How I Deal With Work Related Stress-A 2 Pronged Approach

this video I want to give you a couple
of tips or the way that I deal with stress and anxiety and so on in work and
elsewhere and I have a kind of a two-pronged
strategy for dealing with the stress and anxiety one is to use a technique a work
technique called the Pomodoro Technique and it involves working for 25 minutes at a time and then a five-minute break
I’ve got a little app on my computer and just take a look here computer screen
and see that so far today I have three Pomodoro’s at long Rick I have seven
powered oral done today and I need to start focusing now it’s lunchtime now
but I have seven Pomodoro’s done that means I’ve got seven periods of 25
minutes don’t so that’s 25 minutes of focused focused work very focused work
and the great thing about the benefits or the benefit of the Pomodoro Technique
is that you basically break down whatever you’re doing it’s a little
chokes me to small chunks so the easiest way to eat an elephant is one bite at a
time likewise with any job you have run a
work you have or a problem or difficulty what you need to do is you need to break
it down to the smallest chunk as possible and what I do for every single
work there and I start half 6:00 in the morning I start with one Pomodoro on the
end of the day I get a huge degree of satisfaction and positive feedback
because on the screen there I get list of a series of little red
balls indicating how many Pomodoro’s have done so so far today I’ve got three
three six about seven so I know that I’ve done seven bucks of 25 minutes of
focused intense concentrated work and no matter how big the task is in my hard
work no to have on I know that if I can give my attention a time and focus and
concentration to it then it’s gonna make things easier for me now they’re gonna
have less distractions because when I’m on I’m on another work when I’m focused
and focused now Google Chrome is the browser that I use
and Google Chrome has a little extension called a Pomodoro extension it looks
like a tomato and when I start each day I click on this tomorrow and it will
take away for 25 minutes and then it will remind me and float up the screen
take me take a breaks or take a break for five minutes and so on
I do this until the end of the day at five o’clock or whatever and as I say at
the end of the day I have a huge sense of achievement because I can look at the
screen and I can see 10 12 15 Pomodoro’s and I can go home satisfied that I’ve
given my attention my focus my concentration to the work in hand in at
least 12 or 15 boats that’s the first part of my strategy of dealing with
stress or anxiety the second part is a journal that I have
or notebook so this is my journal and I use this journal I write in it every day
and there’s various methods of our various ideas as to how you should be
journaling or how you should keep a diary or whatever this isn’t so much
keeping a diary I don’t write down events or the events of each day as if
you know it was a cold day today or I went to this valley and bought a PC or
whatever sometimes I do sometimes it don’t
the benefit of the way a journal and you need to be very very specific and
intentional about how you journal is that I use it to empty my mind I empty
my thoughts I write them down and when I write them down I think there’s
something therapeutic about writing them down firstly and secondly the act of
actually physically writing when I have a pen
I have my Jordan every single day I you’ll see there I highlighted day and
whatever length two days or whatever I’ve been doing or whatever thoughts on
my mind and I write them down and that act of writing down what’s on my mind
that act of unloading my mind as it were on paper with a pen
I find therapeutic I find it very useful in terms of stress management so they
are the two things that I do I think you could find them useful as well now you
may have a completely different job to mind you may have a different work
environment to mine and you almost certainly have boss I think the
therapeutic benefits or the exercise of actually having a journal having a
notebook having a place where you can actually talk to yourself nearly and
empty your mind put your thoughts down on paper I think that’s very very
beneficial you can do it early in the day you can do it late in the day you
can do it during the day and I actually do it during the day because every time
I get a Pomodoro break and five minute break I may or may not write in my
journal and then this longer breaks during the day with the Pomodoro
Technique so I think a fifteen minute break again I write in to journal so
it’s a combination of a the Pomodoro Technique and using breaking down tasks
breaking down the work into chunks of 25 minutes so if I’m asked to go into an
office from say half six or seven o’clock in the morning I walk flat out
to five o’clock and evening that might appear to be a difficult task but it’s
made far far easier if I was to break that task down into small chunks like
the elephant eating or like eating an elephant one bite at a time
so you break it down into small chunks 25-minute songs look up if you were
interested in this the Pomodoro Technique online you can get a Google
Chrome extension sticker in your browser and let it be a tool that’ll be a help
to you in focusing and doing work and breaking down the big tasks into smaller
ones and secondly use a journal or a notebook write down with pen and paper
and I think there’s something therapeutic import pen and paper as well
write down what you’re thinking write down what’s on your mind and the
important thing is that this journal is for nobodies consumption but yours it’s
for your eyes alone sight from that you can create a blog if you want you can
publish stuff online which I do all the time both in terms of this journal this
is for me nobody sees this so the combination of those two things the
Pomodoro Technique and journaling I find very very useful to reduce stress and
anxiety and to make each day pretty okay pretty okay I hope you find this video
useful if you do give a thumbs up down below and I’d be interested in seeing
any of your comments maybe you have a technique or techniques that deal with
stress and anxiety in your day you might share them down below and other people
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