Grandmas Share The Best Thing About Aging  | Ask A Grandma | Women’s Health

Grandmas Share The Best Thing About Aging | Ask A Grandma | Women’s Health

The best thing about aging is that
you’re not dead. You can get away with a lot of foolishness. People always think you’re stupid. You get a senior discount;
who would have ever thought that? I don’t even try to get in
the elevator first, but they all part, and I can get in the elevator first. I kind of like it when people
open the door for me, and, you know, they’re gracious. I just think to myself, don’t do that anymore,
and then I say “don’t be ridiculous”. I have freedom. Freedom. Freedom! It’s freedom. Yeah. I don’t care what people
think anymore. I still get told by my two sons that
I’m doing this wrong, and that wrong – but I don’t listen to them.
So I just do what I think is best for me. It’s like I don’t hold back anymore. It becomes a little bit more comfortable as you get
older, because you’re like – why not? Why not do this? I’m entitled. Radical self acceptance. Seeing yourself transformed. The perspective it gives you. Just letting things go. The way that things that seemed
so disturbing – or annoying, or… humiliating even – when you were
younger, they just kind of roll off now. I think you can put away all
the things that you used to think we’re so important, that
you’d worry about. I don’t have to be so uptight about
a lot of things that I was uptight about. Because you can always say,
“I’m getting older”. “Who cares?” I’ll do things that I never ever would
have done like 10, 20, 30 years ago. It’s wonderful. It’s the size of my heart,
not the size of my waist. Some women don’t like it because
we become invisible as we get older, so you walk into a room and
nobody really notices you – I think that’s great. It’s really – it’s really freeing to sort of travel anonymously through the world. You have a better chance of making the
right decision based on your experience. I wish now what I am now I was
30 years ago. Because I would run a better business, I’d have more
knowledge to do it the right way, and you have to go through all this
learning to get to where you are. It gives you time to become exquisite –
because that takes a long time. I feel so good about myself –
I feel robust and healthy. I’m 78 years old and it is absolutely
the best time of my life. I don’t miss anything. It has gotten better. It’s been a grandmother – who knew
that was gonna be so much fun? I have become a grandmother. So grateful to be alive – I was a little
refugee girl that came to the States when I was four and a half from Russia. I enjoy my life much better. Even if I
could be 20 again, I would not want to be. Picasso said it takes a long time to become
young, so I’m not gonna argue with the guy.


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