Head to Toe Warm-Up Workout | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

Head to Toe Warm-Up Workout | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

Hey, everybody, it’s Rachel Cosgrove. Every
workout needs to start with a warm up. Now, a warm up is going to get your body temperature
elevated, your heart rate up, and get your muscles all warmed up. And most important,
your mind focused and ready for your workout. Now, this warm up –you’re gonna follow along
with me– we’re gonna do it together. We’re gonna warm up everything from your toes, right
up to your head, and every range of motion. So we’re gonna start on the floor. One knee
in front, one knee in back. Chest up nice and tall, you’re gonna place one hand in line
with your foot. And you’re gonna go ahead and reach the opposite hand right through
your knee and arm. From there, you’re gonna go ahead and reach that arm up to the ceiling.
Now, we’re gonna go ahead and do five of these on each side. So we’re gonna reach through
and reach up to the ceiling. Now, as you reach up to the ceiling, go ahead and follow your
hand with your eyes, so you’re getting that thoracic rotation with your upper back. Like
I said, we’ll go ahead and do five. And we’ll do one more. And then we’re gonna go ahead
and switch sides. So same thing: One foot in front, one foot in back. And place that
hand right in line with that foot. So we’re gonna go ahead and reach that hand through,
and reach up to the ceiling. Reach through, up to the ceiling. We’re doing five of these.
Two more. Really reach. And one. Now, we’re gonna move into a Scap Push-Up. So we’re gonna
go ahead and hands in a push-up position. Feet out, core nice and tight. Youre body
should be in a nice straight line. Head done in a straight line. You’re gonna drop your
chest, so you’re shoulder weight is pulled back and together. And then push your shoulder
blades away from each other. So it’s just a small movement. Shoulder blades back, shoulder
blades away. We’re gonna do ten of these. Warming up those shoulders, core nice and
tight. Now, be careful you don’t let that stomach hang– you wanna keep it up nice and
tight. That’s six, you got four more. And last one. And from there we’re gonna go ahead
and lie down on your back, and warm up your hips. So you’re gonna place one foot straight
out. Hands externally rotated, foot flat on the floor. And you’re gonna lift both hips
up at the same time. So we’re gonna drive through that right leg and do five on each
leg. So we’re gonna lift up nice and high. You’re core’s nice and tight. You’re hips
are even, squeezing. And then lowering back down. Now, we’re gonna go ahead and do five
of those. So that’s four. Really think about driving through your heel of your right leg,
as you’re doing this. And we got one more. And then we’re gonna go ahead and switch legs.
Same thing, driving through that heel. Both hips even. You really wanna be careful that
you’re not letting one hip drop as you’re doing this, so keep them nice and even. Now,
we’re gonna go ahead and work external rotation of the hips. We’re gonna flip over on to our
side, and let you’re head rest right on your arm. Place your hand right on your hipbone,
which is gonna stay nice and still, as you’re doing this exercise. And you’re gonna go ahead
and lift this knee, externally rotating that hip up. So we’re gonna warm up those external
rotators of the hip. Just a real small movement. You shouldn’t be turning your whole body.
Again, we’re gonna be perform five on each side. And one more. And then we’re gonna go
ahead and flip and do the other side. Same thing, lying on your side. And external rotation.
So you should really feel that right in here hip, right in your butt. Perfect. Next, we’re
gonna warm up our hips doing a Squat to Stretch. So we’re gonna reach our arms straight up
to the ceiling. We’re gonna bend down, go ahead and grab a ahold of those toes. Keep
your legs as straight as you can. Let your head hang. And you’re gonna drop right into
a squat. Let your elbows come inside of your knees. Chest up nice and tall. Drop those
hips right down into a deep squat. And then you’re gonna go ahead and stretch back up.
And repeat. We’re gonna do ten of these. So we’re gonna really get those hips warm. Get
your hamstrings stretched out. Now, as you go down into that squat, make sure you’re
keeping your heels down the whole time. Chest is up. Really pushing those knees out over
your toes. Don’t let them collapse in. And two more. Okay, now we’re gonna go ahead and
move into getting that nervous system awake. So we’re gonna do some Forward and Back Jumps.
Feet are gonna be together. Standing up nice and tall. Shoulders are back, core is tight.
Just really small jumps forward and back. We’re gonna go ahead and do ten of these.
7, 6. It’s gonna get your heart rate up. And one, good. Now, we’re gonna take a Lateral
Lunge. So we’re gonna warm up your inner thighs. Really stretching out, as you lunge down.
So you’re gonna reach out with your one leg. Drop those hips, back together. We’re gonna
go ten each side. Sorry, five each side. Ten total. You should be getting warm at this
point. Starting to feel a little bit of sweat. Heart rate should be elevated. Getting ready
for your workout. And next, we’re gonna do a Side to Side Jump, so same thing: Shoulders
back, core tight, and just side to side ten times. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Good. Now,
we’re gonna do Cross Body Knee Hugs. So you’re gonna go ahead, and one foot at a time, grab
ahold of that knee, bring it up and across your body. Keep that core nice and tight and
chest up. And switch legs. We’re gonna do five on each leg. So really feel a stretch
across that hip as you bring that up. So chest up tall, pull, pull. And we’ll do one more
on each side. Pull it across, really keeping that chest up tall. Next, we’re gonna work
the Lunge Position. So we’re gonna ahead and step back into a lunge. Reach those arms over
head. Twist away from that back leg and get a nice stretch of that back hip flexor. We’re
gonna five on each side. Nice, tall posture. We got three more each side. And two more.
Keep that front knee in line with your toes. Here we go, last one each side. And, good.
Next, we’re gonna ahead and move into High Knee Jogging– it’s our last exercise of the
warm up. You should be getting nice and warm. Heart rate up. Here we go: We’re gonna go
ahead knees high. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Now, you should be nice and warm by this point
and ready for the workout. Let’s do it.


  1. OMG!!! This channel is like one of my favorite channels on YouTube. I'm so glad I found it.
    I'm going to do these workout and see what happens

  2. This is a great warm-up and they should put it on a pdf printable ,so I can print it out and take it with me whenever I workout.

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