How Rh factor affects a pregnancy

How Rh factor affects a pregnancy

The story of our Rh disease begins with
blood. Everyone on earth can be divided into one of four major blood groups, but
there’s another category that differentiates us. Rh. Most people have a
protein on the red blood cells called the rhesus factor these people are Rh
positive, but a small percentage of the global population is missing this
protein making them Rh negative. These two blood groups are incompatible, that
means that if they mix, deadly reactions can occur. That’s why it’s
dangerous when an Rh negative woman becomes pregnant with an Rh positive
baby. If the baby’s red blood cells get into the mother’s blood stream, our
immune system will consider them foreign invaders and create antibodies to
destroy them. These antibodies can also cross the placenta and attack the fetus
with terrible consequences like permanent brain damage and even death.
This immune reaction begins during a mother’s first pregnancy, but is only
completed after the baby is born. That’s why first babies are typically spared
from Rh disease, they’re already born by the time the mother’s immune
system has time to react. But an immune system never forgets leaving all future
Rh positive babies at risk of getting Rh disease. Rh disease was once a major
killer but in the 1960s scientists discovered a cure by essentially hacking
the immune system with the help of human donors. They obtained the same antibodies
that were hurting babies and turn them into a life-saving injection that helps
prevent the disease. This injection is given to women before and after delivery,
providing an antibody dose that is too small to hurt the baby
but potent enough to prevent the mother’s immune system from reacting.
It’s as though these antibodies help mask the fetuses red blood cells,
making them invisible to the mothers immune system. Today Rh disease is
virtually eradicated in wealthy nations like Canada where the injection has
become routine for at-risk pregnancies. This cure only works if women can access
an injection through an adequate health care system in much of the world this is
still out of reach for many women making the death and devastation of Rh
disease a modern reality. you


  1. Hello, your video is very informative. I have a question. I am Rhesus Negative and i am currently pregnant 24 weeks with twins who are positive. I wonder if this counts as my 3rd pregnancy as my first 2 pregnancies were not successful which i think may have been caused by something to do with the rhesus thing. So would i need a injection?

  2. This was my first pregnancy and I miscarried because I have RH negative blood and my baby didn’t. It’s possible to miscarry even in first pregnancy. Please get the shot. :-/

  3. I have a question. I am rh negative and my 2 week old baby is rh positive. However, I did receive the rhogam shot during pregnancy & after I delivered. Am I more at risk for my future pregnancies?

  4. It’s not out of reach in my country ,iraq, as i remember it was available in every single clinic and pharmacy.

  5. There is no mistake in the work of god, stupid science mans !!

    "harmful antibodies" is 100% intentional !! God made it that way !!

  6. I am one of the babies , my mom went into a seizure first and then c-section happened. I was literally born 1 pound 6 ounces because I came out too early at 6 months . This is really real

  7. Hey am a boy aged 25 years i once had a blood test and the results shows that i have Rh+ and blood group O+ does that means when i get married the possibility of having a baby is low or may you please give me a brief explanation about this coz am really worried and am in a need of a baby remember am a boy hi every one

  8. I lost my first baby due to RH negative. Had the Rhogan shot after the miscarriage and after next two pregnancies and gave birth to big healthy boys!

  9. RH- RH+ interbreeding is a abomination, stop forcing to breed with other Species ….That means we are not all the same Human race from Abraham……this should wake everyone up that there is no such thing as we all the same because its bullshit to think so..

  10. what l would like anyone to understand is this a woman that is rh neg that has a rh neg baby does not need a rhogam shot they wont tell you the blood type of the baby even if the baby is rh neg this shot is full of mercury and aluminum why is that and why is it protocol to give it to you anyway and everybody is neg somebody is not being truthful ok give thanks

  11. From my knowledge I truly believe that RH- people are not human from The first humans on Earth…you can sugar coat and be in denial all you want about them., They are not our people. We would never know who they are and why God made them that way. I'm sure it was a good damn reason….what kind of species that appear to look like us but can't interbreed with us….there is a reason why They can't naturally intermixed with earth humans….The Health Science Department are meddling with people biological make up, they should not be tampered with things they have no understand why we are different…Creating the RhoGam injection was the biggest mistake they ever made… it's like forcing a human woman to breed with a horse and making it possible. That's playing God….

  12. O- blood is original human blood…this is why it is uiversally ac cepted by all blood types…tbe rh + baby is rejected by the rh – motgers body because the nonhuman monkey protein is detected…both baby and mother are human in both pos and neg groups …the confusion comes by the false belief that humans evolved from apes…the rh- esp tge o- are proof that we did not evolve from monkeys but that human blood has been genetically tampered with. The rhogam injection is further proof as it shows that artificial means can be used to force the human body to accept things which are unnatual to it..tgey do the same with medications to force the body to accept transplant irgans tbat would otherwise be naturally rejected

  13. So if we stop mixing the races The rhogam Shot wouldn't be needed. Stop mixing because obviously it's not supposed to be happening

  14. I'm currently almost 25 weeks pregnant and O rhesus neg. My partner is O pos, so of course we are at increased risk with baby. I have my Anti-D shot at 28 weeks, and have pretty much just been told not to worry over it, but be extra careful not to knock my bump hard, and if I do, I must contact labour hotline immediately to seek advice.

    My hospital and midwife have explained that any mixing of blood between mother's womb being damaged and the baby, or baby bleeding into placenta or fluid is usually what will trigger miscarriage or hemolytic disease, before Anti-D injection is given. Little taps and knocks are fine, but anything that could actually damage the womb and cause me to bleed into amniotic fluid or placenta is the problem. They gave examples like slamming into driving wheel in a hard brake or crash, falling onto bump, being punched in bump, bouncing off edge of a countertop very hard etc.

    Otherwise the chances of miscarriage or hemolytic disease due to rh- neg are very low, and most first pregnancies are totally fine.

    This will be my first, he is a boy, very healthy and active, kicking like crazy for weeks already.

  15. Tnx for the video. I don't speak good english but I will try. I'm pregnant now. My blood type is negative. And I have already lost my pregnancy without knowing and I didn't have anti D injunction before. Till the begining of the fourth month and then anti_bodies appear during the same month of pregnancy. That's how I discovered that I have alreadt lost a pregnancy before. I saw my doctor she give me a blood test to do each week and another one to know the blood type of my baby and she told me that I should see I more professional doctor, so she cold that doctor and he will see me after 10 days. I'm scared if this period is long. And I want to know if the baby will be Ok and how, then how much percent for the baby to survive normal ?! I hope I can find answers here. Thank u.

  16. wow u dummies would take any/thing/ones advice if its on a video….. you fools…. Rh negarive is the (alien) bloodline that they want to mix with man kind
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    the "true bloodline of Yahoshua"…. the one religious people call JESUS the Christ…!

  17. You would think women in modern day would at least know their blood type and their partner, but nope…
    Two incompatible people having a child is an abomination.

  18. Rh+ people are the people "created" in Genesis 1:27. The seed of Satan. Cain received a mark before he was banished, hence the extra marker! Rh- people are the people "formed" by the Lord God. Hence, the chosen people, the peculiar people!

  19. its not a disease and there is a good reason why the people who are running the show are all blue bloods. Its the blood type of the master race

  20. Never seem to find the real answer I'm looking for. Can a A+ women have a child with and rh- o- man? My boyfriend has this blood and says we likely can never have kids

  21. my blood group b negative and my husband blood group a positive so what's efect in pregnancy or during delivery time
    plz tell me details

  22. I have an important question. If the woman is rh – and the guy is rh+ and as she is pregnant and gets the shot to prevent damaging the baby, would the shot affect the baby to make it sterile(not be able to reproduce)? I heard that this is the case but I do know if it is true, and if so, does it happen 100%of the time?

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