Health & Fitness : How to Do a Handstand Against a Wall

Health & Fitness : How to Do a Handstand Against a Wall

For some of us the aging process is starting
to take over, so how do we defy gravity? Well, we’re going to do a handstand. I’m CarolAnn
with Studio Group X and we’re going to talk about how to build up and doing a handstand
against the wall. So first what you want to do is you want to make sure that you have
enough upper body strength to sustain yourself when you go up into a handstand against the
wall. So practice doing those push-ups, lift those weights, and then you want to have nice
straight arms when you go down to the floor. So if you want to start with just a plank,
that could be your first step; get strong enough in this position with your arms nice
and straight. Then you’re going to have to have enough flexibility in your hamstrings
to bend over to touch the floor and to kick one leg back. So get use to this type of movement
here; putting your hands on the floor, kicking one leg up in the back. Now to get both your
legs up: place your hands on the floor, and just kind of alternate kicks with your legs;
because it’s that kick that’s going to get you over. Then when you feel comfortable with
that you just gotta face the wall and go for it. So here we go. Now see how long you can hold this handstand,
and before you know it everything is going to be back where it should be. I’m CarolAnn
with Studio Group X, and I think I’m getting a head rush.


  1. OMG what a voice…. yuckie you shouldn't be talking in this video, someone else should cause your voice (no offense) is kind of irritating…

  2. thats kinda rude just because she sounds and looks better than your mom dont get mad ……jealous much?

  3. There are ALOT of steps between the push up position and the actual handstand that this person has left out. Be VERY careful if you use this method to learn a handstand because it skips many necessary progressions.

  4. 1:35 i got 2 corrections
    1-hands must be shoulder width apart
    2-head should look down, you can speak without looking at the camera

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  6. Can't do that no matter what I try! I've been practising doing a headstand and crow, and crow has been successful 😀

  7. Don't waste your time with back to wall handstand. Build much needed shoulder strength by walking on your hands backwards with your feet going up wall into a handstand. At first you don't need to go into a full handstand if you can't. Walk up wall as far as you can and get used to strengthening your shoulders by walking up the wall with your hands. In a chest to wall handstand you'll be forced to do a straight handstand opposed to arching your back and doing a banana handstand when you do back to wall handstands. Make sure you're extending your arms fully and covering your ears with your arms. If you can get your head back with locked arms covering ears you're doing a straight handstand with good shoulder mobility.

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