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KOREA INDO:) Subtitles by OnDemandKorea They didn’t look like a couple who just came back from their honeymoon to anyone. Why aren’t you washing up? I have work. Are you.. …avoiding me? You said you were tired and all you did was sleep during the honeymoon. Wan-joon. Aren’t we married? I’ve been curious about something. What’s that bed for? I have a habit of reading until late at night. I don’t want to bother you. I also can’t sleep when someone’s next to me. Do you…have another woman? I can understand if you do. But you should’ve ended the relationship before we got married. After that day, the wife desperately waited for her husband but… But the husband just went further into his cave. So the two couldn’t be a married couple from the start. (Elegant Family / Graceful Family) Didn’t you even feel guilty while doing this? Weren’t you bothered by it? Or did you not say anything to me because you weren’t bothered by it? Think about it from my point of view. If it was me…! I would’ve done things differently. So listen to what I have to say. We were almost done! You ruined everything. Ha Young seo had finally begun to lose her cool and show some vulnerabilities. She was failing to keep up pretenses and she was gradually crumbling! But…! Are we really on the same team? Mo Suk-hee! Mo Suk-hee. Let’s be honest now. To you, making Ha Young-seo into a suspect and taking revenge on the person who killed your mother is most important. Let’s say it is. So what’s wrong with that? You know how my life was after my mom was murdered. But the person who killed my mom is living the good life. I’ll make her feel like she’s being suffocated. I’ll make her feel so uneasy and terrified that it will feel unbearable. What’s wrong with that? Ha Young-seo is only a suspect. We don’t even have concrete evidence that she’s the murderer. What’s important is to gather circumstantial evidence regarding the case and file a petition for a re-trial. That way, we will not only solve my mom’s case but also catch the real culprit. Revenge is more important to me. Your goal is to reveal the truth behind the fabricated case and free your mother. Fine. It seems like we have different goals. No. – It’s not.
– No, I think we do. You have no interest in what I consider important. You don’t care if my plans are ruined. I’m telling you that’s not true! Maybe you don’t have any desire to catch the real culprit. You just need to prove your mother’s alibi and free your mother. Why are you alone? I ran next to you. Am I an animal instead of a human? Is there something I don’t know? No, sir. She was making such a fuss about taking over the main bedroom just yesterday. So why is she suddenly wanting to leave? You know she’s spontaneous and impulsive. I think that she heard from somewhere that she and this family aren’t meant to be. It would be nice if the mother and son live together too. That is true. Please make sure that wherever they go, they can live comfortably. Don’t worry, sir. You must be sad. Using Choi Na-ri was a good move. It’s more sophisticated than digging into other people’s private lives. Do you still see Mr. Heo often at the clubs? He’s a better dancer than he looks so I like him. Mr. Heo didn’t do a good job of taking care of Choi Na-ri this time. It makes me think that it was because of his friendship with you. Choi Na-ri’s a femme fatale, isn’t she? I think Mr. Mo should never find out about this. So this is how she’s eliminated. Prepare U.S. green cards for Choi Na-ri and Mo Suh-Jin as soon as possible. Find a city with no Koreans where they can settle down. Yes, ma’am. Your father is going to be very sad, Mr. Heo. It’s going to be a problem if you can’t even do a simple task. I’m sorry. It seems like you have a lot to teach Mr. Heo, Mr. Kwon. Yes, ma’am. It seems like I have a lot to learn. You know I’m not hot tempered but I’m impatient, right? Keeping your head in the game is important too. My head wasn’t the problem. It was my abilities. I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again. Mr. Heo didn’t do a good job of taking care of Choi Na-ri this time. It makes me think that it was because of his friendship with you. So listen to what I have to say. We were almost done! You ruined everything. It’s what I like. I always wanted Mr. Heo to try this style. It would look nice if he wears this when he visits his mother. He’ll look more cheerful. The more ties you have, the better. Let’s wear some new ones. Goodbye! Son, what brings you here at this hour? I came because I wanted to eat. What? You still haven’t eaten lunch yet? Wait a minute. Why have you been so busy that you didn’t even have time to eat? Father. What did it feel like when you lost your family? That’s so out of the blue. You know the old tale of the mother monkey, right? When they opened up the stomach of a monkey that lost its baby, they said all of its organs were torn apart. It’s like that. My biological father passed away when I was a baby. So I don’t think I even had the chance to feel that pain. So I thought that having my mother in jail was the biggest pain I could experience. At least, you have that hope of your mother being released from jail someday. There’s no way to bring back the people who passed away. You know how I lived after my mom passed away. But the person who killed my mom is living the good life. I’m going to make her feel like she’s suffocating. I’ll make her feel so uneasy and terrified that it will feel unbearable. Mr. Heo Yun-do? Yes? (Reconciliation Application) Wow. What’s this? Jeez. I’m not showing off how rich I am. This is just my way of showing my sincerity. I’m sure he got it. Miss. There’s a delivery for you. A delivery? One team, Mo Suk-hee. In order to truly be on the same team, we need to get to know each other, right? So I’m sending you this to show how I live. Oh, and this isn’t being pitiful. It’s my way of showing my sincerity. I used to use this to wash from head to toe. It’s convenient and fast. But I have recently began to use shampoo. Why? Because I don’t want you to nag at me for smelling bad. How does this smell? Is it okay? This is my favorite snack. When I’m depressed, I eat this and feel better. And when I ate these sausages during my part-time jobs, I felt re-energized. You should try it too. While everybody else ate cereal, I used to eat this cheap snack with milk instead. Unlike expensive cereals, this tastes rather sweet and flavorful. Since you have auto brewery syndrome, you should eat this with milk when you want to get drunk. When you hate someone, chew this! This is a top secret. I used to fall asleep whenever I read the law books. I no longer use it as a sleeping pill. But it might work on you so read it when you have trouble falling asleep. (Reconcile? OK!) Okay. The shampoo isn’t my style but it doesn’t smell bad. The sausage tastes good too. Camel is a marine village where many rich, white older adults live. What do you think? It’s close to our LA branch so easy to provide support. Yes, it’s not bad. (Mrs. Ha Young-seo) Yes, ma’am. Ms. Han. Let me video chat with you. Please wait. Connect it. You’re holding a meeting to decide whether to send Choi Na-ri, right? I’m thinking Laos. You should send her to Laos. A country known for its meditation and silence. Wouldn’t it be a perfect place for her to repent and look back at her wrongs? Plus, it’s cheap to live there so you can save money. Doesn’t it sound nice? It’s not a good study environment for Suh-Jin. What are you talking about? Staying by his mother’s side is heaven for him. To some, it may be the land of relaxation. But to that wench who only chased after pleasures in life, it will be the land of punishment. It’s not like she’s going on a vacation as a reward. So she should at least put up with this. Ms. Han. This isn’t a request. We’ll have to change Ms. Choi’s final destination to Laos. You take care of Choi Na-ri and Mo Suh-Jin, Mr. Heo. Yes, ma’am. It’s too bad Ms. Mo’s hidden card is going to go away. Are you still meeting her these days? Yes, I often go to the club with her to relieve stress. Nice. But, Mr. Heo… You’re keeping your private life separate from your work, right? Yes. When you arrive, our Southeast Asia branch employees will help you. Are you sure you can live in Laos? It would be better to die of heat in Laos than to be beaten to death by your father. Suk-hee, I like Laos! I won’t go to the academies and I’m going to be with my mom every day. Yes. You’ll have all the time in the world with your mom. Yes! Let’s go to Laos! You know something? When a badger eats a poisonous snake, it ends up passing out because of the poison. But after sleeping for a few hours, it finishes eating that poisonous snake. Isn’t it amazing? From now on, I’m going to be that badger. Who knows? I might become the greatest actor in Laos too. Suh-Jin. Mo Suh-Jin. Shall we get all the good Korean food we can get before we leave? Sounds good! – I want meat!
– Me too. Mr. Heo, do you know a good BBQ restaurant? Of course. (Closed for the day) It looks good! Here. I’ve lived all my life as your fan. I can’t a day like today finally came. Only the gods know how honored I feel. Please eat up. And cheer up! Thank you. Okay, okay. – You should eat too.
– No, it’s… Son. Thank you very much. Even if I die tomorrow, I’ll die happy. You’re the best. Father. Please get a hold of yourself. Okay. Do I look okay? Yes. Can I ask her for a picture? Just one, okay? I’m sorry but my father would like to take a picture with you. Of course. Please look here. 1, 2, 3! Thank you! You two should take a picture too. No, no. Take a photo together! Oh, come on! What’s with those expressions? This isn’t the 80s. Do this! Put your hand on her shoulder and…! Good! 1, 2, 3! – Did you take it?
– Yes, I did. Is TOP’s next target Baek Soo-Jin? I wonder what weakness they’ll use to kick out Soo-Jin this time. I made her stay, promising her a big amount for her alimony. My reputation is in tatters. You’re questioning me right now, right? I’m not. Does it feel like that? Yes. I can’t stop you from doing your work as TOP. Don’t worry about it. What is it? Ms. Baek is having an affair with a chef right now. What? TOP planned her affair. That’s an audio file of TOP’s meeting. I know it won’t be useful right now but use it to find another way to help her. You make me feel bad. You don’t have to be so moved. One of my missions is to tell you everything about TOP too. You were born to be a spy, Mr. Heo. It’s because I’m desperate. I’m sure you feel the same way. The vice chairman is here. Congratulations on being promoted as the vice chairman. Ms. Han. Good work. Ms. Han was the number one reason Mr. Mo became vice chairman. I hope you continue to be successful with Ms. Han behind your back. Let’s talk about the first topic for today. Let me hear your thoughts about MC Technology’s additional investments. The vegetables are especially fresh today. Eat up. Suh-Jin and Suh-Jin’s mom are gone. It seems like everybody’s happy to see them gone. Not anyone can live in our house. Manners and moderation are important in this family. So it must’ve been hard for Suh-jin’s mom to adjust to it. It’s our duty to make sure those two are comfortable too. So you sent someone who’s weak against heat to Laos? Because it’s your duty? She wanted it. She wanted to raise Suh-Jin in an eco-friendly environment. How was this meeting? A few individuals who seemed eager to change loyalties bothered me. I’m making a list to get rid of them. I’ll report it to you. If the water is too clear, fish can’t survive. If you get rid of them all, you’ll regret it. What’s more important is how you use people like them. Yes, sir. Yes, don’t you know bats are considered lucky in China? That’s why there are so many bat motifs on clothes and furniture. Plus, they symbolize longevity. Like Father said, let go of your bias. Prejudice is the remnants of the past. Don’t you agree, Father? Are you done with your movie? Pardon? No. We’re done filming but we still need to work on it more. Will you finish this time? Of course! It’s very nice that it’s just the family at dinner. I guess Suh-Jin isn’t Father’s son. I’m sorry! It’s fine. Please excuse me. You should finish eating. You can change after dinner. No, I’m done eating. He’s always been so clean. Is this a resting area? I’ll let this go because it’s you. I heard you saw Suh-Jin off. Yes. Did Mr. Heo tell you about me? Yes. So what are you going to do? You think I’ll tattletale? That isn’t your style. Anyways, my dream of getting 30% of the shares is gone now. Why do you think our parents only bet on Wan-joon instead of me when I’m the oldest? Hey, if it was you, who would you bet on? I would bet on you. Really? Yes. Why? Do you remember? 15 years ago. The day my mom was murdered. I came here. Hey. Let’s get rid of that blanket. Give it here. You’re being so annoying! Suk-hee. That blanket was at a murder scene! You shouldn’t bring such unlucky items into this house so hand it over. I don’t want to. It’s my mom’s blanket. You’re such a stubborn girl. Hey. I…can’t stand dirty things. Hand it over. I’m going to take it from you myself. Give it to me. Give it! Give it to me! I don’t want to! It’s dirty! Give it to me! – It’s dirty!
– No! I don’t want to! What are you doing to a kid? At the time… …you were the only one. Just by hugging me that day… …you became someone way better than Mo Wan-joon to me. I don’t think there’s anything Mo Wan-joon did that you can’t do. You’re more sentimental than I thought. See you. Ms. Choi and Suh-Jin have safely arrived at Laos. We easily resolved Ms. Choi’s problem thanks to you, Mr. Kwon. I’m glad that Mrs. Ha’s stress level went down thanks to that. Why would you worry about Mrs. Ha’s stress level? Don’t go overboard. And… since when did TOP praise itself over something trivial like this? We’re not loyal to the family. We’re only loyal to MC Group. Nobody in the family is an exception from that. Got it? I’m sorry. What about Baek Soo-Jin? It’s going well. Wouldn’t you say their relationship has progressed now? Yes. If Ms. Baek Soo-Jin is at fault for the divorce, then we’ll have the upper hand for the alimony settlement. How much money is being spent on Baek Soo-jin’s family right now? This is the family’s credit cards’ statement and funds for her sister studying abroad. If we assume that we will fund a set amount every year, then it’s better for us to cut ties with her when we have a weakness of hers. So does a calculator determine a married couple’s fate in the end? It’s the end to a loveless married couple. Baek Soo-jin’s family is no joke. Don’t let your guard down just because we can blame her for the divorce. As a precaution, look into her family and get ready to file a lawsuit. It seems like she met with her family’s lawyer already. So I took care of it. I’m glad you’re so quick. But… …what’s the other man’s Achilles heel? It’s rather fatal. I saw that you have many customers at your Italian restaurant in Gangnam. Yes. Chef Kim. You graduated from ALMA, right? I heard it’s a difficult hard to get admitted into. I saw that you worked as an assistant chef at Saudi Hospital after graduating. Your resume didn’t seem consistent so we checked the list of graduates and… Wait. Why…are you doing this to me? Koreans hate it when people lie about what school they graduated from. Why did you lie? ($100,000) Good. We’re going to cut her off anyway so let’s not waste resources taking our time. Let’s get rid of her right away. Yes, ma’am. This is Ms. Mo Suk-hee. Hello. She’s the curator and director of the Young Gallery. I see. What do you think of Mrs. Ha’s art gallery management? It’s perfect. I know you’re a very busy person so what brings you here? Even if I am busy, I should deliver the gift. Gift? – Did…?
– Yes. We were finally contacted by the U.S. to display YS’s artwork. Really?1 That’s great! It was hard quietly working as YS, right? It’s been 15 years since Mrs. Ahn died. You should reveal who you are now. We have enough of her work, right? Mrs. Ahn was always a perfectionist so there are that she didn’t reveal to the public even after finishing them. So don’t worry. No one will recognize they’re her work. Okay. I’m depending on you. Of course. Oh, I just met her. Mo Suk-hee is Mrs. Ahn’s daughter, right? Yes. Ever since came back from the U.S., I haven’t been going to the museum. On purpose. You should be careful. You’ll pay me for my services and support the gallery, right? Of course! Ms. Baek is here. Are you going out? Yes, ma’am. I’m attending a concert after my cooking lesson so I think I’ll be a little late. Is that so? Have a good time. Your daughter-in-law is very elegant. She’s from a good family so she has class.[OnDemandKorea Ver]
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-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-Ms. Han would like to see you. Me? Why? I have plans right now. It would be best if you postpone it. Have a seat. Why did you want to see me? Do you like Vivaldi? Yes, sure. He has an interesting history. Towards the end of his life, he had an affair with his student and he ran away to Austria. His cello pieces are pretty similar so I didn’t find them that appealing. He plagiarizes his own work. It’s a characteristic of Baroque music too. Anyways, why did you want to see me? Your husband has become the heir now. What will you do about the divorce? I will divorce him. How much do you want? I should at least get 10% of my husband’s fortune. Are you serious? It’s over a hundred million dollars. Don’t I deserve it? So that’s what you think. I told you how I feel so I should go now. I have plans today. Where will you go after the divorce? I don’t know. Find out what Mr. Mo’s and Mr. Mo Wan-joon’s schedules are for today. Yes, ma’am. Find out where Baek Soo-Jin is and have her come home by 7 p.m. Yes, ma’am. Did you find out more about Baek Soo-jin’s family? After looking into her family members who are in law or in academics, they won’t be a problem and I stopped her family lawyer so you don’t have to worry. Okay, print a copy of Baek Soo-jin’s divorce settlement agreement. Yes. – Have Mrs. Ha come home on time too.
– Yes. Let’s put an end to this loveless marriage today. Mr. Mo is on his way home right now and Mr. Mo Wan-joon is having a meeting with the Arabian investors. but he’ll be home by 7 p.m. Mrs. Ha just came home. She has nothing planned after this. We got a hold of Ms. Baek too. Here’s the divorce settlement contract. Let’s print another version too. Pardon? Okay. As the daughter-in-law of the MC Family, you have failed to do your duty. I heard you demanded 10% of Wan-joon’s fortune as alimony. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your family after you got married. This isn’t a problem with the money. It’s about trust. I don’t know what you’re talking about. You showed off how you can cook Italian cuisine every weekend. I heard that’s a result of your affair. We also have a confession from the man you had an affair with. You’re a disgrace to the family. Is your idea of being classy going to a hotel room with another man? From the day we got married to the present, we have… …never been a married couple. Duty as the daughter-in-law? What about a husband’s duty? You think I didn’t give birth to the Mo Family’s heir because I didn’t want to? Mr. Mo Wan-joon. You don’t deserve to be my husband. We’ve been married for 6 years. But we never even had sex. What an outrageous thing to say in front of your elders. It must’ve been your fault. Disgrace to the family? I guess the family’s so great that you have so many siblings from different mothers! Divorce? I will get a divorce. I guess you’re a girl who would chew on gum even after killing someone. Who gave you permission to get a divorce? It’s my right. You have two choices. First. You can sign the divorce papers and leave quietly. But you won’t get any alimony. Second. You won’t ever get a divorce but you’ll never be able to leave the house. Choose from the two. You’re all… …so cruel. A husband didn’t fulfill his duty… so isn’t it wrong to blame everything on Soo-Jin? That doesn’t mean everybody has an affair though. Isn’t having an affair a tradition in this family? Grandpa. Father, my brother. Stepmom. Can you say you never had one either? What are you talking about? You shouldn’t butt in right now! Get out this instant! Whether it was a front or not, you shared a room with her for 6 years. So how can you treat her so poorly like this? You’re still her husband. Betrayed? I’m sure you feel that way. But you can only feel that way if you gave something to the other person. What did you give to her? Do you even have the right to feel betrayed? If you have no conscience, you should at least have some manners. If Soo-Jin is being humiliated, you’re being humiliated too. That’s what you call empathy! If you live with a cockroach for 6 years, you’ll have feelings for it too! Whether that’s resentment or pity, regardless of whether you love her or not! Is that all you are? No… Are you even human? Suk-hee. Because of that mindset, you’re broke and living off this house like a parasite! Mo Wan-joon. At least, I’m human. What about you though? Your blood is blue, isn’t it, Ms. Han? I never knew you were a champion. Ms. Soo-Jin must’ve been moved. But, Ms. Suk-hee… What can you do for Ms. Soo-Jin? Words don’t do much. Even if our values are different, I thought you would be special. You’re so unattractive, Ms. Han. You were just a stiff guard dog. You don’t even have to give Wan-joon’s wife a choice. Kick her out right now. Yes, sir. Money isn’t the issue. I’m sick and tired of this house. What do you plan to do now? I should leave. I don’t want to even make excuses. It won’t work either. I don’t want to… …be part of a dirty mud fight. Are you really going to leave without any money? It will become uncomfortable and you will be poor. What’s wrong with being poor? Even if it’s just for a moment, I want to be free and happy. Do you…love that man? I think it’s the first time I smiled in 6 years. Thanks to him, I realized for the first time that I was capable of smiling. But I should end it. I underestimated this family. Oh, right. I asked for 10% of your brother’s fortune because I not only wanted the money but I also wanted to be compensated for my unhappiness. But… …it seems like everything is impossible in this family. Thank you. I can’t give you any practical help so don’t thank me. But do you still want to believe in love? I believe in love itself. But first, I’m going to believe in myself. You don’t believe in love? I don’t. I don’t believe in love that makes you blind and crazy. It’s an unnecessary emotion to me. But I would still hope that… …you’ll love someone someday. It’s a necklace. I have a favor to ask you. Please keep this safe for me. And please don’t ever cut ties with me. Please answer whenever I call you. I promise. Thanks to you, I have some good memories of this house at least. Did you ever date a man before you met Wan-joon? Why are you asking? I’m sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable. You just seem different. You’re right. Wan-joon was the first man in my life. Then did you never have sex? Does Wan-joon have another woman? At one point, I thought he hated women. So I had someone follow him. It turns out he’s seeing someone. Really? It’s delicious. Detective Oh, are you dating my Yun-do these days? Why are you here so often? Goodness, please come up with new jokes. I do say dad jokes. Hey, is there something wrong? You look like a mother-in-law who didn’t eat her dinner. No, there’s nothing going on. It seems like people with money are scarier. It’s no joke. I know, right? Why? What’s wrong? I heard there’s someone who had a man seduce his wife so he doesn’t have to give her alimony. My goodness. People like him need to be fed the money they made for every meal when they go to hell! They must be happy they’re so rich! They must be so full! Father, why are you getting so worked up? You think I don’t know? Ms. Na-ri had to quit being an actress and she was kicked out of the country because of money! Anyways, I wonder how Ms. Na-ri is doing. I wonder how she’s doing in a strange country. I hope she wasn’t bitten by a snake. There must be lots of mosquitoes there too. My heart is breaking. What is money? People are more important than money and not the other way around. While I lived with you, I felt bored and dirty. I know you don’t feel this way but don’t pity me. I’m happy right now. It was a wise choice. If you stay here, you’ll only become a mess. I can’t wish you well. There’s no way you could be happy in a family like this. Let me ask you one last question. Was I that unappealing as a woman to you? Or was there another reason? It’s none of your business now. Stop being so curious. Anyways, I didn’t endure and stay here for 6 years just because of money. I want you to know that. Goodness. Soo-Jin ended up leaving. Your masterpiece, Wan-joon, has a smear on his record too now. So? Are you happy? French writer, Voltaire, said… the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire. Are you trying to say Wan-joon isn’t my masterpiece? I’m trying to say there are masterpieces that are cursed. How much do you know about Wan-joon though, Mother? Loving someone and knowing someone… …aren’t the same thing. What do you mean? I think there’s something else Wan-joon might really want to do. So? You want to meddle in the company now? If you get any foolish notions, then I’ll make you pay. Get in. You didn’t have to give me a ride. I can’t send you off like this. Pardon? I know you’re classy and elegant. But that elegance won’t feed you. What’s more important is that elegance will only work on people who recognize it. What are you saying? To people who aren’t classy, it’s best if you use underhanded methods to get back at them. Ms. Baek is here. It’s our last time seeing each other so please at least give me a cup of tea. You’re the leader of TOP even though you’re a woman. If you include Kyung-ah and Joo-young, half of the people here are females. I guess TOP wouldn’t discriminate based on gender. At the very least. Are you going to your family in Yongin? No. I haven’t decided where to go yet. My parents lived their whole lives as honest public servants who never took any bribes so they have no retirement plans. My younger sister also has to come back if TOP stops supporting her. It’s very unfortunate. Unlike me, she has true potential. Help her graduate. We already finished talking about the alimony. You know I’ve been married for 6 years, right? This is a report from an OBGYN and ultrasound results that I’m a virgin. You dated the chef though. I did. I admit that I had an affair. Giving him my heart counts as an affair too. I didn’t know that being raised by a conservative father would lead to this too. I did have an affair but I couldn’t sleep with him. No. I didn’t. If a married woman remained a virgin for 6 years of her marriage, then who would be at fault for the divorce? Even TOP couldn’t have known what was going inside a married couple’s room. In our country, a sexless marriage isn’t being accepted as a reason for divorce yet. Yes, I know. Would you take a look at the next page? Throughout my marriage, in order to solve this sexless marriage problem, I sent my husband texts, asking him to get therapy or a consult. He never came. And I got therapy every single time. If this goes to court, this will become a mud fight. So I was afraid. But I’m not going to mind that now. Then… …is what you want money? Pay for my parents’ retirement, my sister studying abroad, and a place for me. Please guarantee them all. As far as I know, your marriage is sexless. You are, right? – Yes.
– Since when? I think it was about a year after our marriage? Even TOP couldn’t have known what was going inside a married couple’s room. We’ve been married for 6 years. But we never even had sex. Park Tae-ho’s Heo Yun-do. Heo Yun-do is… Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim! Wait, wait. Let me sort this out first. I should do that. Yes, what is it? – You slept?
– I have no time for that. What is it? Park Tae-ho is Lim Soon’s son! – Let me see!
– Here’s the family register. How did you get this? You know Detective Park’s daughter? I got her the director’s phone number when I interviewed him. I used that to my advantage. You beautiful crazy woman! You talented reporter! Isn’t it amazing? What are you going to do now? I’m going to confirm. What else? (NewsPatch Journalist Kim Boo-gi) Yes, hello? Mr. Park Tae-ho? You have the wrong number. That’s not me. – What did he say?
– It is him. The moment I said his name, it felt like he froze. My instincts are always right. I don’t think it ever was though. I was on a roll! Whatever then! Okay, continue. I’m sure Park Tae-ho and Heo Yun-do are the same person. You were right. Let’s do this! Mr. Park Tae-ho? How should I eat it? Should I eat it cooked, raw, or fermented? Yes? Kwang-mi. You’re right. I’m Tae-ho. Hi, Oh Kwang-mi. Oh, wow! I have such a good eye! It’s good to see you, friend. My mom is in jail because she was framed for murder. All of my junior high classmates, including you, think I’m the son of a murderer. It isn’t true but it was difficult to explain. So I pretended to not know you. I’m going to request a re-trial for the case from 15 years ago. If TOP finds out about this, it’s likely that everything may go to waste. Aren’t you afraid of me now that I know who you are? I don’t completely trust NewsPatch. In the past, you did write an article questioning the murder 15 years ago. But you also joined forces with TOP. And unlike TOP, I have no carrot to offer you. It would be a lie if I say I wasn’t afraid. Would it be possible to re-investigate an old case? It’s impossible so why didn’t you give up on it yet? Tenacity, obsession? Or just persistence? A sense of responsibility as a reporter? Yes, let’s just add one more thing. Justice. I recently threw that away. Well, I guess I should go get it back. I’m leaving my fate in your hands. Is he really the fat Park Tae-ho from junior high? He’s so cool! Mr. Heo is planning to blow up the headquarters. What a man. He’s like me. – How?
– In every way. So? Mr. Kim Boo-gi will join us in investigating the murder case from 15 years ago? Yes, it’s not bad for us. It’s not bad to have a media outlet we can trust when we need one. Assuming that he don’t betray us. Since he knows who I really am, we have to take a gamble. And seeing as how he hasn’t given up on the case from 15 years ago, I think he’s trustworthy. You’re right. – Who is this?
– The woman Mo Wan-joon’s seeing. Does it make sense that he never slept with Soo-Jin just because he was seeing another woman? I don’t have any experience with that so I don’t know. I met the private investigator Soo-Jin hired. – Really?
– Yes. It’s better to know as much about the family as I can. You’re right. He told me that after tailing this woman, he realized she has a pattern. Pattern? She goes shopping during the day 1-2 times a week and on the same night, she always takes those bags to the officetel. He said it was always the same. I don’t know but are all couple having affairs like this? I’m not an expert but this is odd. So I told the PI to give me a call when this woman goes shopping. What are you up to? Fight head on. It’s my style. To Ha Young-seo, Mo Wan-joon isn’t just a son. He’s more like a religion. If I get my hands on a weakness of Mo Wan-joon, then I can use it to make Ha Young-seo make a move. Mo Wan-joon can make up for Choi Na-ri’s failure. You were born to do this. She went shopping. I guess I’ll be busy tonight. This is ridiculous. She always said having a reason is more important than money but she ended up stabbing me in the back. I despised how that woman was two-faced. Who isn’t two-faced? You’re right. Ms. Soo-Jin is an attractive woman. Why did you make her feel so unwanted? Do you like woman like her? You don’t look like you would. Soo-Jin and you had conflicting stories. Did you lie to me? What do you mean? You don’t remember? She brought a medical report as evidence that she’s still a virgin. From what I remember, you said you slept with her for a year. I did. How long do I have to be interrogated by you? There’s no reason for you to feel uncomfortable. You know that. I need to know everything about MC Group’s leader. Including whether you have a mole on your butt or not. So what would you like to know? Do you… …like men? You know better than anyone that I have a woman. You’re a transgender, right? (Elegant Family / Graceful Family)I told you to bring all of Ha Young-seo’s works right now!– What? – Right now, Ms. Suk-hee is at the museum and…She did what?You even stole my mom’s works. How does it feel to have everything?Do you want to become MC Group’s chairman?I think if I have you, I don’t have to fear anything.What’s important is winning.Are you fighting head on?I’m curious what Ms. Han’s mission is this time.– Isn’t that Mo Wan-joon?
– Why did he go see my mom that day?
Did you ever go see my mom?Subtitles by OnDemandKorea

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