Harper Grace Auditions for American Idol With Down-home Original Tune – American Idol 2018 on ABC

Oh See can you See Some are calling it the worst rendition of the national anthem that’s gone viral on YouTube Before a nationally televised Major League Soccer game in a stadium packed with 22,000 fans well just listen Uhh You were 11 yes If you search the worst national anthem mine is the very first that ever pops up next to Christina Aguilera and Roseanne Barr ourselves like You know what at least my name is out there like you know what all right? I just got to change perception yeah, my name is Harper grace. I’m 16 and I’m from McKinney, Texas My family and I have always watched American Idol ever since I was little I would sing so loud that they could literally not even hear the TV after I did the national anthem I Created this dream board and it has all the things that I want to Accomplish when I’m older and the things I want to do one of the things on that dream board was to Try out for American Idol and maybe win, so this is my chance to make one of my dreams come true, so you’re This is I literally almost made that fall down. I’m already does Oh Okay How are you? I’m good. I woke up at 4:30 this morning. I went to bed at 4:30 this way. Oh my goodness Katie where honky-tonkin no no she I just put on four different face masks how to meditation Talk to my psychic gave myself a b12 shot did Kundalini Yoga, and then I went to bed. I love face masks So who are you? Children we have somewhere here, we go now. What do you have on the poster there? This is my dream board I put this together when I was 11 years old one of the things that I said was Move to Nashville and then try out for American Idol, maybe win yeah, let’s uh, let’s hear you sing Awesome, okay. I’m gonna sing an original that I wrote perfect Got a gun loaded He don’t even know it But I’m about to go sell him now Shooting hot pink signs on poles and power lines coverin every single inch at this town, and then I’ll go back Relax lawn chair feet up yeah I got price tags trash bag full of his stuff. I’m having a yard sale everything must go I’ll give you a good deal on a 67 leather phone if it’s got a sticker on it, it’s as good as gone call it heartbreak retail I’m having a yard sale That’s a really well-written song a good line chorus is really well written chorus is really well written What was the big? What was the line toward the end of the course? Like real details in that song parallels with fabulous and first sixteen. That’s a great song. Can we get one more? Okay, this is young dumb and broke by Khalid So you’re still thinking of me just like I knew you should I cannot give you everything you know I wish I could I’m so high at the moment. I’m so caught up in this Yeah, we’re just young dumb and broke We still got love to give while we’re young dumb young young dumb and broke young young dumb and broke young dumb young young dumb and young dumb broke high school kids alright That was it thank you Thank you. Thank you. Thank you you have a great voice. Thank you Yeah, I love the quality of your voice in fact. I even know you know That you have the kind of voice enjoy here. I don’t think your voice has seen its ultimate you know potential for sure but I think you’re kind of like a dream for Hollywood to be able to kind of Carve out, thank you. Can I see her? What do they call it — a dream board your dream board? I’m sorry. Yes you Mam’ Where is this one that is American Idol one right there? Okay! Maybe we’ll cross the maybe out and we’ll add going to HOLLYWOOD Congratulations, that’s a yes from me. that’s a yes from me.. it’s a yes from me It’s for even more idle an exclusive content subscribe below the official American Idol YouTube channel

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