How Does Tubal Sterilization Prevent Pregnancy?

How Does Tubal Sterilization Prevent Pregnancy?

Are you interested in birth control that’s
meant to be permanent? We’re talking no more making babies. Ever. Well, then tubal sterilization or “getting your
tubes tied” might be a method you’d be interested in. Tubal sterilization is a form of birth control
for women that involves closing off the fallopian tubes. If the fallopian tubes are blocked,
sperm can’t reach an egg and cause a pregnancy. You should know that sterilization does not
affect your hormones–you shouldn’t notice any difference in your period, breast size,
voice, hair, muscle tone, or sex drive. And while all medical procedures have some
risk, sterilization is very safe and most women experience few side effects. The best thing about sterilization is that
it’s incredibly effective, almost 100%. But it won’t protect you or your partner from
sexually transmitted infections, so use condoms if you’re concerned about preventing STDs. Sounds good, right? Just be sure that you understand that sterilization
is meant to be permanent. That means forever. It’s not a good option if there’s even a possibility
that you might want to have biological children in the future. If you’d like to learn more
about sterilization you should check out there’s tons of information on the types of
procedures and what to expect.


  1. this procedure does have risks tho, i myself was sterilized at 19 and i was basically talked into getting the procedure. so now, i have depression b/c of this. this happened b/c certain members of my family didn't want me to reproduce due to a condition i have they see as life threatening but i lived through so much already and feel blessed about it. i would like to have a family of my own someday but i don't have the money to reverse the procedure b/c adoption's expensive.

  2. This is not true I got my tubal ligation other words sterilization 23 years ago and found out I was pregnant so any doctor saying this surgery is 100 % in wrong I'm a proven FACT !!! Thanks Doctors . Now Doctors are telling me I can get pregnant .

  3. I wish this video provided some info about differences between forms of tubal sterilization, i.e. tubal ligation and hysteroscopic sterilization.

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