‘Henna Heals’: Bald Breast Cancer Battler Given Stunning Body Art Crown

START 00:10
COMM: The Henna Heads project aims to empower women who have lost their hair through cancer
treatment. 00:20
COMM: And today one of the world’s top henna artists transforms a breast cancer patient’s
head into a work of art. 00:31
ASH: It is quite relaxing right? 00:33
COMM: Ash Kumar has been a henna artist for almost fifteen years. And he explains why
he wanted to get involved. 00:41
ASH: Today I’m going to be working on a project with Henna Heals which is a wonderful movement
I was moved myself watching a documentary earlier this year on how they actually are
doing henna crows for people who actually had hair loss from treatments, I’m very, very
happy that I can actually contribute my art and my skills to making someone feel beautiful
and making them feel wonderfully alive and I can add to their beauty. 01:04
COMM: Ash’s subject for today is 43-year-old Dipika who was diagnosed with breast cancer
earlier this year. 01:12
DIPIKA: the main reason I agreed to do this was to raise awareness for breast cancer in
the Asian community in particular because it’s something that’s brushed under the carpet
and isn’t talked about a lot. And to be honest you never think it’s actually gonna happen
to you, I never in a million years thought it would happen to me because it’s never ever
talked about. I absolutely love henna so for me this is an amazing thing. I get to get
my head henna’d and look fabulous and it raises awareness too. 01:42
COMM: And while Dipika has told her immediate family about her cancer, she has another reason
for taking part in today’s shoot. 01:49
DIPIKA: This is how I’m going to announce to the rest of the world I’ve got cancer.
ASH: I like that, do it in style! 01:56
COMM: With Dipika sitting comfortably Ash begins work on his design, which won’t be
a quick process. 02:03
ASH: Today’s henna crown is probably going to take me 45 minutes to an hour to create
the initial henna design, and then to accessorise is with crystals and glitter a further 20
minutes to all in all approximately an hour and a half. 02:27
COMM: As Ash finishes his creation it’s time for Dipika to see her own personal work of
art. 02:34
ASH: You ready? For the big reveal? After you darling. 02:38
DIPIKA: Oh my God! Wow I never in a million years thought it would have looked like that. 02:48
DIPIKA: Wow. Oh thank so much, thank you! 02:51
ASH: You’re very welcome my darling. 02:56
ASH: This project is very important because I really do want to bring awareness to the
henna crown movement across the globe if I can, I do want henna artists to go out and
also contribute this to people who have had hair loss. 03:09
DIPIKA: I think the henna crown is very empowering and I’m gonna be walking out of here without
a hat on because I want everyone to see it. It’s beautiful. 03:21
DIPIKA: I can’t take the smile off my face. END

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