How food affects the Mind || Chat with Dr. P Sethumadhavan, PAHRC || Healthy Flavours  [SUBTITLED]

How food affects the Mind || Chat with Dr. P Sethumadhavan, PAHRC || Healthy Flavours [SUBTITLED]

Food we eat builds body In this body mind and thought forms Food we eat influences body and thoughts Science describes what to take and what not to take Restrictions are also given on how much quantity of food to take and when to take Food/Annam is Brahmam Ones thought and attitude can be changed Food is categorized into Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic Foods Satvic in nature increases Sattvic guna, Rajasic increases Rajo guna and Tamasic gunas increase Tamo guna in ones mentality Tendency to do unethical and dark emotions comes from the food we consume Purest diet nourishes body and maintain a perfect state If a breast feeding woman takes spicy, stale and non vegetarian food, child suffers from constipation According to Vedas mind in annamaya people hardly cook food in morning and kept this for night or next day. Ayurveda says food cooked after 3hrs becomes toxins or tamasic food One yama is 3 hour After 3 hour, food becomes tamasic in nature Tamasic guna leads to fear, sleep, laziness, depression Tamas leads to intense mood swings, restlessness, insecurity, self centered desires Tamasic food cause harm to physical and mental well being of person. They are prompted to do brutal activities, no regard for welfare of others and tend to be self centered Food builds body, same food if not taken properly causes ill health One has to understand a very good idea about gunas of diet in general and effect on body and thinking pattern of men


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