Getting A Three-Month-Old To Sleep Through The Night | Parents

Getting A Three-Month-Old To Sleep Through The Night | Parents

My name is Ingrid Prueher, and I used to work
with the sharks on Wall Street, but now I have a much tougher job. [ NOISE ] They call
me the Baby Sleep Whisperer. [ NOISE ] Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi, nice to meet you. Nice to
meet you. I’m Eric. Nice to. Nice to meet you. Hi Laura this is Hunter. Hi Hunter. We
are first time parents. One of the main issues we are having is with sleep. The baby is currently
sleeping in this rocker in our room for night sleep. it’s tough. We hear her when she wakes
up, we wake up. If she fusses, we’re up. We’re starting at her and I think we probably enable
the baby to wake up more than she would. So what we’re really looking for is for Ingrid
to come in, talk to us about good sleep habits and how to transition her from being in our
room to being in her own room. Eric and Laura are having a really common problem. Especially
for first time parents. Hunter only goes to sleep when her mother rocks her. It was fine
for the first few weeks home from the hospital, but now, it’s become a bad habit. And her
parents want to move her out of their room, and into her own. This rocker. Yes. I love
it, during a wait time only, but not for putting the baby to sleep. We can start with. Naps
taking place in the crib cuz we wanna teach her that her bedroom is a sleep environment.
Right. The way she goes down to sleep is the way she’s gonna expect to go back to sleep,
every time she wakes. Mm- hm. Okay. So if you rock her to sleep, expect that you’re
gonna be rocking her until she’s a year and a half. To get Hunter out of her parents room
and into her own room, we’re going to try to recreate the womb setting for the baby.
While for grownups, we like quiet when we sleep, but newborn babies are exactly the
opposite because the womb is loud, as loud as a vacuum cleaner. So we’re going to download
a white noise app from the iPad. Pad. So when you hear her start fussing what you’d like
to do is you take advantage of the fact that the white nose machine is in the background
and start shushing along with it to help her calm. Shh! Shh! We’re gonna place her feet
close to the bottom railing. And her head close to the side railings, don’t worry she’s
not gonna get hurt. But what we’re trying to do is mimic the womb setting, she was surrounding
by walls. We don’t want to place her in the middle where she’s gonna feel like she’s swimming
in a pool. So what we would do now is we can place her hand over her chest and just hold
it down. And shh. Shh. And if she’s fine what I recommend is tell the parents to leave.
Okay. Okay ready? Sounds good. Alright. Let’s leave her and let’s see. She does. It takes
children anywhere from one minute to 30 minutes to wind down before they go to sleep. Just
like adults, so it’s natural for her to wind down. What is she learning here? She’s learning
that. She doesn’t need the rocking, and she doesn’t need all these other things, that
she actually has the capability of putting herself to sleep. We all do. Shh. Shh. Good
job. Good job. Good job. High five. That was awesome. I don’t believe it. I can’t believe
she’s not sleeping in my arms right now. I can actually do things. [ LAUGH ] It’s a little
odd, right? [ LAUGH ] It’s a little odd, but Take a deep breath. I know. She’s never been
by herself before. We’ve always been. Next to her on the couch or next to her on the
bed. Mm- hm. And I didn’t think she was just going to go down like that. Yeah. Yeah. You
just recreated the womb setting. She just wanted to be home again. [ INAUDIBLE ] Yeah
that’s wonderful. And not watching Steve Harvey on TV. [ LAUGH ] Yeah exactly. Not yet. I
have to say I’m, I’m really surprised. I mean Hunter is [ MUSIC ] Napping as we speak, shh.
In her own room, and she went down fine. She’s been asleep now for almost three hours and
I have never seen that happen during the day. I just know that it’s good for her like my
mother’s intuition tells me that she’s getting some of the best sleep that she’s had probably
since she’s been born. Hi, guys. How are you? We have a baby who now sleeps basically through
the night every single night without fail. It’s fantastic. You know. Pediatrician was
like, don’t tell other parents that your child is sleeping [ LAUGH ] like that at night.
[ LAUGH ] She was, like ,. You won’t have any friends. [ LAUGH ] It’s probably true.
[ LAUGH ] My whole entire life has changed. This is awesome. Thank you so much. [ MUSIC


  1. First of all thank you so much for this video. Extremely helpful. I've shared it a lot. I wanted to ask about teething and how I can keep doing this when the 2- 3 month old is teething.
    I find myself needing to help her sleep a lot more and use things like that pacifier and keep the white noise on loudly the entire sleeping time.

  2. my 3 month old flicks her head side to side when she is on the verge of waking up.. theres no way id be putting her that close to rail in just a swaddle without her being secured in some way.

  3. I have spent a long time investigating guides for your baby to sleep and discovered a fantastic resource at Calmer Fixer Blueprint (check it out on google)

  4. This woman is so stupid she’s trying to break a habit so what does she do gives her another one ????

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