Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips On A Budget! Mind Over Munch Kickstart Series

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips On A Budget! Mind Over Munch Kickstart Series

Hey friends today I am sharing my top grocery
shopping tips. Markets are a great place to go to get what you need but it is important
to remember that they are designed to get you to purchase food. They want you to eat
more. Healthy choices are easy to make though if you know where to go. Be sure to also check
for your local farmers market because they are a great place to go for healthy wholesome
foods. Number one, plan it. Plan your meals for the
week and create a list to follow. It will save you time in the long run, keeping you
from going to the store again to get missing ingredients. Next up, coupon. Check for coupons in your
weekly grocery store ads. Remember to only use the coupons for items that you need. If
you end up using coupons on items you don’t need, you’re not really saving any money. Shop the perimeter of the store. This is my
favorite grocery store tip. Generally the healthiest options, your whole foods such
as meats, dairy and produce are placed around the outside of the store. The inside aisles
have your processed and packaged foods which are generally worse for you and more expensive.
Use your list and only go to the inner aisles for those items that you had planned to purchase.
Canned and frozen vegetables are also an exception to the rule, they are usually on the inside
aisles but they are also just as nutritious as fresh produce and a little bit cheaper. Go organic when you can. Remember to check
out the clean 15 and dirty dozen plus lists for advice on when it is worth it to purchase
organic produce if you are shopping on a budget. When it comes to packaged foods, remember
that having the words organic or natural slapped on there, does not necessarily make it a healthy
choice. Organic cookies are still cookies. Read labels. Shorter ingredients list generally
mean cleaner choices. Breads and a lot of other packaged foods are notorious for making
health claims. Just because it sounds healthy doesn’t mean it is. The only way to really
know is by reading that nutrition label. Be sure to check out my how to choose bread episode
to learn more. Also take care with condiments, dressings and jams as many of them have added
sugar that just isn’t necessary, so always read the label. And finally, this may be more applicable to
some of you than others, but avoid the cereal aisle. It doesn’t matter if it is organic
or not, even cereals that are claiming to be healthy, usually still aren’t the best
breakfast choice. If you must find yourself looking in the cereal aisle, look for an option
that has little to no sugar and a very short ingredients list and I promise that is very
hard to find, so if you find one comment below and let me know what it is. Remember also
that granola can be tricky, it can be healthy but a lot of the store bought brands are loaded
with added sugar. So if you are unsure of which brands to buy, it is always a safe bet
to make your own. Thanks so much for watching, I hope that some
of these tips will help you with your grocery shopping. And remember, there is a PDF that
you can download by clicking here in the description box, that will give you all of these tips,
then you can print it out and keep it or save it for later so that you can remember how
to shop well. Let’s Kickstart to a healthier you and remember it’s all a matter of Mind
Over Munch.


  1. I love nature's path for a healthier cereal! Still only have a bit of it, and actually usually end up using it as a granola. But when it comes to cereals, it's the best one I can personally find for the best price 🙂 Great video, very helpful tips!

  2. I love my local farmers market. I scan go there and buy a carts full of groceries for $20 if I'm not buying any nuts or exotic fruit (dragon fruit, etc)

  3. First thing I noticed in the intro: Danish price tags! Woo~ I live in Denmark ^^ BTW, thank you for this video! Now I know how to live healthy on a low budget 😉

  4. I love Shredded Wheat! Its the best cereal i can find!! in the UK it's just 100% wheat… Can be a bit boring on its own, but with some chopped banana and dates it's delicious! (:

  5. Great tips!  My only issues with the Clean Fifteen list is the sweet corn.  I know this lists is about pesticide residue, but with increasing evidence linking GMO corn crops to the decline of the bee population, I have to go organic, non-GMO certified with corn.  It's a personal preference, but I'm commenting about it because I think it's important to encourage others to take action to protect the bee population. 🙂

  6. great tips! going grocery shopping tomorrow? for cereal, i love plaint spelt flakes (only ingredient is spelt flour and water) with bananas and raisins for sweetness!

  7. If I remember correctly I'm pretty sure Alpen cereal has no added sugar or salt the sweetness comes from the raisins! And the ingredient list is extremely short! Less than 10 for sure and all natural!

  8. Exactly what I needed! I plan on buying my own groceries soon instead of using what my parents purchase (pretty unhealthy stuff lol) so these tips will def come in handy, thanks!! 🙂

  9. After looking at every granola brand, I've found bear naked to have the least amount of added sugar. My boyfriend is a diabetic but loves granola so we chose that brand. Also, plain original cherrios only has 1 g of sugar and they claim to not have any GMO ingredients in those now.

  10.  Grocery Outlet in California has organic produce from time to time, it is cheaper than grocery stores.   I love cereal, making your quest bar cereal. 

  11. i stay in france nantes.. i got a granola packet named MUESLI CROUSTILLANT which is a cirtified organic one  by france agricultural group… its ingredient list are oats.whole wheat and barley flakes rasins cranberries apples honey coconut flakes sesemi seeds and almonds

  12. I love Kix cereal.  It's good!  The orginal has 3g of sugar per 3/4 or 1 cup and the berry one has 6g.  I go for cereals that have less than 10 of suger per cup.

  13. Shredded Wheat Wheat n Bran cereal by Post is really good. Zero added sugar, just whole grain wheat and wheat bran. That's two ingredients! 9 grams of fiber for the recommended 1 and 1/4 cup serving. I HATE hot cereal, and I wanted a healthy option and this is the best I've found. It is the only cold cereal I've found with zero added sugar.

  14. As far as healthy cereals go, you should check out Puffed Kamut. In a 1 cup serving there are 0g fat, 11 carbs, 3g protein, 0g sugar and it's only 50 calories.

  15. Another tip before heading to get groceries is EAT BEFOREHAND! If you're hungry, you're more likely to start buying more food than needed

  16. Great suggestions. I will be using many of these this weekend when I go shopping. thanks for the video.

  17. Heyy Im on a budget but i also want to eat healthy so i will like you to recommend me some supermarket where i can get cheaper food.. thanks

  18. Jack Spratts bread, SO good! Also made by a family friend of mine :3 Not sure if they ship it outside of Utah but it's super good and is perfect for toast and homemade croutons!

  19. A year late, but Arrowhead Mills has a bunch of cereals with only on ingredient! I also like Uncle Sam, Grape Nuts, and Weetabix too.

  20. Fiber One cereal is my fave! i think it has artificial sweeteners, but i just need to satisfy that sweet cereal craving lol

  21. Vitabella choco crispies is organic & gluten free. 7 grams of sugar & 117 calories per one cup serving. Ingredients:
    Rice, sugar, coco powder & salt. Yummy too!

  22. reading tht list was fucking depressing. wht is one to do? they are attacking the foods we eat the most of i noticed.

  23. I dont understand why people dont eat muesli instead of granola! It is not that much healthier but there isnt as much added sugar and fat and you dont have to eat that much either. You can have just a little bit on for example fruit sallad

  24. Simply nature 100% whole wheat. It only has to ingredients, and no sugar. It's at aldis. I like to add ground cinnamon and fruit to it.

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