Hi and welcome to a new pregnancy vlog and this is my update for we have come so far I’m nine months pregnant now It’s May now, and due date is 2nd of june so it’s just a few weeks left it’s insane how fast time flies earlier in my pregnancy i felt like i never wanted this to end i felt like this is the best thing ever, which i still feel of course this week, i’ve realised how tough it actually can be my pregnancy has been quite easy, even though i threw up in the beginning plus the migraine and the pelvic i’ve always felt that i’m fine.. that everything’s okay but this week… i’ve felt that it’s time for him to come out i haven’t felt well mainly because of my heartburn i can’t even lie down because puke keeps coming up i cannot sleep because my chest is burning and i can’t fine a comfortable position in bed this makes me pretty tired and on top of that, my eye migraine came back i haven’t had it during the last 2 months but it came back i had all the symptoms for preeclampsia so i got worried and called the hospital my sight was deranged, i had a head ache, palpitation. A lot of different symptoms and they told me to go to hospital to take some tests so we went there they did a urine test, a blood test and measured my blood pressure they listened to the baby’s heartbeat and one person checked my contractions cause i have a lot of those we were there for hours to sum up, I do not have preeclampsia it’s just my beloved old migraine but that’s okay. as long as the baby’s fine and the pregnancy goes well. I can take it but yeah, this week has been tough i’ve been sick aswell.. or if it was pollen i don’t know but i feel better now, i hope that i will feel better during the coming week when i called the hospital and they said it could be preeclampsia i started googling: what is preeclampsia and i read that after a certain week, they will start the birth of the child if you have that so i panicked i was like: i haven’t packed everything so i started running around with my check list and pack everything i had to bring to the hospital i felt like the bag had to be ready in case I had preeclampsia and had to give birth immediately panic so at least the bag’s ready now.. that’s great! so i’m gonna show you later what i’ve packed we’re also gonna talk about my feelings about giving birth, many of you have asked me to do that but now we’re gonna go to the city to meet up with our friends for lunch and you’re coming along my outfit today: a knitted dress from ASOS maternity it’s okay if they see you my outfit is the same as every day and this jacket is from Acne let’s go to the city baby yes wow you sound really excited it’s time to change car i can barely get into this car myself we’re getting a new car but we won’t get it until after this summer so we’ll see if we can borrow a car or rent a car during the summer or if we’ll have to push everything into this little car are you tired honey? yes, because you have worked out.. you’re so strong honey aleks is practicing and here i am, three meters behind as always now we’re getting ice cream we deserve that this extremely beautiful and sunny day summer days in Sweden… Look Mani, what you’re not getting one ice cream after lunch keeps the doctor… crunch one ice cream a day keeps the doctor away she’s missing out mommy treats herself everyday we’re home again but i really need some rest i’m so tired after the walk we took after lunch so I’ll vlog tomorrow insted it’s getting dark soon and I’m exhausted I’m back it took me a few days to pick up where I finished vlogging cause i’ve been exhausted It’s Sunday now and I’m entering week 37 tomorrow it’s been a few days since I vlogged but now I’m ready to show you what I packed for the hospital so i checked all around the internet for lists and picked out things i considered necessary i didn’t wanna copy another person’s list so I wrote my own and this is the result there are three lists here, one for me, one for the baby and one for Aleks i have not packed his bag, he can do that himself but i wanted to help him by writing a little list i packed one bag for me one for the baby and the reason why i packed two different bags is that there are no pockets in this one so the baby gets his own bag so we don’t mix everyone’s stuff and this is my list these is the stuff that i wanna bring everyone’s different i’m not removing anything from this list, because this is the stuff that i wanna bring some things might be unnecessary, but that’s okay although if you feel that something’s missing on this list something you brought or something you wish you would have brought to the hospital, please comment for me i have packed everything that’s on this list now is not currently in the bag i told aleks that when I’m in the tub having contractions, he will get to check the list and pack the remaining things so we don’t forget anything i can’t have my toilet bag packed, because there are still a few weeks left and I’m gonna need my toilet bag what i’m bringing is: ID-card, a letter to the hospital staff, my midwife has already put my wishes, fears and expectations into my journal but i wanna bring that paper myself too and i’m gonna be like make everyone read my letter camera, charger and a stand i’m bringing a stand because i want to record the whole birth i don’t even know if I’m gonna publish it but it’s something that I want to remember forever it’s such a cool experience and i wanna save that video forever so camera, stand and charger iphone, charger, headset don’t know if i’m gonna use that speaker, i have one of these a portable speaker so we can listen to music at the hospital.. i don’t know how that works if they have a speaker of their own or not but they said it was okay to play music i don’t know which type of music we’re gonna play I have a list that’s very relaxing meditation list that i always played during meditation and yoga during the time i tried to get pregnant that list makes me feel so much, so i want to have that ready and then i wanna have a list with more go because maybe i’m not gonna want to listen to relaxing music i might wanna listen to heavy metal or something power bank but i can’t find it. Since i don’t know how far from the power outlet the bed is gonna be i think it’s a good idea… too bad i can’t find it and then a wheat cushion that you heat up in the microwave oven i bought it mainly for when the contractions start at home it’s so nice to put on the back or stomach when you have menstrual cramps and where I’m giving birth, they don’t have wheat cushions of their own since there’s a risk of burn so now we can bring our own gum water bottle apparently super important and it’s supposed to be one with a straw because maybe you don’t have full access to your hands you know what i mean and then i’ve packed should i really be unpacking all of the stuff? i mean everyone knows what panties look like i can show you some other stuff but clothes and stuff is unnecessary to show two breastfeeding bras three pair of big panties we’re talking mama panties i bought really big panties in a too big size so i will fit a big panty liner in there three pair of socks two breastfeeding-friendly tops leggings, which i’m wearing now cause i will still have my bump there after giving birth slippers, because the floor is pretty cold and hard at the hospital so these will make it better pyjamas a pink one in a silk-like fabric fits the bump aswell the battery is blinking i wrote a pyjamas or sweats, just something comfortable it’s hard to know for how long we will stay at the hospital one has no idea so it’s hard to decide how much to pack what else do we have it’s in the baby bag it’s breast pads if my tits start leaking good thing to have and i also bought, i don’t know what it’s called breastfeeding-pacifier? plastic pacifiers, if your nipples get sore, the baby sucks on these instead good thing to bring i’m nervous about the breastfeeding-part because i really want to breastfeed my baby i hope it will turn out fine and that we won’t have problems with it i wrote in my letter that i really want help with that in the beginning that they make sure it’s working before we go home nipple lotion gives protection and hydrates dry and sore nipples it’s called purelan my friends told me to buy this and then i have some other stuff for the toilet bag lip balm many people have told me that the laughing gas makes your lips dry and then hair brush, tooth paste, tooth brush, hair tie, self-tanner don’t ask why i like to put that on my face at night, so you look sun-kissed when you wake up facial cleaner, face cream, shampoo, conditioner i didn’t wanna bring my big bottles of shampoo to the hospital so i poured it into mini bottles i’m gonna wash my hair like one or two times there so i bought these travel bottles on the pharmacy that i’ve filled with one is shampoo and one is conditioner wtf is in there maybe my facial cleaner good memory and i also have a face cream in here tiny one and then i brought facial wipes i probably won’t have the energy to clean my face so these are practical deodorant nose spray.. i’m having a constant nasal congestion during this pregnancy so i cannot forget that one lenses, glasses that’s all of my stuff have i forgotten something it felt like i had packed so much i brought ibuprofen, they probably have that at the hospital but you never know i’ll be just fine hanging around in my pyjamas i have my leggings, breastfeeding bras , i have my slippers and my breastfeeding-friendly tops by breastfeeding-friendly bras i mean tops that you can just pull to the side like this of course, we’re bringing the carrycot for the car but it’s in there i’m too tired to get up we thought about taking our car to the hospital not the mini cooper, the other car that we’re getting hopefully but then we realised it’s easier to take a cab otherwise we have to park it and stuff or aleks has to leave me to park it’s just trouble it’s literally like 1.5 km to the hospital from where we live so it’s not like the cab will be too expensive we’re taking a cab but ofc we’re bringing the carrycot babynest. i haven’t decided wether to bring it or not my friend told me that she wished to have brought her baby nest to the hospital but at the birthgiving- course we participated in, they told us that we won’t need it because the baby will lie close to your skin all the time but if both Aleks and I are asleep at the same time we can’t have the baby skin-to skin at least i don’t have the courage to sleep with the baby lying on me maybe if we sleep in shifts then it’s a good idea to bring a baby nest, so the baby can sleep in there or maybe it will sleep in an incubator or something it might be annoying to be carrying around a baby nest because it doesn’t fit into our bags what do you guys think? baby nest or no baby nest? two blankets the reason i brought two is you never know, puke and stuff breast milk everywhere but one is more thin and soft and one is thicker, warmer good to have both we don’t know about the weather. if i give birth in the beginning of June it could be 23 C but it could also be 13 C you never now and then we brought clothes two bodies, two pants, two socks, hat and a knit. And a pyjamas he will mostly lie skin to skin, but it’s good to have it’s so cute now i’m assuming that everything will turn out fine and that we will stay at the hospital for two nights if we have to stay a bit longer, we live pretty close so Aleks can get stuff at home but right now i believe that two outfits will be enough for the baby here’s his pyjamas from livly with feet and buttons the print is closed eyes.. eyelashes so cute i thought it was gonna smell good but then i remembered that the detergent was unscented here are the clothes we brought bodies white and grey with stripes matching pants the cutest thing is to combine socks these tiny little socks i’m having a son that’s gonna wear these on his little feet… that’s so hard to understand two hats. I couldn’t choose which one so i brought both it’s important to keep the head warm even if it’s June it’s Sweden we’re talking about he has to stay warm aroung this head area.. very important and a little knit to wear on our way home i brought gloves someone told me that their nails are very long apparently you get an emery at the hospital so you can fix that but id he starts scratching himself, you can put on these and then pacifiers this is more for me and Aleks his first plush toy did i miss anything? that’s all On Aleks’ list i wrote: clothes, underwear, toilet bag, socks, chargers, credit card so you can buy me snacks and last but not least make sure we have everything on the list 10000 explanation points i’m publishing this list on my blog later.. for you guys who are also giving birth soon if you think i’ve forgotten something important, please leave a comment maybe i’ll add that we will buy snacks there since they have a 7eleven at the hospital no problem so there’s the hospital bag now i just have to wait im entering week 37 tomorrow the baby is fully grown when you enter week 38 so he’s ready in one week 95% of every woman gives birth between week 38 and 42 i hope i’ll give birth closer to week 38 than 42 the most important thing is that he’s okay im afraid that if i’ll give birth later im gonna feel like my placenta is getting old, it’s not gonna work i think i’m gonna pass due date but if he doesn’t come within a week, I think i’m gonna have a hard time worrying i just want him to be okay he can lie in there for a little longer, but if he decides to come earlier than 2nd of June, we’re ready for him i asked you guys on insta what you wanted me to talk about in this vlog many of you wanted me to talk about my feelings and thoughts about giving birth i’ve told you that i’ve been scared earlier, not so much about the pain. It’s more about the baby’s health that something is gonna happen to him im actually pretty calm now it helped going to all these courses it actually helped me alot there was a course about giving birth and then we went on a profylax course especially that one helped me alot i strongly believe that mindset, relaxation and breathing are important in this i also read the book “giving birth without fear” kind of the same thing as the profylax course i read that it’s important to breathe right, relax it’s all in the book it helped after these courses i had no doubt that i was capable of giving birth that feels great the woman body knows. it’s made for this the body knows what to do the baby knows what to do we’re gonna make it maybe there will be complications, it might not be what i’ve imagined at all but i’m aware of that but i know i will make it through the only thing that matters is that i’m leaving that hospital with my baby so that’s what im doing right now i’m only excited i have a lot of contractions feels like menstrual cramps when i feel it i get extremely excited.. it makes me think about when it’s time for real when i can tell that it’s time i’m really looking forward to that it’s gonna be the coolest thing i’ve ever experienced. I know it will be tough but it’s gonna be the biggest thing that ever happened to us just the thought of just the thought of meet our child that we’ve been longing for.. for so long to see who he is and what he looks like to hold him and to leave the hospital as a family i can’t describe that feeling. it’s surreal from the moment he’s born, our lives will change forever it’s so big i’m full of expectations whatever happens if it gets tough, if we get complications and it takes 36 hours we will make it through the only thing i will think during the hard time with contractions and everything is that “soon i’m gonna meet my son” its so cool there you have my feelings before i end this vlog, i’m gonna show you guys the bump in week 36 the day before i enter week 37 i’m not very smooth anymore i’m heavily pregnant so it’s hard to be smooth here it is if i get up too fast it hurts so bad the bump in week 36 the baby is 47-48 cm tall and weighs around 3kg it’s almost a full grown baby in here i had a belly ring here when i was younger i took it out years ago but now the hole has gotten infected cause my stomach has grown so much weird because it’s healed since a long time ago do you see the red spot? here he is i’ve always had a low bump, but as you can see it has gotten even lower with time i guess it is because he’s fixed now he’s ready soon and we are ready too now i have to blow my nose it runs like hell from my nose from my little crying session thank you so much for watching we’ll see when my next vlog will come up i’m doing a maternity shoot next week so maybe that’s the next vlog i don’t know how many more i have time to do it feels like i’ve shown and talked about everything so there’s not much left but maybe i’ll see you in week 37 i really hope you liked the vlog, i’m gonna post the list on my blog that was all, talk to you soon


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    Små tvättlappar i tex frotté är bra som ”dropp-skydd” när man ammar och för att torka kräk.

    Jag tog inte med babynest – vi hade hud mot hud hela tiden. Om man ändå vill ha nest när man är där så kan du bygga ett nest med ihoprullade filtar som du lägger en filt över sedan så blir det stabilt.

  37. Sjukhus har oftast hårt och strävt toalettpapper inte alls skönt efter en fl då man är öm och lite där till, så ta med eget toa papper 👍

  38. Två tips: tvål, landstingets parfymfria tvål är inte så rolig att tvätta sig med efter fl.
    när vi väntade vår yngsta son packade jag två väskor, en som skulle med och en med extra kläder till mig och pappan som fick stå i hallen. Nu går det oftast bra och man kan åka hem efter ett par dagar, men ibland får man stanna lite längre, då tänkte iaf jag att det var smidigt att ha en extra väska som står i hallen och maken bara kunde åka hem och hämta den i stället för att han skulle packa den då när han kanske är stressad och glömmer något..

  39. Sarah’s Day – it’s a channel worth looking up. She gave birth 6 weeks ago and literally has everything someone needs on her channel. If you feel like watching, I will def suggest. Sending lots of love 🥰

  40. Det låter som du är 100% redo Kenza! Två tips från en två barnsmammi. Vanlig mjölk hjälpte mig mot halsbrännan. Faktiskt 😊. Och när bebisen har kommit har jag blivit superkänslig mot alla parfymdofter som stör bebisens och min egen doft. Jag rekommenderar dörför VARMT att du kör parfymfritt på det mesta. Tänk framförallt deodorant för bebisen ligger med sitt lilla ansikte väldigt nära din armhåla när den ammar.. LYCKA TILL!!

  41. Hvis du ser på ermene på pyjamasen så har den også "vantar" – så babyen ikke river seg 🙂 du bretter de bare fremover! Se på pyjamasen så forstår du 🙂 Lykke til!!

  42. Vi hade inte nest, jag skulle inte säga att du behöver det. Till oss rullade dom en lång korv av en stor sjukhusfilt och la runt i plast lådan/ vagnen och sen la vi våra egna filtar och bäddade mysigt vid dom tillfällen vi skulle tex äta och sova en stund samtidigt. 🌹

  43. Kenza, OM du får röda bröstvårtor eller ont i de, köp en bra olivolja och smörj de med den. Jag lovar du kommer bli av med problemet. Jag hade besvär med skiten i en månad tills en tjej hade rekommenderat mig att använda olivolja. Det gick över bara på några dagar och sen dess hade jag aldrig problem med röda och såriga bröstvårtor. Kram

  44. Pacifier (if you are going to give it to your baby) and an outfit for yourself when you go home. GOOD LUCK ❤

  45. Hej! Kan säga vart kommer ifrån dina mammaleggins??
    Babynest är ett måste! Precis som du sa att ni ska sova samtidigt och lägga bebisen i nestet! Det var många folk med babynest på sjukhuset. Rakhyvel är bra att ha i fall man är länge på sjukhuset)

  46. Jag ångrar att jag inte tog med vårt babynest och fler amningsinlägg men det löste sig då sambon fick hem och hämta det. Vi blev kvar längre så vi fick hämta fler kläder. Tro mig det behövs! Vi fick låna bröstpump på sjukhuset men om det inte ingår hos er så skulle jag även rekommendera det 🤗 Jag köpte en egen sen. Föresten ett stor lycka till Kenza. Du kommer kick ass! 🥰

  47. Ta med eget snacks.. Mest av allt så önskade jag att jag hade ett badlakan då handdukarna som fanns var skitsmå och sträva som fan och min man saknade tofflor..
    På tal om profylax så funkar det. Jag hann inte till sjukhuset med andra barnet och andningen var min räddning. Lycka till! <3

  48. Ett tips är att ta med en rulle med riktigt mjukt o skönt toapapper! Brukar va ganska vasst typ industripapper på sjukhuset så skönt o ha nåt mjukt när man är lite öm. Jag skulle också välja någon mer pyamas eller body/byxor… bebisen kan lätt bajsa igenom eller att blöjan läcker flera ggr på en dag 🙈 Lycka till! Det kommer gå toppen 😁

  49. Känner igen halsbrännan, jag vaknade upp och kräktes mitt i natten av den. Jag måste säga att reduflux var det som hjälpte bäst. Flytande och ganska äckligt men absolut värt!

  50. Ta verkligen med babynest!! Det va det enda jag saknade på BB. Ja man ligger hela tiden hud mot hud men när båda tex ska gå ut och äta/fika så lägger man bebis i en liten "plastsäng" och den va så omysig ❤

  51. Jag har inte haft med mig babynest till någon av mina döttrar, och har inte saknat det heller. Med första var vi på BB tre dygn och antingen låg hon hud mot hud eller i deras plastbaljevagn man får låna. I den hade vi en rullad filt runt kanterna som fick agera nest. Med andra åkte vi hem samma dag som hon föddes så då fanns inget behov.
    Mjukt toapapper kan vara skönt.
    Stort lycka till när det är dags! Du verkar så redo och det kommer säkert gå superbra! Snart har du er son ❤️💕

  52. Wow Kenza, ditt gravidglow (och Aleks!!)! Du och Aleks kommer bli fantastiska föräldrar. Jag tycker det är väldigt kul att ha fått följa er resa mot att bli tre och se hur du inspirerar andra gravida mammor och pappor genom att berätta om din historia, både medgång och motgång, och framförallt med den positiva inställning du har! Keep up going, ta all tid ni får med er son och stressa inte med dina sociala medier under de första dagarna. Ser framemot att få fortsätta följa dig och din lilla familj. Snart har ni er lille bebor <3

  53. Sov med filtarna och nallen så det luktar mamma :), ta med en storlek större pyjamas om bebisen är stor, mjukisbyxor att åka hem i- inget tight mot underlivet, kokosolja att smörja bebisens rumpa med innan första (extremt kladdiga) bajset kommer och ta av alla smycken utifall du behöver göra kejsarsnitt. Lycka till!!!

  54. Ta absolut med babynestet! När ni ska gå och käka och så då tar ni med honom i en liten typ plastbalja som ni kan lägga nestet i, annars blir det så hårt och omysigt haha. Födde på sös och nästan alla som man mötte i korridoren hade ett babynest i sin lilla balja. Så det är absolut värt att ta med. Stort lycka till när det väl är dags!

  55. Everything is going to be really good and your son will be healthy and beautiful! ❤️
    The laat minutes of this vlog is the best thing i've seen today!

  56. På sjukhus brukar man få nattlinne typ , så jag tror inte din pyjamas behövs. Kläder till att åka hem i är bra, du kommer få gå i sjukhus-nattlinne o ett par förlossnings trosor eftersom det kmr rinna under hela förloppet. ❤

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