found out that he’s not
as powerful that’s a very real uh… demonstration of it i think yeses and remain actually reports that
scene was that as the title unless there is an anti
rosa setter think they were in charge who’s actually game between various a
little figure like all these things that they thought
they were doing in fact various planted dolores sign something in the first
place every little thing or planted that you know the marriages of the land
answers to the tight rows so if that they’re playing the game and others think like population is
great i did it well it they don’t know that i got a burden but who wouldn’t
come up with that idea and that’s what that means that they’re
they’re not because our super sophisticated i think it’s uh… well i
mean look addict it’s all good ideas seem obvious and i’m
sorry group at eight but it’s not obviously u_s_ had begin
meri k_ on that or no interior what do they call and the recently david
the end thank you so i don’t know if you have it out of that he had a look at it
but i don’t know that excel designor forget haircut uh… take the it was some inside that’s
not snot super obvious uh… the other great conversation of
course was thailand and the queen of well diana rigg so there they’re talking and i was reading the by
the way of life was reading a summation of the episode but you know this morning liked you know when somebody writes play the game of from it’s incredibly you definitely hideo
without being ventura fwy but to the reportedly referrals back
home and uh… but the best point i thought time women that wasn’t his sort of when he went for the kill it was like
all the foot morris and uh… king’s guard and then you’ll spend his life defending
joffrey may be killed defending job really can’t marry an airline ends what israel wind up on that wasn’t it
amend it before when he said talk all you want about the incest but you know yuki if you talk about that then drop without the reopening their and you and your granddaughters not the
real clean so suggested that the law fear not that you
got to accept the same kind of satellite his little finger right there at the
airline elective and so that’s the whole team of its
which is and i’ve been thinking about it
literally since i have so tenderly i went to bed thinking about i woke up
thinking about it the lies that we greet you and is in his little finger right you know this love the gods the realm
all lies in the only thing that matters is begets conquests and and the like for
you live that klein you know that’s this tues struggle of
like right uh… and i think that he’s half-right
half wrong i think there’s a lot of truth to that because there are so many lies we redo my job in the row you can set up but i don’t think love is alive and i’m
gonna get a little goofy here but a m but baked look at it so what does now go back to the other
climb when they’re climbing the wall what is john snow an is still wiling
woman have were made well they have she’s right but they have
is loving each other and the rest is whatever ride it’s like
roses the friggin starts is ryan slater point a right to write goes on after a
deadbolt their leaders would kill the men are created that was to their
advantage right and so prevented their love and yet i feel kori everytime i say but is is their climb so that’s why i don’t think there’s only
half price it depends what ever you make your
client could be you know and it’s not
necessarily a life be really love each other and that’s their life right have been for some freezes and you know dot is their life and so that’s their client so so if that’s what i mean i think safra
bhai i like that they are the other side of every episode recently has to have
multiple uses of the title but the real client because the scene before they start the climb
with that would be great john so talking about andy grove real uh… reveals to him that she knows that he has actually turned his back on
the pros i really like that seen the fact that
she is willing to say that to him and you can see before they climbed it as she’s making a confession to them he doesn’t he says that it’s rare but it did you
see his face that he’s not is devoted to it as she is it only when he’s faced with the loss of
her life which is falling off the wall and he’s willing to savor the realizes and he was a great turn for him and he hasn’t had noticed
character arc of last couple seasons but i like this uh… the secondary polls
are and then make out in front of the whole thing like then i got a genuine
outstanding amount leveling off and then and we think it’s awful like this with a
few negril romantic moments of the whole show and two small sign of summer one uh… has there ever been a more
literal cutting a moose account cutting loose affiliate through
so many happy go falta la i mean is that guy and the episode slapped that guy
effort doctors deccan ok although my mother and
here is the anchorage or is still around there i think that there is a really really really really fast he should have
cut loose they could have all that from the way of those two items here if you
wouldn’t mind i thought about it in some way might
compromise would have been if i was those days swing you’ve got about a minute den i
cal number i said okay if they are obligated to make an effort to you all
got about america so we are really all that i dont let me know if that’s not
welcome on lilac any thought right away he didn’t think i had a state myself
into our caucus is perfect and save myself combined with a look at these
guys and watch them back to school bradley and by the way he’s right there
goes my second point we just saw as the world’s were sector in in the mood in the details are not
the actual underwrite exactly alike my corazon thank you so across different
like priscila is absolutely right final pinky store man is not in fact because it will be by
the way first of all ages broke the ke crow
about that’s what i had was that he had to eddie hack and he also broke about how we know the
thread half and or whatever i don’t mean
women’s although but he’s now but i think jobs right he’s now is welcome now is fifty i graduate so are not like me and i think the
moment something of a common on these not going to trade i don’t think he’s gonna totally man’s rater that i was at the end he’s not getting rid of that guy totally
mean that army that he is that the unification that he is going to bring about i see is inevitable and then i think that’s why i just was
in fact we don’t know which way to go exactly and i said the minute he went to the
wild leaves i think there’s on question we gonna meet some degree of stop
stockholm syndrome c_b_s_ empathize with his the people that are that he’s
infiltrated and yet he’s your idea that he’s going to minorities is the most
logically have ever an out which brings me to the point of my favorite uh…
appointed shows not right where i’m right but where you’re wrong dot what do you look at your marriage
that i’ve got another judge will no because of a couple weeks ago maybe
even last week we talked about you know whether job so could be as there is a nearly two years and son and he could
maybe he could be on the elmo thrown anything you guys were like animee
within about job you guys did not bastards are the but all the sudden here’s the uh… the
wrist whatever name is with the both of the
lady’s name nelson alessandra saying to stand as a
line that i missed but always noticed in the uh… previously winced and said that you said on the one
true thing and he’s like your bones and other people sick with bright at all of a sudden then
she goes to get because he has the block he has the
breath in blood so she’s picking him because he is important he matters and he’s a bastard right he happy well
well i think abt ur full what your brag about because my interplay of anything and
that’s why i don’t arising out of it is a gate which is why intermission
language or wrong she needs blood for some sort of ritual and issues in a sacrifice him for that ritual so that standards can
become k that would be a problem notes that i would say that what they
would have been juggling and what separate rockwell but i i i can’t reveal
the specifics but this uh… this episode had some of the biggest changes
from the books are totally and i’m not exactly sure where they’re going with that i really
would like is now i can actually legitimately be like i wonder about
things that i don’t know how to ride and i didn’t get that at all i get the
feeling that there’s been that the big thanks for getting but you may be right maybe it’s just that threat and the way she said you’re more important that sells a man
et cetera sounded to me like you’re sacrifice is
more important than a thousand all been infected you have come in and around
there and i think yeah and so i’m astronauts for the spoiler here so there is commonly asked a question and if you don’t want to hear john’s
answer fast-forward through that okay i don’t wanna spend too much energy and
time singin try to solve the mystery of who’s holding fee on great joy if
it’s a game of through saying where it’s a character that we’ve never seen before
could papi could never possibly guests on all that’s the morals of the laurel
superman chores up well you know this year and safe so my question to you don’t tell me who
it is is tom newstoday is it accurate in gas
uh… or is it’s totally new character that we’re wasting our time friday the
scene where he is like getting him to try to guess anything is a liar i kind
of i like that scene but i feel bad for the
viewers of this show because it’s connected with any kind of a let down
because look based on information in this show you should sort of know who is likely to
be uh… if you watched ending of the last season but uh… it’s not a character that’s it that’s being here but it’s going to be interesting but i i
don’t think that budget was one of the wouldn’t really matter feel like he was
put in the uh… the guy i feel like the twenty where was the end parvin mann kar
far from where more than eight what where he got coral carl they get even call i thought his
reaction to that was indicative of truth there but then he says but i’m a liar right
but that’s going to have a yahoo has the same allosteric and only about what he
said until the end of my well one of my
predictions is that the on world somehow be enforced mickey kantor somebody through this
without them being some force for good and we know he feels terrible about with
it well that’s interesting right so as soon as he lost his finger i
thought okay is right back at it because of the conversation i had an
earlier train this is a but all i think that is that it is a legal residents
exactly the kind of like he’s made he’s now an outsider he’s an outcast
burma’s family and from the start so families right all decided to be super
olivia missouri north carolina terry killed a couple in a sort of whatever catamaran trip to heating job
and he consented to their death at the that is a distinction without her right now really facile to say that and i i i
didn’t actually pick this up myself a son one of the reviews i read this show does as getting the job is
maybe any shows since arrested development where they for a little things in without
drawing any attention to it calls back a season two seasons and if you’re
watching it it makes you appreciate so much so he
wakes up he had with the horn i realize if you remember when cn was
being besieged in winter felt he has that rant about coming up find out more
blowing contact element let all right that’s the same thing uh… sciences like i think about the
likes of green and gold brocade the the the gay character that’s already only
still wearing shoes ago i’m sure he does that mean for a little something already
don’t even realize in seattle even see aswell if one were you disappointed that
we didn’t get that cheery and santhosh and it seemed likely cat we got a nice setup for his
like men sometimes you say you want to be an american commander at the event
that our efforts here is a sound so that being the only thing we see there was a
pretty strong bigger stronger was good and love them and i know i’m not brazen enough in the news is all but
wished i was super prepared for that
conversation and seeing sausage shops and chaise but she has to keep a refund maybe
that’s why they didn’t do the same ’cause it’s that’s a part of a total of
we break one less thing about some so and and this is me weird being really
sadistic i’m joined her tears of that materials that the uh… so let me tell
you why the issues she’s a dom girl who’s always dreamed of
marrying his beautiful prints houston any issues meredith about to marry a gay
guy doesn’t even know it write a guy who’s dream about his wedding at cetera so that i got back to you to make a it’s there i think that you got to get played a but
probably a little more than live into the work out yet and it’s going to work
out for that is that ideal one but that’s why i like that’s
why i don’t like her cuz you have no idea it was actually the best thing that
ever happened to you disease at the scene human beings alright we gotta go
but i one after this why didn’t they climbed the wall for they do that well although they said
they just said i didn’t have enough time to calling instances like that they just
haven’t sent army over it before because they didn’t have req where and how many times over the stuff well so i don’t think they show that i
think the idea is that they go up there and then they throw down the road
bladders basically so it’s easier for troops to go for append there’s an
earring force doesn’t to look at our forecast weather
responded that the like you know and then there’s nobody there
are more in the two that he’s undermanned and under medical long right
now to the wall vidya it’s it’s kind of yet let me you would think the whole
point was to go out of the wallet they’re still sounds of madness in the
simpson nineteen castles only three remain d anymore record of the men bike guide you nor the author of a third
party like a copy if they didn’t have as much action as some of the reason why do
you have actually didn’t have as much momentous action but you need these
sorts of plot development seems to make accidental happen except some
significant my only real regret uh… both a site in fact i mean it’s not
about rob starts since but eyes that there’s a there’s landowners makes this
or i will your rough every senior robb gets a little more logo it’s just a little more interesting
every time she opens about carlos smarter person robbers are super smart
at p_o_ and honorable anticipate now like his dad who was just
honorable and actually i mean the fact that he couldn’t see the plot against incoming was greatly
disappointed me like like it was harmony died but looking back it up in a different
kind so much he never put a one thing i don’t know i don’t know why i
want you know i don’t want to let you know there’s only one letter in the
areas that i think that i i i i i i um… next week episode seven thanks


  1. no one on this show understands how powerful varys is. I think theyre missing that his job isnt just spies. Its also adaptability. he was an actor, thief, spy and mastermind. He's more in the know than Petyr ever was.

  2. People don't stop watching a show if it is "too gruesome". I don't know if you live in America, but people here love that shit. And Theon's torture both makes sense and is arguably deserved.

  3. Well, we are certainly going to find out. I'm not the first person to wonder this – a lot of book fans are worried the RW could be the jumping the shark moment for the series' popularity.

  4. I think a bigger concern is though, that many viewers-only are wondering why winter hasn't come yet or the White Walkers haven't attacked, and if either events will happen soon. Will they wait around for years for the central story arc to happen?

  5. Here's a hint: If you want long discussions about the episodes, you should try to watch The Escapist's Game of Thronescast, just google The Escapist, go to their site, go to "videos" and "all", then just scroll down to Podcasts and there you go 🙂

  6. Just no. Sansa is stupid in the books, period. Read her second chapter in GoT, when she is in KL and sees Dondarrion's party. She is displaying it clearly (making lame excuses for Joffrey in her own head, short attention span with Jeyne, trusting looks over valor for Loras…). Read any of her early chapters really. Obv she isn't condemned to be stupid all her life. She might smarten up at some point, she's clearly smarter in Affc than she is now in the show, but intelligence isn't retroactive.

  7. Also Martin isn't "wasting time" over a stupid character. He is using Sansa in his deconstruction of fantasy. She is the character that represents what a reader of fantasy usually expects (nobles acting with honor and bravery, brave knights like Florian, marrying beautiful people because you're in love with them) and how these expectations are actually foolish and unrealistic in a more true-to-life medieval setting.

  8. Wow, I followed your advice for some reason, and there's some pretty contrived and weak analysis in there. Daenerys comes off as not noble and a whiny bitch? A spoiled brat? Dafuq is this? Also their critic of what isn't exactly identical to the book is pathetic, I'm at 18 minutes in the first podcast and I can't wait to turn it off, actually I'm going to do that right now…

  9. One thing that I love in Game of Thrones is how actually trivial the power games between the Lanisters, the Starks, the Baratheons and the Tyrells are. There are major forces that are bound to come down on the seven kingdoms: the Cold Ones, Danearys' dragons and the Lord of Light. So in the end, even though we don't see that much of the supernatural, those powerful forces will most likely prevail.

  10. Littlefinger seems to not know that being utterly cynical and devoid of integrity can actually work against you. He doesn't command any loyalty and by the last point in the books he has a longer list of enemies than anyone else in Westeros!

  11. Don't know who is torturing Theon? Who sent their son to retake Winterfell last season? Whose banner looks exactly like the X that Theon is tied to?

    The hints r pretty obvious.

  12. Yeah, you're right. I deleted that one. I figured this was a spoiler zone since people were talking about all sorts of spoilers. But I shouldn't have posted that spoiler.

  13. game of thrones season 3, episode 6: The realm is a lie or chaos is a ladder" does anybdoy know the name of that song?

  14. The whole "we will meet again" thing with Arya and Melisandre. I've never been more curious about where the show is going until now. Maybe Arya leaves house of b/w for her?

  15. Theon Greyjoy's position SPOILER!!!!!!
    The thing that he is straped to, (where he is being tortured) is a clue!!!!!!!
    The Horn is also a clue.
    And what the guy, who is torturing him now, was called when he killed the guys who were chasing Theon is also a clue.

  16. Dude IMO (I've read the books) Littlefinger is just a step above Varys. Yeah, Varys might have come up with the whole "Dany reclaims the throne idea," but Littlefinger was actually able to start a war and butcher Westeros before Varys was ready. And I bet Varys doesn't even know what Littlefinger's endgame is, becasue honestly, I don't think anybody does.

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  18. I don't think Arya is especially smart, but she isn't Sansa-stupid. See how quick she took "see with your eyes" in stride to realize Syrio would lose to Trant (a lesson that was lost on a lot of readers, btw, since they thought Syrio survived). She is a better judge of characters. Yeah, when things don't concern her directly, when there is a bigger picture, she fares less well (the Varys-Illyrio episode, or her selfish use of Jaqen). But all childs have the same problems, even the smartest ones.

  19. yes i mean it. i am lucky to get my gift iphone 5 from youtube questionnaire for nothing. and i can tell u , dont forget to give ur email id and delivery address to receive via courier. i got it from here. you can also try it ==> bit.ly/10A7p72?=stkjf

  20. You dont comprehend my meaning. Sansa is a metaphor for certain victims who are in their position less from circumstance but rather as a result of their own lack of character. They chose to see themselves as victims since it reinforces their illusion of not being accountable. So believing their condition is not their fault, they then may justify not having to change the very character flaw that produced their condition, In Sansas case her lack of character in lying to curry favor with Joffery.

  21. I think Varys undercuts the morality of other characters as well. Ned Stark was very "honorable," as Jaime Lannister but he wasn't very "good." He regularly chose duty over morality.

  22. SAFE was not in reference to her physical condition. Obviously she's not safe in any respect. It was in reference to being safe from accountability for her own lack of character. Character requires us to stand for truth and to take the risks that go along with that stand. What stops us from taking those risks is our fear of loss. But all we can truly lose is only our own illusions. So if we dont chose the truth, not only will we lose our integrity but also liberty and ultimately our very lives.

  23. I have no idea why these guys think Sansa should be grateful for marrying a Lannister, one of the people out to destroy her family, just because he's a "decent human being". Loras fits that bill too, and marrying him would get her out of King's Landing, while marrying Tyrion will trap her there forever.

  24. So since theres 5 books, will there be 5 seasons? I haven't read the books so I don't know if theyre on the same pace or not. Just curious.

  25. "she isn't sansa stupid" oh please arya wouldn't have lasted a week in king's landing. Sansa understood the game far better than arya, arya is just an impulsive child, she's lucky but not particullary brilliant. Did you even read the books???

  26. …Lol? Sansa didn't survive in KL because of how well she understood the game, she survived because of how little she took part in it. Do you think Cersei heard "My father is a traitor" and thought "woo, she really thinks that!"? These are appearances being kept up, that's not why she survived. Arya isn't brillant, but is a better judge of characters than Sansa, shows better understanding of situations when she's involved, and she is prone to follow a train of thoughts and think logically.

  27. what a fucking joke. Sansa didn't lie so cercei would beleive her, sansa lied to survive. She doesn't trust anyone in KL, she leartn that she must lie and wear her courtesy as an armor. she lives in a world full of snakes yet she manages to keep hope and her good heart. Arya would have just screamed at joffrey, which would have her killed. Better judge of character? She didn't even understand why sandor had to kill mycah, and she doesn't even remember mycah anymore.

  28. You obvioulsy didn't paid much attention to her chapters. "My skin has turned from porcelain, to ivory, to steel".

  29. Arya doesn't think as logically as you think, she wanted to go to the twins after the massacre she witnessed and thought she could outrun a band of outlaws that knew the territory better. what the fuck have you been smoking.

  30. I think part of the reason viewers get so angry at Sansa is because she looks like a grown woman who should know better, but the actor is supposed to be portraying a naive girl.

  31. Maybe you just didn't realize you did. LotR, WoT, Belgariad, all the high fantasy classics tend to do that.

  32. Sansa blames Arya when Cersei kills her direwolf, and then proceeds to trust Cersei over her own family when Ned wants to take her away from KL. It took Arya half a second to realize Joffrey was bad news. Of course she's a better judge of characters. She trusts no one in KL? How about Dontos? He's my knight in shining armor, even though he's drunk and he tries to kiss me half the time while doing nothing else for me? It's annoying that we're stuck talking about this when you could simply read.

  33. I want either Stannis or Gendrick to take the iron throne, Rob Stark to remain King of the North, Jon Snow to become Commander of the Wall and Daenerys Targaryen can go fu** herself she doesn't deserve any throne.

  34. Truth be told, they mostly exhausted the most interesting topics.

    They might have added a bit of time to Arya, but that's about it.

  35. but we want 40 mins of cenk and ben and john and sometimes gina and/or ana nerding out about game of thrones.

  36. Varys has more spies than anyone, way more than Littlefinger. He has seen almost everything coming.

  37. I hate her because she just looked on without doing anything while Joffrey tried to gut her littlesister. She also thought it was completely ok when he cut the butchers sons cheek. That is why i hate her and will continue to do so always.

  38. Varys is valuable. It's not what he has on people that give him power, it's the results he gets people that keeps him around.

  39. I think many people hate Sansa because she was very annoying and clearly spoiled in season one. She was against one of the characters than many people love (Arya) and wanted desperately to believe in Joffrey (a character many hate) Sansa hate happens because many people think she is simply minded, stupid, and naive. It gets annoying when you're watching someone make dumb mistakes over and over again.
    I however absolutely adore Sansa but I get it, you know?

  40. Baelish is around bececause he increased the taxation income of the throne by tenfold. He also installed his own people in the taxation system not including the city guard of kings landing. He has made many allies and friends but doesn't have an army. It's already been mentioned that Little finger has money and just recently attained a title but no army. In the minds of most people Varys and Baelish are not contenders for the throne but very capable men. They are no threat, but can be allies.

  41. Littlefinger doesn't kill Ros out of spite. He is trying to take Sansa out of King's Landing. That the gives her to Joffrey is cruel and spiteful. But, he is actively working against Lannister interests by taking Sansa. If Ros told Varys she's a leak that needs to be plugged or it would be Littlefinger's head on a spike.

  42. The vow is to not father children. The Knight's Watch has an unwritten policy to allow whoring given how few men are left on the wall. As long as you leave her before you father a child it's a forgivable offense.

  43. Its is so strang that people actually belive the bullshit Varys tells. Varys is just as bad as LF. Just fyi varys uses little slave children to spy on people and if they learn something importend he kills them so that they cant tell anybody. Go back and watch the seasons, look out for children in the background. Also Varys is helping to set the next war, he is help to set up the targaryens. Witch is a horrible line of kings that are mostly creazy.

  44. Btw. most brothers of the black watch have sex with hookers. Nobody gets killed for that, only for running away.

  45. Recapping these recaps, I wonder whether Ben Mankiewicz actually watches the episodes before he comes in to review them. He's so righteously off-base about a ton of stuff, and he can't even be bothered to get people's names right, even three seasons into the series. Try harder, dude. You don't have to be a book-reader to figure a lot of this stuff out. John Iadarola, on the other hand, did a great job keeping everyone else up to speed without giving anything away. Props.

  46. Cent is right, the game of Thrones, as far as Kingslanding is concerned, is between Varys and Littlefinger. The chessboard pieces are theirs and broadens out to Essos and the Vale, yet they are still pulling the strings, making things happen. Even for those of us who have read all the books, keep an eye on those two. The true players of the game.

  47. Your conversation about Littlefinger is the reason I dislike his show persona compared to the book. In the book, he gets away with everything because nobody suspects him. He plays completely under the radar, quietly accumulates power, and the power players of the land don't even think about him. In the show, his devious nature is so obvious that it really is a wonder that no one has just slit his throat.

  48. They are reviewing the SHOW, not the books. What's the point of three or four people who know exactly what's going to happen making predictions? I agree that knowledge of the books is an important component to reviewing the show, but that's what they have John Iadarola for, and he is so good at controling spoilers.

  49. I don't think you guys realize how immensely useful Varys is to the throne. With his spies he has information from around their world before anyone else in kings landing does

  50. Jon Snow is not the bastard son of Ned Stark. John is the Son of Ned's sister, Lyanna, and Prince Rhaegar, but Ned made his sister a promise, so he raised his nephew Jon as his own. This is a fact, that I just made up. jk 😉

  51. Sansa of the show and the books is not stupid. What you lack in the show is her inner monologue. Granted Sansa is naïve in the beginning, and she may have given her trust to the wrong people, but in earnest, how would you as a young girl, just becoming a woman, know who to trust in this world.

  52. after the red wedding the best episode loved the ending and the music was amazing just a perfect episode all around 

  53. I really like Aidan Gillen's chilling portrayal of Baelish–he chews up his lines like Daniel Day-Lewis in 'Gangs of New York'. A little cartoonish, granted, but Littlefinger really seems to ENJOY being Littlefinger.

  54. The "King's blood" thing is actually something that was misinterpreted by Melisandre. It's the Targaryen blood. The Targaryens were (and still are) a Valyrian family capable of manipulating dragons, "taming" them, if you will. This makes their blood somehow magical.

    So let's go back to 300 years before the show starts. A guy called Aegon Targaryen, who rules only Dragonstone (the land Stannis currently holds), has three mature dragons at his side. His family was the only High Valyrian family to survive "The Doom", by not living on the Valyrian peninsula.

    Instead of going back and conquering Essos in true Valyrian style, Aegon gets a dispute between him and Storm King Argilac the Arrogant. Aegons bastard (!) half-brother Orys wanted to marry Argilacs daughter Argalia. In response Argilac sent Aegon back his envoys hands. So in some irrational anger Aegon ("The Conqueror") went on to conquer six of the Seven Kingdoms and becoming the first of the Kings on the Iron Throne.

    Orys went on to become the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, married Argalia and founded the House Baratheon. This way, all trueborn Baratheons (cough cough, Joffrey) have Targaryen (read: magical) blood in them. Gendry is a bastard but has Robert's blood in him. This also makes him have Targaryen blood, but more than just a little because Robert's aunt was actually his millionth cousin, also a Targaryen.

  55. I never get why people are so hard on Sansa. I completely get if she's not you're favorite character but to me the way she acts and handles things are very realistic for a girl her age. She is 14. She was ripped away from her family too soon and is now forced to live with the people who did it to her. I love Tyrion. But If I were in Sansa's shoes would I want to marry him? NO. She is young and doesn't see the political benefits of everything right now. I wish people would give her a break. 

  56. The main reason people put up with him and trust him in the book is that he isn't so menacing at face value.
    On the contrary, he's ever charming and helpful to everyone. He specifically makes sure no one has reason to want him dead, he's of the most pleasant ppl at court (again, at face value).

  57. I just realized that the whore who was killed by Joffrey with the crossbow was only meant to be a pawn to make the audience hate joffrey even more. They have been building her up for a while now, showing that shes smart and prideful and could play a legit role in the series. They werent doing that bc she is supposed to be an important character or something, they did that just to make more of an impact on the audience when Joffrey kills her. Thats pretty clever.

  58. I Want to Thank you ladies and gentlemen for producing a well-thought out and in-depth assessment of all the layers at play present in Game of Thrones. I've tried to watch other such reviews and discussions on other channels, but the difference in quality and depth was puke-inducing.  Those other groups literally only discuss how beautiful the ladies hair and dresses were and completely miss the most important points that foreshadow individuals' downfall. Once again, thank you for watching Game of Thrones intelligently and catching all the absolute genius plot building that might not instantly bear fruit but for a few seasons in the future… When we will all be blown away by the size of that giant peach of awesomeness. REAL MEN WATCH GAME OF THRONES!

  59. Ben and cenk don't pay attention at all! Bolton offered his bastsrd to catch take care of theon greyjoy! Then if you have ever seen the bolton's banner, how could you not know who it is? Unreal! The horn!!! Duh

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