Health & Fitness : How to Prevent Cramps in a Marathon

You know, a lot of times runners get cramps
when they’re running marathons. Hi everyone, I’m CarolAnn, with Studio Group X, and I’m
going to talk to you about how to prevent cramps during a marathon. There are three
causes for cramps when someone is running. Number one is they’ve eaten too close to their
running time, or maybe have consumed too much water, so you want to make sure that you are
timing the amount that you eat prior to your race and the amount that you drink. So, you
want to not eat so much close to your race time. Number two is running in too hot of
temperature or high humidity rate, so you want to make sure that when you’re training
you can kind of minimize the heat and the humidity by running inside on the treadmill,
or running earlier in the day, or late in the evening. And number three, another cause
for cramps is increasing your speed too fast, and your body hasn’t had enough time to adjust
to the increase in speed so your body may react by cramping. Now, what you can do is
just make sure that you’re running at a steady pace, and training has a lot to do with this,
so you’re going to figure out your meal times, how much water you can consume throughout
your training, and it’s going to take you several months to figure that out before your
race. So, take the time to adjust your meals, adjust your water intake, and then before
the race; the night before, you will want to carbo carb load. So, what that means is
that you want to ingest a lot of carbohydrates the night before so that your muscles have
time to store that glucose as glycogen. That way, you do not have to eat right before your
race. You have all of that glycogen stored, that stored energy ready to be used for your
race. Then, when you get to about mile ten of your marathon you can start to take in
pure glucose; items like power gel, so that your muscles can absorb that energy right
away. And make sure you’re drinking water every mile, and you will be good to go, and
more than likely you won’t have any cramps in your marathon because 26.2 miles is a long
way to go. So, take care of yourself in training, and good luck in your marathon.

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