Giant Slime Stress Ball! Learn How To Make Diy Super Squishy Stress Ball!!

– My parents will be so upset
when they find out about this. – [Together] No! (tone)
– What’s up? It’s Collins Key and today
we are doing another DIY. And today, get ready
for this, we are doing a giant glow in the dark
glitter slime stress ball, that’s made out of a giant Wubble. No, it hit my brother’s painting! I am going to literally die. This painting is absolutely gorgeous and the Wubble may or may not
have just hit it in the face. I’ve had bad experiences with Wubbles and this is just one more
of those bad experiences. Like when I did the testing
As Seen On TV Products video, well yeah you guys, you
know what happened there. (whooshing)
– Ahhh! Uhhh!
(laughing) – [Man] Direct hit. (Wubble popping)
– Ohhh! – [Man] K-O. – [Collins] My God dude that hurt. – [Man] Look at what’s on his face. – What? – [Man] Look at that. – What happpened? – Wait, what happened? – [Man] Look at that. – What happened? – [Man] Oh man. – What happened? – That didn’t hurt?
– Wow! – That hurt a lot! Today I’m going to be
attempting to conquer my fear of the Wubble by turning it into a giant DIY stress ball. And if you want me to do a
super messy slime challenge, let me know by liking this video. And if this video gets enough thumbs up, then I will do a crazy
challenge, probably with Devan, where we just dump a whole bunch of slime all over each other. So yeah thumbs up this video right now if you want to see that. Now there are two parts to this DIY. Part number one is where I’m
actually going to make the DIY, and part number two I’m
going to slice it open and pour all the slime all over myself. If you want to see that, I
posted it on my Instagram so go check out the link down
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in the description below. I got to give credit to Corina Garcia who inspired me to make this video. So go check out her videos,
I’m going to put them down in the description below. So without any further ado,
let’s jump right into the video. All you need for this
DIY are just four things. Number one is the Wubble. (rising reveal music) Yike! Heeh! You also need some measuring cups, you’re going to need some glue, some liquid starch. Don’t you ever disrespect me again. And last but not least,
I like this glue more. We’re going to kick this off
by making the slime first. And all you’re going to be doing for this is adding equal parts glue
and equal parts water, mixing them all together. Whu hu ho, this is going to be so so cool. If I didn’t know better I would
say this looks like yogurt and I would try to eat it right now because I haven’t eaten
yet today, it looks real (gagging) Tsk tsk tsk, does not, (gagging) it does not tastes like yogurt at all. We’re just going to forget
that that ever happened. And no screenshots please guys. (dings) You guys I’m a genius because instead of using one cup each time, which was kind of slowing
down the entire process, I could dump this entire
thing in there all at once and then all I have to do is
just fill it up with water because that will make sure
it’s equal parts water, and equal parts glue, I’m a genius. Here we go. Yo ho ho, this is a lot of glue. If you are a slime critic watching this, you probably going to say at the moment things are looking a little bit too bland and I completely agree with you. So right now we’re going to spice up. We got some blue, we
got some pink, some red, we’re going to add some color into this and just kind of see how it looks. Alright here we go guys,
we got two colors at once. Let’s see if I could actually
like swirl them mid air. (liquid squirting)
(laughing) I can’t, guys I’m sorry. (mumbles)
(mimics sneezing) (laughing)
It didn’t work. I have like one here, I have
a whole bunch of these like glitter tubes which we
are going to be using. Here we go, you guys ready for this? This is about to look amazing, here we go. These are literally just like
tubes with glitter in them, like that’s really all this is right now. One more thing of pink. (liquid squirting)
(laughing) If you were to look up how to do this normally they would suggest
you use a spoon to mix it up but personally I’m extra fancy man, I know how to use chopsticks
and so I’m going to be using chopsticks to mix
this whole thing up. So let’s see here. Okay like I was completely
joking, like I didn’t know this would actually be good. This actually looks super
cool with the chopsticks. Here’s the thing about
DIY, you never know exactly how it’s going to go and at the moment this is just not colorful enough. So we’ve got some food coloring here so hopefully this will really
make a huge difference, ’cause if not this not going to be a colorful slime at all. So adding the green food, that
was literally the best thing I could have ever done because now it actually looks like slime. And now I just need to add
a whole bunch of water. So without splashing this everywhere, we’re just gonna kinda
go for it, let’s see. (liquid pouring) Contain yourself water. (gasps) It’s getting out of hand. It’s getting a little bit out of hand. And I was like no, no, stop it, stop it! No, no, no, stop! Alright there we go,
it is starting to look real funky now man, real funky. We’re getting a spoon upgrade right now because now I need to mix
this stuff all together so. Yeah so like it’s not really
mixing together that well. This table means a lot to my parents and so I cannot get it
like messed up at all. So that’s why I’m just trying
to be super cautious right now because I will lose my DIY privileges. Next we are adding the liquid
starch into this container, so let’s go for it. (liquid pouring)
(chuckling) This stuff looks weird. So next I’m going to be adding
a whole bunch of the water and glue into this and
hopefully it’ll turn into slime. We’re going to be using
this bowl here to scoop the glue water and them dump it, oh ho ho ho, that’s so heavy. Yeah this getting real slimy now. You know what, using a
spoon is not that much fun so we’re gonna go with my
hands right now, let’s just. Yuh awww. (chuckles) This feels so good, oh my gosh yo. (slime dripping and splatting) (laughing) Look at this! This is so wild! (slime squashing) (laughing) This next part, I feel rather innovative. What I’ve done is I’ve actually
taken the glue container, chopped off the top of it and we are now going to use that as a funnel. I’m using my brother, so
here are Devan’s hands, his lovely model hands. So now we’re going to take
this, (chuckles) it’s so heavy. Basically just go take it,
(chuckles) it’s so heavy. The goal is, take this
and dump it into here, and I will funnel it into the Wubble. Here we go, ohh yup. Casual, okay. You ready Devan? – [Devan] I’m waiting. – [Collins] Dude hold it. – [Devan] I am, I am, I am. Oh my gosh. (Collins gasping) It’s on my hands. Dude it’s on my hands.
– I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m fine, I’m.
– You just need one of these to stabilize. – Alright so we are like
in crisis mode right now because we need to figure out, I’m going to, we need more water I think is what the issue is, excuse me. – Nah nah nah nah nah nah
no, it’s not attached. – We’re going with a different plan here, it’s called the Shove Slime Method. This isn’t going to work. – I’m going to break it. (giggles) – Ow! (panting) Help! This does not smart, this does not smart. Oh no we’re breaking the Wubble! I think I literally
just snapped the Wubble. This is hands down the
greatest fail I’ve ever had at a (laughs) DIY ever, ever. Uhh (slaps) uhh (slaps) ♫ DIY Oh this is going to be so perfect, this is going to be amazing. This is going to totally work. Yes, I might’ve actually
added too much water, shoot! Guys we got one more
friend to help us out, his name is Mason. – What’s up Mason? – I’m gonna like bring up a lot like this and you gotta like cut
it off at the bottom and like put it in there. Alright so I’m going to lift up like this, cut off at the bottom,
and then, and then dump it in there, dump it in,
dump it in there, okay! – [Mason] Oh that was nice! – No, Mason’s good at this! Let’s do it again, okay here we go. Ooop, cut it off, cut it off. Yeah, ninja chop it, ninja
chop it, ninja chop it. Back in, there we go. – Nice.
– Alright here we go, whoever’s new, this will
be a four person thing. Go go go, shove it in.
– Ohhhhhh! – Get it off the side.
– I can’t, I can’t. I can’t, no!
– Ahhhh! – No, no! – [Together] No! – No!
– It’s got to stay in. – This was the terriblist
idea we’ve ever had. Alright guys definitely
not a brilliant idea and Devan’s idea was to use
the funnel as a giant scoop. And so like we scoop
all the liquid in here. Mason you want to cut it off over there. – Yeah.
– And here we go, three, two, one, go for it. And then see if we can get, ayyyy, we are geniuses! – Oh, wow. – Yes! Ah yes! Oh we’re so smart, well Devan’s smart. Alright this might have
to be our last scoop bro. Here we go, go, go, go. My parents are going to be so upset when they find out about
this table, like so upset. – You just want to dump this now? – [Collins] Yeah, let’s
just give it a shot, let’s go for it. – Yeah okay alright, nice. – [Collins] Yeah Mason! – Oh my gosh. – [Collins] There we go, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good. – [Devan] Alright you got it. – Alright well there we go. Now we have the giant DIY stress ball. How’s it going to stay closed now? Alright guys well there you have it, this is the giant DIY– – Uh, you got it on me.
– I’m sorry bro. This is the um (slaps) the stress ball so.
– No! – This failed so bad. (chuckles) This is the worst fail
I ever had as a DIY. Now if you guys want so to
see me dump all this slime all over me right now, go
check out the video is live on my Instagram, give it a
like, follow my Instagram, turn on my notifications
and comment Fluffy Bunny. And I will like a whole bunch of pictures on your profile. And give this video a thumbs
up if you want a whole video that’s just a slime challenge,
’cause if this got wild you guys know that’s
gonna be getting crazy. So yeah just, I’m stressed right now, I’m trying to use the stress ball. I’m just going to slap this
and then I’ll disappear. So bye. (slaps) – [Devan] Bro, can I let go of it now? Bro where’d you go? – Ow, this isn’t even a dump!

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