How I treat my PCOS at home without Medicines – (P1)

How I treat my PCOS at home without Medicines – (P1)

Assalam o alaikum & welcome to my channel. Today’s video is all about those who have PCOS and those who are not suffering from PCOS and all the males out there, this vid won’t be of any interest to you 🙂 So,you are most welcome to leave at this point 😛 And all those who are suffering from PCOS and want to know how did I treat my PCOS at home using home made remedies instead of going for medicines, this video is for you. Do watch this video till end and hopefully you will get answer to many of your PCOS related questions. But before starting the vid, Subscribe to my channel and hit on the bell icon as well so that whenever I upload any new video, you get the notification. And don’t forget to follow me on my instagram. And tell me why don’t you people follow me on instagram? (hahaha just kidding) Why ?why? why? I hope you’ll follow me on instagram from now on. Now let’s jump into the main topic. In my last uploaded video about how was I diagnosed with PCOS, I told you I went to see a doctor when I faced lots of issues like irregular periods, hair thinning , hirsutism etc and on hearing my issues, my doctor wrote me some hormonal tests and pelvic ultrasound. And based on those test’s results, she prescribed me some medicines to take for 3months. I took those medicines, though not religiously, Then I met a doctor who told me “if you are single and get around 4-6 periods naturally, that is more than enough and there is no need of taking any medicine, And those periods could be of more flow, less flow, scanty , little spotting brown discharge etc. but if occuring naturally, then no need of taking any medicine (if u r single). ” So, I stopped taking any medicines and while taking medicines , I felt difference in some issues and some issues remained same. And then I came to know, PCOS is something which can not be cured. Though the symptoms can be controlled but can not be cured and you have to live with it for the whole life. Point to remember, if you are able to control your PCOS, the symptoms will be reduced but it (PCOS) can return at any stage of life due to any carelessness in your lifestyle. So that was a point when I decided (because taking medicines for the whole life is an extremely difficult thing to do), I decided why not go for something which is more natural and ayurvedic instead of going for allopathic medicines. So, in today’s video I’ll share with you all the PCOS symptoms I came across personally, and shall share with you how did I deal/resolve such issues by using home made remedies and by trying different tips and tricks at home. So, the first common issue is (Sorry this is my laptop in which I ‘ve highlighted all the points so that I don’t forget or miss anything important to share.) So, first PCOS related issue is “Irregular cycle” As you know irregular cycle is something which is a basic sign of your PCOS. Whenever you miss your periods, you run to your doctor and based on the tests prescribed by her, you come to know either you have PCOS or not. I was also given some medicines by my doctor to treat my irregular cycle and I took these medicines initially but unfortunately those medicines put havoc on my metabolism and disturbed my metabolism tremendously. And I was never been an overweight person but because of those medicines, I gained 2-3kgs. Another point to remember was as long as I was taking those medicines, my cycle was normal and the day I stopped taking those medicines, again i was back to square one . And sometime condition got worsened then that. So, what I did was I stopped taking any medicine, any contraceptive pills, As i told you before as am single I stopped taking any medicine on suggestion of my doctor who herself was a PCOSer and even her daughter was also a PCOS sufferer. She asked me if I get 4-6 cycles “NATURALLY” in a year (being single), then there is nothing to worry about. And yes, it “exactly”was my problem that I never got my periods every month but after every 2-3months. Considering she herself was a PCOSers and her daughter was also a PCOSer. I decided to go with her suggestion based on herr experience. Another thing which played an important role in regularizing my PCOS was “EXERCISING”. I had noted because of exercise, (as my metabolism got disturbed tremendously due to medicines and inactive lifestyle especially in Saudia),so the biggest benefit of exercising is it improves ones metabolism. and improved metabolism helped me alot to lose weight especially those 1-2 excess kilos due to medicines. Other benefit which I noted was because of exercising, my menstrual cycle improved a lot means I started getting my periods after every 1 and a half month instead of every 2-3months. So, those who keep on asking me via email or in comment section for solution to their irregular cycle, my answer is “DO TRY THESE TIPS AT HOME” Start working out or if you are not a workout person or a gym goer, what I would suggest you is that try to improve your lifestyle. Act actively and make it your habit to walk , walk and walk (while on call or texting or while doing any home chore.) Another very common issue related to PCOS is “WEIGHT GAIN” As I told you before I never was an over weight person but there were 2-3extra Kgs due to medication which I wanted to lose but that was not an issue for me as most of the time I was in my normal weight range which is 60-62kgs at the height of 5.7” and maximum times it’s always 60kgs. But due to PCOS, i wanted my weight between 55-58kgs and I achieved that by working out regularly. In PCOS, the main issue is no matter how much workout you do , your weight won’t reduce easily. So to overcome this issue, try to change your workout style/type to see what works for you. For example, I did cardio for 40mins, 60mins but all in vain, with no positive results.So, I did some research and incorporated strength training in my cardio routine and noticed some positive results with my weight lose regimen. Strength training is all about exercising with some weights of any size. I already have made a video on 10 strength training exercise to be perform at home. Link is given in the description box below so you may check it out. So, that was a time when I started noticing change in my weight. And yes, I’d say strength training is something which plays an important role, extremely important role to lose weight for PCOSers. One more point, don’t be afraid of lifting weights thinking you might become muscular like males. No, this doesn’t happen as female’s body structure is built in such a way that it doesn’t gain muscles like males. Other thing is gaining muscles is not a child’s play and need proper protein diet and exercising to gain muscles. So, don’t be afraid of this “MUSCLE GAIN” thing 🙂 . Another issue of PCOSers is lower belly fat. Even for lower belly fat, strength training is extremely important especially when one does squats and lunges while holding weights, it has direct impact on ones lower belly fat. 1-2 mins of Plank also plays an important role in reducing body fats. Another thing which helped me alot to get ride of those 1-2 extra kgs was DETOX WATER. Detox water is extremely important to detoxify your body. Detox water doesn’t only detoxifies but also improves your metabolism, due to which you’ll start losing weight eventually. And the unfortunate thing is , PCOSers always have to face low metabolism issues which doesn’t let you lose weight so include strength training exercises and detox water to improve your metabolism rate. Other point is, around 75% females are considered as an overweight and due to this extra weight, your insulin hormone doesn’t function properly, making you insulin resistant. Insulin is a hormone which controls the storage of fats in your body So, when you exercise, your insulin level remains normal and in control. Lastly, to lose weight, try to maintain a healthy life style.Healthy life style means being active in your life as sedentary lifestyle’ll take you nowhere. So, keep you lifestyle healthy and active and be very wise with your food choices. Eliminate “sweet items”, white flour items, and bakery items from your life I won’t say eliminate these items COMPLETELY, as “COMPLETE ELIMINATION”will give rise to “CRAVINGS” for those particular items. And this craving will lead you to over-consumption of the restricted food items for e.g. you may end up eating 2 or 3 or maybe 4 cupcakes instead of 1 piece. So, don’t eliminate anything completely but “LIMIT” the quantity. In my case, what I did was I used to eat every food item of my choice (no matter of what nature) but in limited quantity So, my suggestion is eat everything but in limited quantity. It is said not to eat sweet items, bakery items fatty items, etc etc. No, eat anything you like but “REPLACEMENT” is a key factor. For e.g. Eat pizza, but replace white flour dough with brown flour. Replace your white rice with brown one. Replace white pasta and lasagna with brown pasta and brown lasagna. You may eat bread but go for whole grain wheat. So, you must have noticed, you don’t have to eliminate anything but either limit the quantity or replace it with brown ,whole grain items. Don’t ear SUGARY items , go for alternatives like artificial sweetners or natural sweet things like fruits. You’ll notice it will satisfy your sweet tooth 🙂 If you are craving for an ice cream, go for sorbets or banana icecream. To make sorbets or banana icecream, simply freeze the cut fruit and once it solidifies, blend it and your yummy icecream is ready. In short, eat everything but in limited quantity. You may drink milk as well, but don’t go for low fat milk or yoghurt instead opt for full fat as low fat dairy contains such artificial chemicals which are extremely harmful for your hormones and could negatively impact your PCOS symptoms. And to fulfill your fat’s requirements, use olive oil then canola and vegetable one. Avocado is also an excellent source of fats, Nuts & seeds also are considered excellent to fulfill fats requirements. Not only nuts fulfill your fat requirements but taste extremely delicious. Nuts include almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, sunflower seeds etc. Next Issue is difficulty in getting pregnant. As am not a married lady so I dont have much idea about the issues related to it. But if you are married, and facing difficulty in getting pregnant, you must see your doctor. Another point to remember is , never ever go for your tests only, sometime your all tests are cleared and you wonder why are you not getting pregnant. My suggestion is ask you husband as well to go for medical examination because its not only female who have some fertility issues, it could be male as well. So, when both partners will undergo medical examination, it will be better to reach the main issue and then treat it accordingly. Lastly, my advice is neither browse your medical issues on google nor ask your problems from people around you as your symptoms and issues could be different then them. Infact, if you are a PCOSer who is trying to conceive, simply see your doctor and take treatment as per her professional advice. Another Important issue is Nigrican Acanthosis, which means darkening of any patch of your skin especially the neck or arm area or any other part of your body. Talking about me, I dont have any such issue of nigricans acanthosis, so I haven’t tried any tip or trick to deal with it but i have some PCOSer friends facing this issue. As per them, if someone is facing such issue, what she can do is just take around 1-2 Tbsp of baking soda on your palm, take one lemon and cut it into halves, and coat the lemon well with the baking soda. After that rub/massage lemon coated with soda on that darkened patch for good 5-10mins and leave it on for 1-2hrs . Lastly wash it off with regular tap water. Try to do this daily and if not daily do this on alternative days for best results. Within a month , you would see huge improvement in your acanthosis issue. So these are some of the issues related to PCOS and you must have noticed whatever I told you as a remedy were all home based tried and tested tips and tricks. I did not take any medicine or supplements. Everything I mentioned is natural and chemicals free. So that is it for today, If you like my video, do not forget to subscribe and like my channel and if you have any suggestions, do share with me. See you soon. keep me in your prayers, take care, Allah hafiz.


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    Sooooo ladies… Whether you are single or married, please keep an eye on your system… There is no harm in going to gynecologist if you feel something is off with your body.

  37. M just frustrated of my pcod problem…… I am suffering with dis since I was in 9th standard and now I completed BE and MTECH, got married and delivered a baby boy with lots of treatment and still have PCOD…… m fed up of dis and fed up of taking any treatment further….m😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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