Harry Styles desperately trying to be pregnant for 11 minutes

Harry Styles desperately trying to be pregnant for 11 minutes

Someone down here is 9 months pregnant I saw that too. Where are you? Congratulations! She left?!?! You should call it Liam WE’RE NOT FINISHED YET! I was going to do a nice bit about how we wish them good luck with the baby and hope everything went well I was gonna say call it Liam GET OUT OF HERE! She’s gone Anyway… we do wish her luck with the baby If anybody sees her tell her that we do What’s the occasion? Birthday….baby shower Who is having a baby? You’re having a boy…. Who’s…who’s…who’s having a child? How far along are you? Ten weeks?!? Forgive me if I’m wrong, it’s an early baby shower, right? Well, congratulations What’s your name? Kassandra. Congratulations, Kassandra On three we’re gonna say: Congratulations, Kassandra. 1,2,3 Okay Are you gonna…are you gonna…do you have any things planned for the pregnancy? Are you gonna play the baby music? What are you gonna do? Play music? WHaT MuSiC aRe YoU gOnNa PlAy iT KaSsAnDra? I love you too, congrats I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy It’s that beautiful, eh? The miracle of childbirth Good luck This baby is not even here and is already stealing the attention away from me AND I’M NOT HAVING IT THAT’S ENOUGH! Sarah is 7 months pregnant! Congratulations, Sarah! You’ve made a baby. Well done FOUR OF THEM? Jeez. Oh, that’s one. Hello, number one Congratulations, Sarah. We hope you have a lovely uh….lovely child You look great…7 months…you look fabulous She looks devine everyone! 7 months! {You’re }7 months pregnant. Are you okay? Do you wanna….do you wanna stand at the side? Or are you okay? Are you having a girl or a boy? Which one? Which one? A boy…. a girl. A girl. Do you have a name? May I suggest Harry, it’s wonderful It’s wonderful for a girl, it’s cho kawaii for the girl, I think It would be nice. It would be nice, wouldn’t it? Congratulations, congratulations, hope it goes well. Good luck! Is your mom really a nurse? -Yeah, yeah. Could you…do you have like, can you what would she suggest doing right now? I don’t know maybe….I’ll go call my mom. I’ll go call my mom Can you help me up please? I’m hurting. The baby is coming This baby is coming right now! Okay, wait, can you put your arms out straight, put your arms out like this? -Yeah? Hold me like this like a chair On your back, on your back…help! Can somebody help us? I am not having my baby on this floor! Breathe with me Hi, I’m with your wife…you know she’s pregnant and she might be giving birth He’s leaving a message…. Can somebody just breathe with me please? H: Breathe slow, breathe slow Leave a message then. Hi, uh….hi I’m here with your wife and she’s giving birth I think Where are we? Louis, where are we? I don’t know where we are. What studio are we at? You all have been pranked by Nickelodeon Yes, man! Yes, man! Harry was the worst! Oscar winning Lauren is pregnant! How many concerts have you been to while pregnant? One. Is it this one? Baby’s first show! Alright! What we’re gonna do is this We’re gonna sing congratulations to Taylor and Lauren, to the theme of Happy birthday Okay? It’s a lot more simpler than you think. I’ve done it before, don’t worry about it We’re gonna sing Happy Birt- no, we’re not. No, we’re not We’re gonna sing Congratulations to Taylor and Lauren on their potential boy or girl, whatever it decides. One, two….aaaaah The grandma-to-be goes: “Aaaaah. I see what you did!” It’s 2018, do you know what I mean? It is what it is. Be who you want, be who you want, be who you want, alright One….and it’s Taylor and Lauren. Just for anyone if you forgot Congratulations dear Taylor and Lauren Congratulations to youuuuu Congratulations! This is me what I’d be doing if I was pregnant Which I’m not, you’re pregnant. Do you need a seat? Do you wanna water? Do you want to eat some chalk, I hear people do that when they’re pregnant People do that stuff when they’re pregnant, do whatever you want. Congratulations! I see that you’re pregnant Congratulations! How far along are you? Five….five months. How are you feeling? Tired. Would you like a chair? Do you know what you’re having? A girl. You chose to find out, alright She’s having a little girl! What’s your name? Kristen. You had to think about that for far too long. What’s your name? “Aaaah, I know this one…” Kristen. Have you chosen a name? Am I allowed to share it? Baby Penelope! Third child? You’ve had twins?!? Sounds like a bit of a handful Congratulations! Oh, alright. Congratulations on having sex at least twice! Congratulations! We’re all very happy for you How far along are you, Rachel? Five months, okay. So, first of all congratulations Question: do you know what you’re having? Do you know who else know it? I do I know what you’re having So….shhh, there’s a baby inside! Shhhh, be quiet. It’s a tender moment The baby’s like: “No, staying here, thank you though. No, I’m good” First of all, couple things…One, there’s not many surprises left in life So… would you like… Would you prefer to wait to find out? -No. Just checking Second of all, are you okay with me telling you in front of all these people what you’re gonna have? Let me just make sure I don’t get it wrong I’m gonna tell you what it is. I feel like there should be more of a…more of a crescendo. First of all, I think we’re all gonna do a drumroll But before we do that, because she’s pregnat…Sara, could you possibly give me one of your chimes? That is the “I’m having a baby chime” Alright? So you’re gonna have a baby…gimme a chime! A pregnancy chime! Alright First time we’ve used it Rachel, how do you want me do this? It feels like too big of a moment I feel like I should have balloons or some sort of…oh, just say it? Oh, you’re having a boy Having a boy YOU’RE HAVING A BOYYYYY!


  1. i haven't started the video yet …11 minutes??? damn the mpreg fics should be on fire in this fandom

  2. this is the sweetest video to ever exist. thank u so much for compiling all these adorable af moments together. he's such a genuine sweetheart and i havent been able to stop smiling

  3. I used to think you guys are just messing with Harry by showing him pregnant in most memes and fanfics…

  4. Can you imagine if a one directioner that was around his age was lucky enough to be his wife n have a beautiful boy/girl

  5. Niall was my favorite on the prank on Nickelodeon ?????he was like that ain't my baby so I'll just sit back

  6. If Harry wants a baby then I would literally volunteer to give him my uterus so he can have a (Louis) baby? and no, I really don't wanna sound creepy but LOOK AT HIM

  7. Could someone invent male pregnancy for this boy who has baby fever. I'm sure when he'll get married and his wife is pregnant he'll take good care of her and will be the best dad in the world

  8. 2:13 Harry being sweet and wishing a lady best of luck while Louis and Liam and having a Lilo Waterfight!!?? Love you Guys

  9. Ok so the singing congratulations to the pregnant couple was at my concert and I’m still not over it

  10. The last part almost make me cry over harry saying "I'm pregnant" 'cause he reaaally want to and he can't and he is the most correct person to be a dad

  11. The 14 dislikes are from people who are pregnant and were about to have their baby and accidently pressed the ? button instead of ? ?

  12. He is so..cute,super adorable.He loves child so much that when he sees any baby or Any pregnant women( who Will give birth a precious baby…)he becomes so excited, happy, careful about it..his band mate also know about it(his weak point) thats why they make a prank about it…:) Love him..so much…

  13. Imagine growing up and your mother tells you "oh you know that sweet lad Harry Styles? Yeah he revealed your gender to me"

  14. Harry: dramatically gestures at a large stomach and gives thumbs up
    Everyone: waves at woman
    Ellen: Shes not pregnant Harry
    Harry: OH shid. and that’s when he knew…he fucked up

  15. i’m not sure if i should be concerned that he wants to be pregnant or concerned that this is 11 minutes long…

  16. What a sweet, loving and carring father this man is going to be. He gets excited with other people's kids just imagine how much he's going to love his own. His children are going to be so lucky to have him.

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