Health & Fitness | Healthy Diet Food Plan | What Nadia khan Eats | Aisi Hai Tanhai |

Health & Fitness | Healthy Diet Food Plan | What Nadia khan Eats | Aisi Hai Tanhai |

Today we are doing a segment..Which you have been waiting for so long What things I usually eat, What is my diet Here is my diet plan I recently gave one of my friend in Islamabad.. my diet plan. In one month she lost 7-8 pounds Now, I am going to tell you about my diet Regarding this matter..I am somehow a boring person I can eat one thing daily It’s not like I want to have something different everyday Whole week went by.. eating same thing I don’t get bored Little bit honey..Little lemon Detox water is a must when you take this..I sometime forget to take this Firstly, on empty stomach I take my thyroid tablet I don’t eat anything for half an hour Don’t have to eat anything after the tablet and after 1 hr and sometime half an hour Sometime..after 10 to 15 mins it depends how much hungry I am Add whatever fruit you feel like having Add little bit of mango You should have more berries I have berries here Strawberries will go there You have to add pineapple I really like peach I am adding peach I have put peach favorite It is antioxidant anticancer Blueberries, black berries and every berries have so much benefit I am putting them in excess you can at-least able to eat one handful Strawberries, as I told you earlier is a must I am going to put Banana.. you can put whole banana or half I find this idea wrong that banana make you fat I have eaten so many bananas but like these half ripe.. as you can see there’s no black mark Little bit of this along with this yogurt .. I take Greek style yogurt This is my breakfast The walnut which we usually eat.. that comes in packet don’t know for how long since they have been cut sometimes when we open them very bad smell comes off taste is also not good One of my friend told me in Turkey These people have these in breakfast. She said you have to eat them fresh they can be easily broken.. even with teeth but I don’t take risk with my teeth you can use a small hammer for this it is very easy and light and freshly crushed walnut taste and the packet’s walnut there’s a huge difference between them On the top of it I am adding garanola it has little bit of oat and it is slightly sweet too, with honey you can have other cereal but don’t put cornflakes garanola is very nice. Nowadays in yogurt or when you go into cafes you usually get yogurt with garanola with some fruits this is now very healthy I feel more hunger in lunch but not in dinner and if in the middle.. I am hungry Which often I don’t I will have one banana then comes my lunch I always eat organic.. there’s huge difference in the taste between normal sottish salmon because when they order it from aboard the taste is weird.. and there’s some smell and when put in the freezer for a long time, there’s also smell there’s price difference between them about 30-35 dirhams but organic salmon be it Albanian or Scottish there is a huge difference and it won’t smell in the fridge without ketchup my life is incomplete How do I Cook this? when I ordered it from market at the same time I tell my maid to put all the spices there’s something called fish spice.. you can put it while washing it.. put little bit of lemon not too much with just fish powder along with it are some vegetable, Including corn what is the method to cook fish? some people bake it I feel like when I bake.. I over-bake it so the easy way is – put it in a pan because inside salmon.. there’s oil this is for thyroid patients or in any diseases.. I am saying salmon is really good Put it in a pan cover it.. leave it on low flame check by poking the fork lightly-make holes turn it after a while After when all oil is let off from it then put it on high flame for 1-2 mins on both side. It will become crispy at night? What I have at night is…if I still have some of my leftover fish.. I ‘ll have that.. but if not Power shake has everything you’ll need a mixture for that Do watch my segment.. in which I am teaching you guys how to make cold pressed juices for detox Do watch that too what I have add it here? Yogurt is a must little bit of coconut milk I always use coconut milk Use the light one it shouldn’t be creamy if more don’t use coconut cream.. use coconut milk


  1. its not about ameeron aor ghareebon wali diet. Banda Apne budget main reh kar acha khasa reduce kar leta hai. Work out / exercise is must too. Mostly logon ko harkat karte takleef hoti hai n they expect bas bethe bithayae hawa nikl jayae.

  2. I was 70 kg I have got 2 babies in 2015 and 2017 now I'm about 98 kg. I like your diet plan I will do it love you from Germany

  3. Hi Nadia I love you so much and I admire and appreciate you so so much you are the best YouTuber ever .. love you! I hope u reply lots of love from Minahil Khan I hope u pin me and comment me

  4. hey one thing out style the packaged yogurt n other food items are not good for health as they carry preservatives u can make it at ur finger tipes at home and than can eat twice or thrice a week becoz access of everything is bad… u forgot to add sprouts in that…that is healthy n can eat everyday

  5. Salam nadiya mai aap ka drama mai kesi urat hon mujhe bht pasand hai good acting or good diet lekin dusri kon si fish le sakte hain ham or ye salmon fish kaha se mile gi plz reply zaror kare take hame jo aap se pochna ho ham poch sake ok apna bht khayal rakhe

  6. Miri bhan log aik roti k lya tras rya ha kaha etna mhnga Nashta etny MA to gareeb k gar k aik drain k pori family k lya khana a jiyea sukr kry kuda NY apko rizq dya

  7. This is all about fruits,but everyone have different job i m a teacher and i cant survive if my diet is this i need much energy. I think one should need a healthy diet in breakfast eat whatever u can eat in breakfast u will never gain weight,eat nuts,fruits,milk,dates vegetables also

  8. Eat whatever u want but eat in moderation ! I am not into these fancy diets ! I dont know if she is crazy or something to tell this kinda diet which hardly a few families in pakistan can afford !

  9. Show off and status proud .yaar Pakistan mein yeh sab available nahin iss tarah ki videos ke lia headlines clear hone chahea k ghareeb awaam na dekhain ????

  10. nadia ne apna diet plan show kia hai she is not telling u all to flw her..wese I luv ur diet plan InshaAllah I'll flw.. Actually I'm from India n India m koi aese apna diet plan nhi share krta like actors actress.. Wese I'm big fan of Pakistan n all actors actress who works r so awsm I luv u guys n nadia I luv ur style salaam Mera sarhad par se ❤️

  11. Salam Nadia I' new ourstyle watcher watched so many ourstyle from USA ..I need something for my new baby due is August ..I'm expecting 5 the month wish me luck.will folllow your diet plan after delivery thanks

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  13. Turkey ka ye..America ka woo..greeek ka blaa blaa blaa…middle class can't afford this all…guys eat boil less..drink lots of eating after 8and do exercise at least 1hour daily…

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