How Can I Get Tested For STDs | Planned Parenthood

How Can I Get Tested For STDs | Planned Parenthood

Personal health just means taking care of
yourself. Some of the aspects that I’d like to learn about Planned Parenthood
revolve around the interaction of what it would be to book an appointment with
Planned Parenthood because I’ve never done so. A lot of their motives seem to
be centered around people’s general health and well-being and just being
responsible for your personal health and not having any shame or any guilt or any
fear revolve around getting a test for booking an appointment because it’s
being responsible and it’s a necessity. “Have you ever been tested before?” “No.” So, I’m opening up my first results… and it’s looking pretty good and it’s super
convenient—it’s online so altogether it was a really easy process. I think sexual health and sexual history— it’s still something uncomfortable for people talk about So I do you think those are
important conversations to have. I’m feeling like a responsible adult right


  1. luckily you can get tested by getting your cheek swabbed or peeing in a cup instead, because I don't like needles..

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