Gentle Yoga To Terminate Stress ♥ Come With Me If You Want Some Peace

Earth the element of stability, grounding and strength the energy of the earth helps us ground ourselves to find our sense of place within our body Mother Earth encourages us to become fully present through connecting to her through our senses to get our of our head and enhance our deeper connection with our physical body our vehicle of life todays earth elements series class will be focuses on the element of earth this class is going to be all about connecting to our deeper selves through gentle movement and grounding postures to help you find that stability balance and peacefullness of the mind as you take each breath allow yourself to surrender to gravity of the earth let it connect you closer to your body and to everything that surrounds you so with that said grab your mat and lets begin if you enjoy this pratice check our our digital full length programs we have everything from yin yoga, pilates, yoga workouts and even full fitness program specifically designed to give you incredible results in your body and mind go to boho beautiful .life to learn more with that said grab your mat and lets begin

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