How Does Your Sex Life Change As You Age?  | Ask A Grandma | Women’s Health

How Does Your Sex Life Change As You Age? | Ask A Grandma | Women’s Health

I was known as a cougar. So they said, “Hattie – what’s the
youngest man you ever slept with?” and I said, “19!” They said, “how
old are you?” I said, “73!” But I thought he was 22! Oh my gosh, in your 20s
and 30s you’re an animal! When you were younger, you were looking for that. I was single for 20 years, so when they
told me there was a program called Sex and The City, I went
“really? I live Sex and the City.” Yeah, I didn’t need to watch that program. In my 20s I was a young model, and we
were just… Studio 54, and just – just just wild, crazy time. And now it’s just – it’s
forgiving, it’s – we’re not performing. I would say in my 20s and 30s, probably
more frequency. And I think because I’m 67, maybe not as frequent, but extremely
passionate and intense. You don’t have to worry about getting pregnant! The men that I’ve been with haven’t always been able to… rise to the occasion, shall we
say? So therefore you have to figure out other ways of expressing sexuality, because
it’s really in your brain, a lot of what is sexual. I can’t say that I honestly have one at this
point; if anybody knows anybody out there–! It’s not existing now! Don’t want to scare you, but
there’s no sex. None. That’s okay! Because there’s other things.
Like hugging, and a pat on the back. I mean, I still get the urge for sex,
like when I was in my 20s or 30s. He’s the best! He’s 45, I’m 78 – it’s a wonderful life. I mean unfortunately, the old coots
I go out with are a little slower! My husband is pretty well endowed. We plan a date, and – usually on a Sunday
afternoon – and I get all greased up and I’ll come in, and sometimes he’s…
actually fallen asleep already in the bed. So… we work on it. Let me put it this way – the drive is not there
the way it was when I was younger. But it’s like going to the beach, you have to pack up everything, and once
you get there you have a good time. Oh, it’s better! Through the years, I’ve
learned what I need for it to be magic. Today is the best sex I’ve had. Been
married 11 years and sex is great. It’s better now than I think it was back
then. I was inexperienced. I got it now. It got better because I got better. I have a relationship with a man and
believe it or not, he’s still vibrant. So I’m still enjoying sex. Much better now.


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