Hot Flashes Over 50? What To Do Next…

Hot Flashes Over 50? What To Do Next…

today I’m going to show you how I treat
my menopause symptoms and what actually works hi I’m Schellea this is fabulous 50s
a lifestyle channel for women over 50 and if you’re a woman over 50 click
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video and they’ll all relate to you today I’m going to talk about how I
control my menopause symptoms and at age 52 I’m pretty much symptom free and for
the large part the reason I don’t have menopause symptoms is because I learned
what to do about 10 years ago to keep my body free from all the things that
happen during menopause when I was about 42 I started to whole perimenopausal
thing and all of the symptoms that came with that I got at that point I had my
blood tests done and I went to the naturopath and what I was told then was
that my hormones were out of balance plus I had adrenal fatigue and that part
of it the adrenal fatigue made sense to me and I was told at that point that
once your adrenals go down it’s very very hard to repair and that was really
discouraging because I wasn’t feeling well I was really tired I was exhausted
and my body just seemed to give way so I went on a journey to find out everything
I could to heal myself and when I started to repair my adrenals and my gut
health the menopause symptoms disappeared completely and during that
10 years I became a human experiment for trying new protocols and supplements and
herbs and anything that I was learning about that I thought might help my body
because when you have adrenal fatigue you feel so bad that all you want to do
is feel good again then once you feel good you don’t ever want to go back
there and if you are going through perimenopause at the moment and you’re
in your 40s it’s such a challenging time for women because we’re building our
careers we’ve got children to look after at age 42 I had three teenage sons
I had a mother who was very very sick and she ended up passing away and the
stress of running my business and driving the kids here and doing their
homework and there is zero time for me and when we as women use every single
bit of our energy to manage our stress there’s nothing left to manage the
health and well-being of our body and this is what I’ve learnt so there’s two
types of stress there’s good stress and there’s bad stress and the bad stress is
the stress that we do every day so it’s working hard working long hours taking
care of our children being up all night doing things that have been left behind
and it’s eating foods that shouldn’t be inside of our body so our body has to
work so hard to process those foods that are foreign to our body and it’s eating
sugar it’s you know the wrong kind of light at nighttime it’s there’s so many
different things that are affecting our bodies and making our hormones go crazy
which in turn makes us go crazy when we’re in menopause and the good stresses
that we can include into our life that really really really help with menopause
things like stressing your body with a really cold shower or a sauna
so you’re stressing your body and then you’re going back to normal so it’s just
quick and back again and exercise every day stressing your body so that it’s
puffed out and burning energy and then you go back back to resting pace and
that’s a very good place to be and another thing is being hungry for a part
of the day which is intermittent fasting so those kind of stresses we give our
body the body accepts the challenge releases a whole lot of energy and then
we go back to normal so it’s very natural but the stresses that I’m
talking about that I was having and that you’re probably having to is all day
every day and at night because we’re not sleeping and then you wake up in the
morning and all the stress is there so the body is using a hundred percent of
its energy to deal with stress so today I’m going to show you
the 10 supplements that I take just to manage hormones so I do take other
things as well but these things are specifically for my hormones and these
have all been trial and error so I experiment with everything I’ll try it
for a couple of months and then stop taking it and introduce different things
along the way and there are differences so when I eliminate a couple of these
things I’ll get hot flushes and then when I
bring them back in over a week or two they go away so yeah these actually work
and it’s been a 10-year journey to find out things that suit my body this works
for me by the way it may not work for you and if you’re on medication or
anything like that you need to see your doctor first the first product is Progest E this is a bioidentical hormone of progesterone and the adrenals use
progesterone to produce an anti stress hormone and when we have progesterone
deficiency it causes an increase in our cortisol levels and when our cortisol’s
increased we get wrinkles on our skin very very dry skin osteoporosis it
affects our brain cells and lack of progesterone also gives us extra weight
around our back and our bellies so all that belly fat it could be because you
are not producing enough progesterone this is also great for memory and
relaxing and sleeping so taking this at night just before bed it helps you with
your sleep so much it’s just three drops I’ll leave a link where you can get this
but this actually has changed things up a lot for me and when my progesterone
levels are even I feel so much better another herb that I absolutely love and
wouldn’t be without is ashwagandha and ashwagandha is another thing that works
on our adrenal glands because it recharges them and again when we have
our adrenals at an optimal level we don’t have
all of those menopausal symptoms so if you are experiencing hot flashes and
mood swings try ashwagandha it really is graded it also has an effect of making
you feel good so it’s kind of got a peppy effect so that’s always a good
thing if you’re going through menopause the next thing that I have every single
day is a probiotic and a prebiotic so the probiotic is a beneficial bacteria
for your gut and a prebiotic is a fibrous food for these bacteria so the
to work perfectly together and you can take a prebiotic in many many ways
through food and it’s a fibrous food I take slippery elm bark and slippery elm
is a slippery kind of substance that goes into your body and it coats your
intestinal tract and that helps reset your body you can make sure prebiotic
with a probiotic and a probiotic can be like a yogurt I use coconut yogurt
because I don’t have dairy and when you mix the two of these together you’re
going to do a great job at helping restore and repair your gut lining and
research shows now that chronic illness is caused in the gut first and what we
need to do every day is to repair our gut through the foods that we eat and
once you can repair your gut the symptoms of menopause can start to be a
lot less than what they are if your gut is very very unhealthy I also take
another probiotic at night before I go to bed just to help my gut a little bit
more as I’m sleeping maca is the next thing I’m going to tell you about and
maca is amazing I started taking this years and years ago and maca
makes a difference to your hormones I guarantee I take half a teaspoon every
day every morning and I have two weeks on and two weeks off so I was taught
this by my naturopath and apparently if you take too much maca
it’s not great for you you have to take the right amount and have a break from
it because it’s so potent and it really does help with your symptoms if I stop
taking this i’ll get hot flushes so the way I was taught to take this is
at in the middle of your cycle on day 14 you take it from day 14 to day 28 and
then you stop for another 14 days so if you’re not regular anymore I still do
the same thing and it has worked like a charm for me I’m sure
this helps reduce hot flushes it does for me hopefully it does for you too I
also take spirulina every day and this is blue-green algae and it promotes
cellular regeneration plus it also gives you energy and balances your hormones so
this is another thing if I don’t take it I do notice a slight difference I’ve
been taking it for a long time and yeah these things here really really work
this is also full of protein so if you’re vegetarian this is a really good
thing for you but definitely spirulina works for my symptoms because when I
stopped taking it and when I do my experiment I do notice a change for sure
I also take vitamin b12 every day and one of the things that’s directly
related to menopause is it helps with sleep so deficiency in b12 means that
you will have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep so if you’re not taking
b12 that’s another really good one for you to look at vitamin D is another one
I take it with k2 combined and vitamin D is something that I thought that I would
never need because I live in Australia and I’m out in the Sun all the time but
when I had my blood tested I was very deficient in vitamin D so I
was shocked so vitamin D is for cellular growth and reduction of inflammation and
I’ve learned since that vitamin D is something that most of us need more of
and if we can get it into our bodies the symptoms of our diseases and our
illnesses would be a lot less and the last thing I want to share with you is
magnesium and magnesium is something that most of us are deficient in
particularly women in menopausal years and a magnesium deficiency can
cause us to be tired restless and then when we do get to bed
we can’t sleep and it can also cause disharmony within our hormones so taking
magnesium every day is a must I think for most people so try adding a few of
these or all of these into your daily routine reduce the stress we don’t have
to do so much I think a lot of it is our own selves telling us that we’ve got to
do more and more and more but we don’t we need to relax that’s what menopause
is that’s what getting older is we’ve got to slow down take a breath and enjoy
our life because that’s what we’re here to do and I feel better now and more
healthy and full of vitality because of the things that I do now way much better
than what I was in my 30s and 40s we are here at this stage of life to enjoy
ourselves so work on your health so that you’ve got a lot more energy please give
a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it with any of your friends
who are having trouble with menopause thank you so much for watching and have
a beautiful day


  1. Good day my friend! Well, didnt God put u in front of me for a purpose! I was writing furiously and am hitting the health food store tomorrow to fill in the products I dont have. Thank u gorgeous, be well…oh..and thank you for your time to share! Blessings, Laura 🤙

  2. Schellea, I am fairly new and just adore your videos! I have searched your video history to see if you have done a video on your hair ….. I love the length, color, cut and style! I have been toying with cutting side swept bangs/fringe just as you have. Could you do a video at some point on your hair? Thank You! ❤️

  3. Very interesting. I went through menopause for the last 5 years and I did not take anything. I am a vegan, I go to the gym 3 times a week, I do yoga and meditation. I sleep like a baby but I still struggle with hot flashes. I am afraid to take medication especially hormones because I have read so many bad things about them. I am shocked to see how many supplements people take in the US. In Europe, we don't take them that much.

  4. Your menopause/adrenal health journey sounds exactly like mine. I was so sick for about a year before I started doing my own research. For me, switching to a plant-based diet with healthy oils, healing my gut, doing massage for lymphatic drainage and for my thyroid changed everything. 1 tsp of maca root powder in my food or green juices also does amazing things for keeping my hormones level plus adds a beautiful level of calm to my day (amps up the libido too!). No gluten/wheat has rid me of brain fog and inflammation etc. Negative stress is no longer in my equation, I make sure of that now. I go to bed when it's dark and rise with the sun, no alarms. Exercise and meditation is key too. I spent 5 years of hard work, trying everything (trial and error) to see what worked best for me, but to have you save others that work is amazing! Now, I'm that woman that irritates other women when I say "Menopause?… it was a breeze!, I barely knew I was going through it!" 😉 I should also mention that in the beginning of my journey I used many supplements and tinctures, now I take none, aside from Maca root and my daily vitamins. Maca took my hot flashes away immediately. I've never had problems with Maca when taking a heaping tsp daily. Magnesium citrate is a must for me for overall achiness and poor sleep….very important very important for overall happiness. Excellent video!

  5. You are a wonder! I wish i had this information 10 years ago as well. I have had the same diagnosis of adrenal fatigue. Thank you for these posts. It is helping so much. I am so grateful for you. <3

  6. Hello belle Dame 💖 dommage que ce ne soit pas sous-titré car mon anglais n’est pas très performant. Merci de tout cœur pour votre partage, il y a quelques suppléments je découvre ici et que j’essaierai 🥰 Merci merci 🙏 et bonne continuation 😘

  7. Thank you, Schellea ! Very interesting and important information.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I have a question, those products I can find it on Whole Foods market? Or only on amazon? Thank you god bless you 🙏🤗🤗😘😘🌸🌸🌺

  8. I bought some spray on magnesium oil today . I haven't tried it yet . It got a bit warm in the car, and I hope that has not impaired its efficacy. Thanks for the tips . Can I ask , do you drink alcohol ?? I bet you don't. You have a great glow . 🌝👍

  9. I wouldn’t be able to function without BHRT and I don’t take many other supplements. Don’t be afraid of Estrogen. It’s not our mother and grandmother’s Premarin that was made from horse urine and caused cancer. Natural identical estrogen is our memory and taking it protects our brain, heart, nerves and colon. Progesterone works with estrogen and is our sleep, and is even for those without a uterus. Testosterone is our sex drive and skin. Thyroid is our metabolism. All hormones need supplemented to prevent disease. For more information on BHRT I always recommend Dr. Neil Rouzier’s book, How to Achieve Healthy Aging. It’s my hormone bible! And Suzanne Somers books are great too! Also, I’ve had adrenal fatigue and was ordered out of the gym and no exercising by my Dr. until it resolved. Never forget about how important rest is for our health as well as exercise.

  10. Hi there! Thank you for the informative video! I've been lucky, I haven't had any symptoms. My gynecologist said I could be one of the lucky ones to never get menopause. I hope I dont get it. But it's good to be informed and prepared. Love your style. Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings your way. 😊👍😀🤗

  11. Thank you for this wonderful information, I shall certainly incorporate your suggestions into my daily regime, Im 69 years of age and still have issues.

  12. Thank u for this info. I have a bad time with this and heavy flow. I will check out the items u mentioned. Do u still get out in the sun? Some people say its good and some bad. I have been getting sun about 30min a few days a week. I love the way the sun feels. God Bless you .

  13. Does anyone feel particularly grumpy when the menopause starts? The small things seem to set me off nowadays 😂

  14. Thank you so much for this video! How do you take the Maca?? I just can't get past the taste, it's almost repulsive to me, but I know I would benefit from it! Any tips?

  15. You're amazing, I like your beautiful hair. I'm on premanopause. I've been loss a lot of hairs and grew very thin hair. I wish my hair will grow thicker not growing fast.🙏
    Thank you for video 🌹

  16. Thank you for this information! I need this in my life right now. May I ask, I had a full hysterectomy and I am in menopause. Will these supplements help me if I had a full hysterectomy?

  17. Im 52 and in perimenopause. I must have adrenal fatigue i cant keep my eyes open, im permenately tired, what you say is pertfectly true, x

  18. Thank you. Great suggestions! Does anyone know of anything to help with headaches? This is a new "Gift" of peri-menopause lol.

  19. Thanks for the vid! I am always interested in the arsenal of over 50 lady-hood.
    Every night about an hour before bed I drink CalMag Plus with Vitamin C & D3. Mix it up, add an ice cube, delicious flavor. Helps relax the body, rebuild and repair tissue. Everyday I rub a 3rd of a teaspoon of Source Naturals Progesterone Cream into my skin to release 22 mcg progesterone – relieves all my symptoms. I also take daily: Vitamin C, Liquid B Complex, 1 Carlson's Fish Oil and 2 Gaia Adrenal Health with Rhodiola and Holy Basil for upbeat spark and energy.

  20. Life experience is the only value in our modern times we can really trust in. Thank you sharing it with us. Ciao bella 💋

  21. Such a helpful video! Having a hot flash while watching this – so glad you addressed this topic.

  22. Good for you. I appreciate your channel that's educating women. We need to support one another. Everyone has different symptoms. It's okay if your symptoms don't change. Just rolling with it best I can.

  23. Thank you so much Schelly I have just turned 56 and thoroughly enjoy your channel with so many helpful hints. My husband and I are coming over to Australia at the end of August from NZ and doing a road trip from Sydney to Sunshine coast. I believe you are in Coffs Harbour so can you suggest any must see sights we might find on the way please?

  24. At 46 this is ESSENTIAL info.
    Especially since I’m not into the hormone therapy my OB has talked about.
    With 2 young kiddos under the age of 8 I want to have as much quality time as possible. I haven’t skipped periods yet so OB says not in menopause but my primary Dr. says it’s absolutely possible I’m in peri menopause. Your video helps so much that I’m not crazy. And not alone.

  25. Thank you so much for this informative and supportive video! Much needed by my sister, who is dealing with menopause now,

  26. Great video! I take several of the products you mentioned but am definitely going to get the progest e oil! Thank you for sharing what has made a difference for you, it's very helpful. xoxo

  27. I tried Adrenal support tablets for 4 months, but no difference to my hot flushes. They’re the worst part for me, especially living in Queensland during summer.
    Will def try the oil and maca powder. Maybe vitamin D too.

  28. I love the idea of treating menopause symptoms naturally. I do some of these myself and notice what a big difference they make! I'll test the others on myself too! Thank you!!

  29. I wanted to ask you a question because I always research products before I use them. I cam across these side effects using progesterone. I came across this:KENOGEN Dr Peat's Kenogen Progest-E Complex 34ml/1.15oz KENOGEN Dr Peat's Kenogen Progest-E Complex 34ml/1.15oz

    Super Special! Contains: Natural vitamin E oil, vegetable triglycerides, and natural progesterone.

    In this 10% solution of Progest-E Complex, one drop contains about three milligrams of progesterone.

    *A Patented Formula

    Preferred Storage: Refrigeration

    California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product contains progesterone, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. Consult with your physician before using this product.

    (Only for the State of California since they combine synthetic and natural progesterone studies.)

    And this: Risks. Progesterone may raise your risk of:

    Breast cancer

    Ovarian cancer

    Heart problems

    Blood clotting problems



    Uterine fibroids
    Avoid using this product if you are pregnant unless prescribed by your doctor. Also avoid if you have:

    Allergy or sensitivity to progesterone

    Liver problems

    History of cancer of the breast or genitals

    Bleeding or clotting problems

    Vaginal bleeding that your doctor has not checked

    Use this product with caution if you have:

    Heart problems

    Kidney problems


    Migraine headaches


    DepressionMy mom, dad, 3 sisters, 2 nieces and one great niece all died of cancer. I think I would rather deal with hot flashes than to subject my body to a possible cause of cancer. Please let me know what your thoughts are, as we are always learning! Thank You!!!

  30. Hi. Hearing your stmptoms it was like describing what I am feeling. So I will definetly use some if this product. Thanks.

  31. What would you recommend I try first for insomnia? I know it’s from my fluctuating hormones as I’m perimenopausal. I’ve tried melatonin and valerian but they don’t work that well. Thanks 😘

  32. Thank you for your wonderful advise and encouragement to all of us over 50s gals we all feel young like you and don't wanna led things just slide.

  33. Hi Shellea, I love your videos ❣
    How do you take Maca powder ?
    I got it from a different place before I've seen your video and it tastes awful 😖

  34. Hello Beautiful Lady, I would love to know how you take each one, mix it,straight up? I'm 55 and desperate for relief!
    Thank you so much, I'm missing the Gold Coast when I hear your lovely accent.

  35. Hi Shellea!! I love your videos, thanks
    You’re so beautiful 💖
    I’m 42 and I’m wondering when is the right time to start using all this products…
    I’m so tired every day, I’m losing my energy and I been having hot flashes…
    Thanks 🙏 🌸🌷

  36. Are you saying that we should only take natural progesterone and not natural testosterone/dhea/ (or other) ? Please I need to know why. Thanks.

  37. Love maca! 100% notice when I don't take it for too long. Also, love spiralina and Chlorella! Basically no menopause symptoms at 52!

  38. Great video, very informative. Have you ever tried the famous milk thistle? If so, what is your opinion on it? Thanks!

  39. Great video and great tips !! I’m thru menopause but still very good video !! Hugs and love 💕 xoxo

  40. can you still take the maca root powder if you don't have a period anymore? But still have hot flashes and all other menopausal symptoms. How do I take it? I'm 50.
    THANK YOU 🙂 🙂

  41. Thank you for great information, just found your channel, where to get progesterone, please? Is it RX?

  42. Very helpful Thank you so much for sharing I am going to add a few of these to my daily routine. I am 52 and have been dealing with Hot Flashes/ Sleep deprivation for about 5 – 6 years and I found Maca helped ALOT! I am from Canada and five years ago I found Brad Kings Liquid Maca that has an 18:1 potency and I take it every morning (1 tsp) in a shot glass with cold water. (taste isn't great but you get used to it) I notice my energy decreases and HF increase when I stop taking it. I recently found a menopause supplement called Meno Supreme ( Health First is the product line) it has 85 mg of Hops extract, black Kohosh, & Sage in it. My hot flashes are completely gone! I take it at night as the Hops has been used for treatment of insomnia and I now sleep like a baby. This supplement has changed my life! So with this and the Maca I finally feel like I am a normal human being again!

    You have a lot of great videos and I am not sure if you have done one that focuses on what adrenal fatigue is and how it affects women but if not then It would be great to learn more about it from you. Thanks!

  43. Thank you for sharing ! Have you ever tried VITEX? It is AMAZING! I have so much more energy and vitality when I take it 😁

  44. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Have you ever done HRT? Gosh, there are so many mixed messages about this – do woman really need this? And are we at risk if we don’t take hormones. I’d really appreciate your feedback 🤗💕

  45. Progest E Oil will cost $64.00 delivered. I was shocked with the exchange rate of the Aussie Dollar. It better work…..

  46. Thank you for sharing. I started having really bad hot flashes after I had my hysterectomy. about 10 years ago. Ive tried over the counter stuff which did not help very much. I refuse to take artificial hormones. I suffer from memory loss, i have problems keep healthy weight and I sweat like I just jumped out of the shower. I don't know if I can afford to take all the things you are taking but i will definitely do my best to try some. I NEED HELP.

  47. Key thing here, go to a naturopath and get an extensive blood test it’s the only way to find out what your levels are . I don’t have any symptoms either because that’s what I did too. It’s not about guess work.

  48. Very helpful video thanks, I will try the maca regime. I'm very interested in gut health overall, and links to other diseases such as dementia.

  49. This video is very insightful. Managing symptoms naturally is probably the best way. That being said, would you share your experience with HRT? Have you ever tried HRT, and are you taking them with what your doing now? I’ve read that without HRT there can be high risks of multiple cancers. 😢 this kind of data is disturbing and makes some woman feel like we are doomed ☹️😞What are your thoughts regarding this matter. Your channel has helped me so much!!! I’d be so grateful to get your feedback . Sincere thanks,🙏🏻🤗🥰💕

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  51. Do you cycle your progesterone or take it daily? thanks! Always read that Spirulina is full of toxic, heavy metals.

  52. This is spot on! All the things you said I have researched myself and tried with the exception of the progesterone- which I may try now. I also have adrenal fatigue, and I am slowly improving my adrenals with a better-balanced diet, losing weight, no sugar, no caffeine, and no dairy. It seems extreme but it's working. Thank you for passing along the message to other women who maybe suffering. 🙂

  53. Hi Schellea, thank-you so much for your awesome workout vids. At this stage you're my mentor. So much gratitude to you. I'm turning 60 this November….daunting as it is. Lol. You're vids are so helpful and insightful,I'm humbly grateful for it all. Thanks so much,lovely lady,you are as beautiful inside as out.sistah. xx

  54. Hi love your video.So far I am not going through menopause I wish I was I'm 55 and bleed like a teenager every month . I am sure it should be soon I did have a week a month ago where I was so hot in the middle of the night for about 1 hr and it went away.I would be grateful if I only experienced hot flashes at night I watch my co worker burst into flames from time to time lol poor lady really

  55. Remifemerin is good for me, also a cold pack wrapped in a towel to sleep on! I finally got in for my thyroid, and since starting medication, I seem to be entering full menopause, with only 5 periods this year at age 54.

  56. It's refreshing to see that someone recognizes hot flashes are not a mental issue and doesn't start in our minds but in our bodies.

  57. Hello, Thank You for this wonderful video. I am 48 and have been going through very similar journey since 42. Trial and error mostly done on my own. I am using most of the suppleness you mentioned.
    Will try the Maca which I’ve been reading about recently and haven’t used yet.
    I do have a question for you to see if you have had or heard about others going through this as I haven’t resolved this yet. Through this stage of peri menopause in past year ( I’m 7 mos. no period) I am getting a lot of bigger muscular pain issues , frozen shoulder, sprained back etc. I exercise and do yoga gently regularly . Through blood tests nothing shows up so I am on my own with this . I feel it’s the loss of estrogen or low progesterone. I use an essential oil now meant to balance progesterone. I was using a cream for a while and stopped it . Didn’t seem to make a difference .
    Not sure if you know if any of the supplements you mentioned may help more with this . I also am currently taking D3 + K for two weeks because my D was showing low . Thank You so much again 🙏🏼

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