Getting Ahead Of Alzheimer’s: Young People Look To Protect Brain Health | TODAY

Getting Ahead Of Alzheimer’s: Young People Look To Protect Brain Health | TODAY


  1. It's about taking responsibility over your health so that society and your family are not burdened in a few decades. This isn't only about avoiding dementia and Alzheimers. It's about avoiding ALL disease in general. You should start right away. Look at the state of the world right now and then ask yourself if you can afford to wait. The answer is no.

  2. This is 100% true. My 92 year old aunt walks everywhere, has always eaten well & has been attending college courses since I can remember because she says it keeps her "brain working". Shes awesome & has zero memory problems associated with her age.

  3. It’s so important to realize that youth doesn’t mean invincibility. Planing makes for a better longer life. Alzheimer’s disease can happen very early in life, sadly too early.

  4. Stop injecting yourself with viruses and bacteria in vaccines especially infectious prions which are the causative agents tjat create the amyloid plaques in your brain you might have a fighting chance of undoing some of the damage in future generations These guys are gonna tell you anything valuable or important about this it is a military project.

  5. One day you're in a movie smoking weed and inhaling God knows what, the other day you're trying to make alzheimer a
    " funny" topic to talk about!The fact is that the air,the water and our blood are already contamined and we can't even pretend that the apple on the tree is safer to eat as the tree is contamined,also are the sole and the water that nourish it!So,just let us be!

  6. But I thought it was hereditary? Its is in genes. This is interesting. It runs in my family. I appreciate this clip.

  7. My dad did everything right exercise headache right everything he used his brain you still got Alzheimer's and now he passed away and that's the most horrible disease he didn't even know me when he left us🦋🌈✨🌠🙏❤

  8. i appreciate seeing this as my grandmother has Alzheimer's.. and some days are intense & stressful. Thanks

  9. Dr. Dean Ornish is doing remarkable work in this field, and just his trials and studies on how a whole food plant based diet alone has been shown to reverse and prevent Alzheimer’s disease is a huge step in the right direction. Please look him up if you haven’t!

  10. Simple, the brain needs cholesterol. So eat a healthy diet because right when you start taking drugs for cholesterol and blood pressure, YOU ARE A GONER!

  11. Funny thing … medical professional aren’t practicing what they preach, bad sleep schedule, increase load of stress, lack of eating healthy, lack of exercise… funny how life is …

  12. No one wants to talk about brain disorders because theirs no definite cause to them, we don’t completely understand the brain yet. But by ignoring brain disorders and diseases, we are NOT encouraging researchers because they think it’s not a concern, and we have lack of funding because people are not interested.

  13. I'm losing my memory and balance sometimes too. Im very funny an at first it can be very funny very funny be very very frieghtning when you have nobdy

  14. O recently ( carry my bags to the store ) not this time . So i asked the you man …there was a weird hesitation I fumbled and said " Do you have a bed. He said … bed? I fumbled flayiing about and he'd say BAG? Yes yes yes sorry bag BAG I don't know why I said that . I gave pause and for thought and BED is what i said ,the ran out the convieience store. Feeling really creppy old lady hurting one a 35 38 year old d man. I'm all most 60. I hope I don't develope alzimers or demenci. Or worse made that poor gyu uncomfortable Thank you for sharing

  15. I get a lot allergies rashes on my body and take Benadryl almost everyday and read long term effect of it is dementia I’m sooo scared

  16. Who would have ever thought eating healthy getting moderate exercise and using your brain whatever reduce getting Alzheimer's? Outstanding

  17. charles kao the Nobel laureate has Alzheimer and I feel he’s got all the boxes checked… it’s really not guarantee… this sickness is such a c***

  18. Lol, modern day diseases. This will just keep getting worse over time unless people stop eating junk food and do regular exercices.

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