Getting your first period

Getting your first period

My friend Jackie taught me how to put a tampon in. Got my period when I was eleven. I think I was thirteen. My mom talked to me about it and it was very matter-of-fact. It was like a tiny speck of blood Went to the bathroom and I saw that there’s blood everywhere. And I knew what it was but I felt really embarrassed. And I were just happy just to have my period because I’ve heard about this thing you know. And I told all my best friends. I was like “I got my period” It was ok. It did suck until I learned how to use a tampon. I learned at summer camp. You know they someone shows you. All the girls are like she… She like shouted from outside the bathroom… “Just stick it in, Erica!” And I was like “ok Jackie!” And in it went. We were like drawing on our clothes like where the thing because you know, it’s hard to find the hole like… You don’t know.


  1. My first period was when I was 11 I believe. I knew nothing about it I ended up going to the doctor and he told me it was normal and by the time I learned about at school it was too late. 😭 I still remember the day up unto this day it was March 3,2014(Sunday)

  2. I was 12 when I had my first period. It was Summer time, I had been all day long playing in my cousin's house (he was a boy) and it was after dinner. I remember going to the bathroom and my underwear had blood on it! I panicked for a few seconds, but I knew what it was. So I just rolled a lot of toilet paper in my panties and waited for my mother to pick me up. But it was my sister who I told when I got home. I was kind of embarrassed to talk to my mother about it, which nowadays I think is crazy, but she actually never talked to ME about it ever… So I borrowed some pads from my sister and I guess she told my mother the next day probably.

    My first experience with a tampon though, was maybe when I was 15/16. It was Summer time again! I was at another cousin's summer house and we were in the pool. I had my period that day and I asked if any of my cousins had any tampons, because I wanted to swim. They didn't, but we looked in my cousin's older sister bathroom and found some, so I ended up having to not really knowing how to use it but doing it anyway. I guess I was a bit afraid, so I didn't put it all the way inside, but it still worked! #lifesaver

    Overall experience, it wasn't bad. I knew what period was before I had it, but I also remember thinking "aww really?! I don't want this now…" when I first had it. I guess I wanted to be a kid for longer, hahaha!
    I remember this one cool episode though, before I had my period, where my sister explained what it was to me and I was super intrigued. So when she was on her period, we went to the bathroom and she just rolled her panties down her legs and waited for the blood to flow out of her to show me! I wasn't grossed out, I was actually pretty curious! And nowadays I look back at that episode and think it was so awesome what she did and so natural 😀 #awesomesister

  3. I got my first period when i was 7 and it was very light and brief. Didnt have it again until i was 11 when i used a pantiliner instead of a pad and wore it for 7 hours because i didnt know when to change it. Needless to say i bled all over my seat and told a good friend who told my teacher. She promptly evacuated the room, walked me to the nurse and got me a change of pants.

    First tampon? Im almost 19 and can't put one in. I have never had anything in my vagina aside from a speculum once, 2 years ago, which was the most pain ive ever felt in my life. The woman performing the exam did not listen to my screams and cries for her to stop because she was poorly trained, and as a result suffer from vaginismus and always will. But I'm actuallt not too bothered by it.

  4. First period was a nightmare, had it in public and as people tried to tell me I thought they were catcalling me and ignored them. My mother was no use, acted like i'd done something terrible and proceeded to tell my sister to tell me what was going on and how to put a pad on. I walked around like I had a stick up my ass the first few hours until my sister told me to act natural. LOL

  5. I got my period on Monday morning, in February of 6th grade. After I went to the bathroom and was skeptical, I asked my older sister. She said I got it, and then when my mom woke up I told her. That’s pretty much it. I think I was one of the first kids to get it in my class.

  6. Late bloomer at 16 in junior year. I remember it was mid-November and, this is about to get TMI, it was kind of like a thick, dry clumps that were somewhat stringy. It was SO weird….but that's never happened since, so I'm curious what made it happen that way. Perhaps it was my "old" age of starting and just build-up of shedding uterus. Ew. I told my mom about it the next day (very embarrassed since this wasn't discussed) and I don't think I ever told my friends until years later when we reminisced.

    I didn't use a tampon until a year or so later, but now, 16 years later, I'm totally converted to using menstrual cups and am SO happy to not have to spend all that money month after month on a product that should be covered under insurance.

  7. My first period was when I was 12. I remember waking up at 3am with terrible cramps and went to the toilet and found blood in my pants. I think I cried a bit maybe from shock, maybe a bit from the pain.
    I put a wad of toilet paper in my pants and waited for my mum to wake up. She gave me a pad and I remember being devastated when I found out a period lasted a whole week as I thought it was a one of day thing.
    First experience with a tampon I was 14/15 at a friends place. I had no problem inserting it but it got very stuck when I tried to remove it. I still feel a bit weird remembering when I tried to get it out and seeing it stuck in the hymen.

  8. my first period was when i was ten and i went swimming that day and then told my mom after and she through a water bottle at me 😅 and then she showed and told me everything 🤞🏽💙

  9. mine was when I was 10. I was at a restaurant with my mom and i went to the bathroom and i saw that my underwear was dirty. Then my mom told me it was my period and she was super happy. she told my sister and my dad. The very first time i used a tampon was July 2017 at a summer camp and then i used one on a cruise in December.

  10. Lmao I knew what a period was before I got mine, but I didn't know it only lasted a couple days every month. When I got my first period it was very light and painless, so I began the daily task of wadding toilet paper in my panties multiple times a day (I didn't know where the pads were and didn't want my mom to know for some reason) and then a couple days later it stopped. I thought my body was defected because it only lasted for a couple days, so I decided that I hadn't started my period yet. This went on for several months before I finally learned that it was supposed to work like that lmao. When it started again I finally told my mom (I just turned 13 about a month prior) and she gave me the period talk and told me where the pads were. The funny thing is it has always been light enough that the wads of toilet paper were enough, but as soon as I started using the pads it got heavier.

    Also I have a question, do you think tampons make you lose your virginity? Because I have always used only pads, never tampons or menstrual cups because my dad believes that if you stick anything up your cervix, it counts as losing your virginity. I'm 18 now. ???

  11. I got my period when I was 11, and it was in New Year's while I was at the party. I didn't tell my mum because she was having fun, so I told my cousin who had her period for a year already at that time. She gave me 4 pads and I remember just sitting in the bathroom and thinking to myself "How do I do this?" I remember my teacher teaching me about it and I never really paid attention. So you know what I did? I search up "How to put a Pad" on YouTube, and do I regret it? No

  12. It was when i was 11. Holy shit, i was terrified. i didnt even feel it, until i smelt STANK. I panicked and went to the bathroom. HOOOOLLLLYYYY crap. everything was soaked. cue crying. i was only in 4th period, and i wasn't even prepared, so used toliet paper as a pad. yikessss

  13. My first period was when I was 12, it was October 10th 2017 it wasn't as bad as I had imagined my first period to be. I'm still fairly new to the whole concept but from day one I've been using Clue to track it and it's amazing! ❤️

  14. I haven't got my period yet… but one question! Can you use the app when you don't have your period/before you get your period?

  15. I was 11 3 more weeks till my 12 birthday

    I was at school, I was running with my friends at band cuz we had a free day Took a break cuz my thighs felt hella sweaty so I was like I just stop . The bell rang so I went to the bathroom after school then I did the usual no need to explain what people do in the bathroom then I saw my underwear and thought I pooped so I was ok

    Then I went home and saw my thighs they were bloody and I was like ohhhh thats what happened

  16. I got my first period at 11 years old. I woke up one Saturday and went to the toilet and there was just so much blood in my underwear and I freaked out. I knew about periods but I had no idea what they looked like and definitely didn't know that, that was a period. I shouted for my mum and she came upstairs and looked at it and she wasn't sure because she got hers at 14 and didn't know that you could get it at 11 and so she told me to take a shower and then we'd see if it went away. So I did that and we went to town and when we came back, our dog wouldn't stop sniffing under my skirt and it was then that we noticed red spots all over my skirt and so I went to the toilet to check again and of course, it was back and I called for my mum again and this time, she realised it must be a period so she showed me how to put a pad in with one of her pads and then, she went to the shop to buy me a pack of my own and the brand she bought is still the brand I swear by today. My mum told basically everyone in the family that I was "a woman now" and I died of embarrassment lol. I have suffered with irregular and erratic periods all the time I've been having them and was finally diagnosed with PCOS in 2016 so being comfortable with and accepting of my periods is hard for me sometimes but I'm trying. Clue really helps me track my symptoms to show doctors. One suggestion I would make is having specific settings for people with gynaecological conditions!! I feel like it would really help people like me, who have never had a natural regular period in their life. I'd love to be able to avoid surprises haha.

  17. I was getting ready for my friends birthday party (btw I was 12) and my mom was saying how cute I would look in a dress and stuff like that until I felt dripping and I just thought I accidentally starting peeing and so I went to the bath and saw blood. And I was happy to be getting it because I was the last one in my group of friends to get it but at the same time I didn’t want it that I wanted it another day and so I didn’t go to the party and I told a lie to my friend 🤔

  18. I got my period when I was 15, I know…very late haha, but I’m lucky I guess, I was at my house btw it was pretty normal for me, I guess I was just expecting for it, and also I was worried about why it hadn’t happened yet, all my friends had their period and physically were mature than me, and then when I got mine I started to look more like a normal teenager (because I used to look like a 12 years old when I was 15 ) even today when I’m 17 almost 18 people constantly say that I look younger and they think I’m 15, 16 which is kinda annoying but I know it would be good to look young in the future sooo) did the same thing happen to someone? (Btw sorry if I made a mistake with the grammar, English is not my first language) ⚡️

  19. okay, so, i need help with this right now

    i'm currently 11, turning 12 on August 4th, and i downloaded Clue..
    i have never had my period yet, and i thought "Why not try using this..?"
    turns out it has something that says "When was your last period?"
    i searched for None but couldn't find it so i clicked "1 week"
    big mistake. for me, anyway.
    it then said that my period was starting August 2nd and i'm like "Obviously not, I clicked 1 week."
    i haven't had my period yet and i took a quiz ( don't have a CLUE why i did that ) ( you see what i did there? CLUE?! ) ( okay sorry i'm not funny i get it i'm trying too hard )
    i took it because i was curious to see if it actually works and at the end it said that i was getting mine in 2 years and i'm like "Okay, that's a relief because i'm not prepared YET..but at the same time I wanted it to be sooner.."
    i know its a long explanation but i REALLY need help on this! so can someone help? anybody?

    Edit : there is also signs of my period

  20. I got my first period when I was 11 about to be 12. I alredy knew what a period was because my mom never hid it from me and we also learnt about it at school. I didn't get cramps or anything. I remember going to the bathrom and finding a very very small drop of blood. At first I thought it was not a period but I bled a little more so I assumed It was. I told both of my parents and they were really happy 🙂

  21. I remember I had gone to a Christian “concert” for students, in sixth grade. I came home after riding on a nice bus for several hours and went to the bathroom. At that point the blood had turned dark brown. I called my mom to the bathroom, having no idea, and asked her what it was. She told me it was my period, and I understood what that meant immediately. I was happy because I was the first of my friends to get it. I realiz3d later that it was nothing special, and I ended up hating it.

  22. I was 9. In the morning I went to use the bathroom and my pee was red and my underwear were bloody. I was at my aunts house. I screamed TT I STARTED MY PERIOD. She ran. And it was the most nastiest thing to see. She showed me how to use a pad and a tampon. It was too much for a nine year old

  23. I'm am wondering if there is any way to use clue without signing in, and if not does it send you emails?

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