Hospital Infected me with HIV during Pregnancy-Lilian Atieno | Tuko TV

Hospital Infected me with HIV during Pregnancy-Lilian Atieno | Tuko TV

What does the doctor mean If he decides to kill my only child Why decide to kill my one and only child They have killed me completely I am asking the government to look into this issue They have completely finished me We were now talking to the hospital administrator He told Lilian to take it easy and assume it’s an accident and not to pressurize herself over the matter I was 7 months pregnant I started feeling unwell and my husband was not at home on that day My neighbor called him, he arrived immediately and rushed me to the hospital On reaching the hospital we learnt that nurses and doctors were on strike in the entire Homabay county Someone advised us to visit Sigowet Hospital since it was functioning at that time Upon examination, I was told that I suffering from anemia They said I needed blood urgently and warned it was risky for my husband to take me home I was admitted and the the first pint was administered at around 9 pm The second pint was administered the following morning at around 8.30 am Since she only needed two pints I wanted her to be discharged so that we could now go home I was told she was not going to be discharged until I go to Kericho and donate my blood I was shocked and asked the nurse how much it would cost me because I opted to give cash instead They refused and insisted that I must donate So the only payment was for you to donate blood? Yes. So I traveled to Kericho to donate They took out 3 pints from me I had told them initially that I would give 2 pints same as the ones they gave to my wife I was told it was a must for me to give out 3 pints because that is what normally happens and that one pint remains at the donation centre to help another person When did you discover that the blood group you were given was different from yours? After being discharged I had severe headaches Severe backaches, abdominal pains and I was feeling dizzy as well I was taken back to the hospital because I could not sit nor sleep Upon examination the doctors said I was in labour but again the child was not in it’s normal position So they referred me to Oyugis hospital because they did not have tools to administer an operation I was examined there and they found out I was HIV positive I was shocked and asked the nurses to allow my husband in because usually my husband accompanies me to the clinic and we both get tested the results have always been negative It felt like a dream, I could not believe my ears I asked the nurse what she actually meant by those words She told me she will do another test to clear my doubts the results still came out positive My wife became dramatic, she needed an explanation I was forced to calm her down because she was really annoyed She was later taken to the ward My husband was tested and it turned out he was negative They asked me to cool down because maybe it was just a misdiagnosis they promised to do another test after delivery I delivered on 25th April A day after delivery another nurse came to do the test the results were still positive I sat there wondering what really had happened yet I was faithful in marriage and my husband was okay I was wondering where I had picked the disease from It was chaotic at that hospital on that day The nurse asked me if I had done a blood transfusion before and I said yes I told her in February this year at Sigowet Hospital So they advised me to go back and find out from there I advised her to start medication immediately which she did The nurses gave me Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent infection So on 7th May I went to complain at the police station Which police station? At Sondu police station They advised me to go back to Sigowet hospital and seek audience with the Administrator then explain my issue to them they asked me to carry along all the hospital documents After meeting the administrator he asked one of the nurses to bring him my file What was his name? Dr. Lang’at He scrutinized the file for some time then called the lab technician He told the lab technician that according to the file I was negative when I visited the hospital but 2 months after blood transfusion it turned out I was HIV positive I asked them to do another test on both my husband and I if at all they felt I was lying A test was done and it turned out my husband was HIV negative while I was positive They proved me right and in fact they admitted there was negligence on their part Their book clearly indicated Elisha Otieno was negative while Lilian Otieno was positive The book showed earlier on 7th May 2019 both my husband and I were negative Was it the same date? Yes They tried to change the dates after realizing what they had done So it’s like they wanted to hide their mistake Yes. In fact they tried to so that after the results were out We went back to the administrator to get the way forward He told Lilian to assume as if she was involved in a road accident and to take it as something just normal like an accident that would happen to any human being He said we have ministers and other powerful people who are suffering from the same and they are surviving the only thing is for her to take medicine and ensure they are eating well Who was telling you all these things? The administrator himself Dr. Lang’at My wife turned chaotic again I calmed her down I wanted him to explain to me why he compared my situation to a road accident yet I visited their hospital to seek help and they ended up trying to killing me He was silent and never answered me The same same DR. Lang’at? Yes, I was talking to him He asked me to give him 2 days because we don’t have a blood donation center here We always get it from Kericho and Kericho receives blood from Nakuru So I will have to travel straight to Nakuru and complain there I will then call you so that we can figure out how to sort this matter That was the end, we never received a call from him I decided to give them a call and asked the person who received my call to transfer me to Dr.Lang’at he asked me to hold on the line but it was disconnected I called again and nobody received I tried severally and my calls went unanswered It’s like they even blacklisted my number because when I use another line it goes through and someone actually receives but the phone is disconnected immediately after realizing it’s me calling It has been disconnected already That’s what normally happens They are so full of themselves They will disconnect and even switch off the phone They will not receive the call no matter what I told you they will eventually switch off the phone What has the doctor done to me, what was the meaning of what just happened Why try to kill my one and only child It’s like killing people by giving them food that is poisoned He has finished my people, who will I remain with? My child went to seek help and not be killed I am deeply hurt and he will pay He will have to compensate 3 people and not one person My daughter, her husband and their child have all been affected I am so annoyed I cannot explain If I happen to see him, only then will he know the pain of a parent Why did he do that to me? My daughter went to seek help Who will I run to? Who? What if my daughter dies, who will look after her children? This is not my only child, I have 4 other children I have never experienced what Sigowet did to me before I am faithful to my husband and I also know my husband is faithful to me If I have been negative all these years, why did Sigowet have to do this to me? By the way, a man is a man You can’t just sit pretty assured that he will always be there You can’t tell what is on his mind He can promise to stand by you but change later on because you are sick yet on the other hand he is fine Who will I turn to? Where will I go to? My life has already been destroyed by the Sigowet people They have killed me and I am completely finished I am calling upon the government to help me If someone out there knows how this matter can be handled to please come forth and assist us It’s like I lost my family This child is still very young I am not completely sure how his health will turn out to be My wife and child have both been affected I am so heartbroken It’s heartbreaking My heart is filled with sadness


  1. What kind of negligence is this!! very careless of them to gamble with someone's health they need to be sued,the family has a case here.

  2. It is illegal to knowingly transmit HIV leave alone hospitals should take charge to prevent the spread.
    The staff involved should be sued for negligence and the hospital unfortunately for hiring these incompetent people.

  3. So so sad πŸ˜” for this family. And it seems the hospital is fond of doing this thing or bishara yao. Am not surprised we have so many cases just like this. God ptoect your people.

  4. I thought stigma ended, these people need serious counseling.
    The mama is crying that their only people are going.
    It's not the end of the road, Kuna vitu hatari Kama drought,njaa and other Dangerous diseases like cancer,kukosa akili, ignorance etc

  5. 😭😭😭 Ni uchungu wa aina gani huu. Ona raha ya uaminifu mwanamke angekuwa anacheat angeweza hata ficha amuue na mumewe. Pole dadaMungu akushindie

  6. Just (cry) pray to God πŸ™ because is not your fault. For our God everything is possible. Our Heavenly Father who is in Heaven is Bigger than anything πŸ™

  7. You better get a very good and honest lawyer and sue the hospital and everyone involved, including the lab and the person that administered the transfusion.

  8. Nkt.. negligence of the highest level.. It's so painful… Fuck them all. How can a qualified doc do a blood transfusion without confirming whether it's safe…

  9. Oooh my God this is sad aki and the mum's tears will not go like that , lets help them get justice here in social media and any lawyer to come out and help them aki

  10. Surely the hospital needs to be sued.thats the highest level of negligence. Please God intervene and fight for her. We need to take this to social media ndio DCI waingilie.

  11. I have not cried in a while but this story has made me cry…… May God's judgement be upon everyone who made this careless mistake … This is murder with the strongest terms possible…. There is a God who heals , I pray that he will have mercy upon Lilian Atieno….

  12. This is so heart breaking that doctor should be expell from his profession and and the papers destroyed 😭😭😭

  13. Aki woi.. Doctors plz be careful.. You Asked God to let you be a doctor…. And why are you not careful …..many levies are lost coz of you…. Plz save and not kill

  14. Petition should be started as a lesson and to avoid this happening to another person. This is very sad, especially also falsification of documents

  15. Hii ni biashara na damu za watu. How comes unalipa deni ya hospitali by giving blood, sijawahi kusikia.. Hii hosi ichunguzwe. Walitoa damu mbaya 2 pints alafu wakaitisha 3 pints kwanini. Pole mama Mungu akusaidie.

  16. I feel you young family. Be strong and you will leave to proclaim God's deeds. We are living in end times. Like in a case where they lied to my pumuani hospital maternity, after giving birth to a baby girl 4.1kg and carrying her for 1hr , the doctor came and told that the baby is lacking oxygen and she needs to be incubated . Shortly, the doctor came back to tell my sis.that there was blackout and her newly born baby has died and they denied her the dead body . I'm still choked. God is in control and HE will punish all the wicked ones.
    'Kilio cha mzazi hakiendi bure '.

  17. I am from SA, cases like these do happen. The husband is a type o blood and hiv can't be detected. People with this kind of blood are nor affected by hiv. However, they can infect or pass the virus. It's sad that people always blame women for infection but the husband has it and unfortunately the wife had to pay. The virus passed through very easy during the blood transfusion. The hospital can't explain this but is real. Research before blaming the hospital.

  18. pls Tuko dont let this go,let say it was in the feet of one of this doctors there how would they feel,saying "accident"killing ones life pls TUKO help this family

  19. Very sad…poleni sana wapendwa Mungu akafanye njia pasipo na njia but blood bank also has duty to this not only doctor. ..daktari alitakiwa awasaidie

  20. Just pray and take medication dada,hiv is not a dead setence anymore,l met a white female who was married to west african man but she is now 30 yrs living with hiv& do christ wil give you strength with your familyπŸ™

  21. Major medical negligence from Nakuru Blood Center.
    Let them Sue AG not the hospital
    ( I hear if u want to sue government hospitals or government institution, Sue AG)

  22. Heartbreaking truly. Here in America they are turning pregnant black women away from hospitals. These women go on to deliver their baby’s at home. May this family be blessed beyond measure for their grief.

  23. Sorry for the mother wlhi Allah protect us from the such thing 😭😭πŸ˜₯😒😒😒😒πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ I feel her tears 😒πŸ˜₯

  24. Kwani damu haipimwi b4 mtu apewe?Ewe Mungu tusaidie.hiyo hosi inafaa ilipe hii familia na wafanywe mfano kwa wale wengine!inauma sana.

  25. The more I continue watching tuko news the more I feel like going to Pluto to live there alon ….. People are so human

  26. The Mrs,can lead a good life despite living with HIV,many have done it and she will do it,,but what we are not going to do is ignore the injustice done to her,the level of ignorance is beyond me, if you are a lawyer watching this please fight for them,the hospital has to be sued and the compensation money should be very high,,,wengine wanahanya wakapata HIV while this woman sat still akaletwa!!!haiwezi….alafu mnamtreat ni ka alikuja kuitafuta mnamkatia simu…MNACHOSHA

  27. Am very sorry for what has happened in the family…God is in control.
    How come blood can be donated without being tested before getting to be tranfered to human…This is real unexpected at all the hospital should be closed down and the Doctor and nurses they should be stop from working and their licence to be cancelled immediately…It will be a big lesson in Kenya if the ministry of health take an action for human rights

  28. This woman was already hiv positive before the transfusion. It takes about 3months to develop hiv antibodies which give a positive hiv test. Unless the tests they did wr for the virus itself and not the antibodies. The hospital cld hv at least given her PEP

  29. Maybe the Lady alihanya when the mzee was far juu sometimes It happens, because before the blood is kept, lazima inachunguzwa,

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