How She Feels About My New Relationship

How She Feels About My New Relationship

Hey, guys (laughs) okay, alright Where do I even start…I (laughs) I’m so frustrated right now [intro music plays] As I was saying that, my memory card literally stopped recording (laughs) So I’m having issues with my memory cards I had to film on like 4 different ones, I put all the files on my computer and then went back, started editing and realised that a good chunk of the video was missing so I went back on all my memory cards, I couldn’t find it anywhere, one of them was corrupted, so I bought a data recovery software online that was like 70 bucks found the “missing video” and restored it and it was nothing but static so I feel like the software was just bullshit and there was…it just… I… nothing worked it didn’t work (laughs) that didn’t work, and this was like hours into it where I’m like what the fuck do I do? That was like my whole Saturday was trying to just get these files so I could edit them because I needed it up that day and that didn’t happen so I was very frustrated erm, so I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to have it up Sunday because I just I didn’t have the files, and I didn’t have time to rerecord the whole video, edit it, and upload it. So um I was just like fuck it I’ll have to record it later and just not have a video tomorrow apparently. So on Sunday I wanted to get my mind off of things and do something else that I I could do that day which was go and get all my computer stuff to set up my desk top, cause now I’m in an office again (burps) at a storage. So I go and I do that, and I bring all my stuff over here and I got the, the the TV that someone sent me in my PO box a subscriber sent me this TV a while back but I never got to use it er because I was going to be living in the RV, and now that’s on indefinite hold, who knows when the fuck that’s happening. So er I got the TV out I was gonna use it as a monitor for my desktop, I thought that would be dope, I was gonna mount it on the wall (clears throat) went and got the stuff to mount it and took it all out of the box and realised that um I don’t have the right tools so I couldn’t do that. Ok And then, so I was like whatever, I’ll just set the TV up on my desk so I did it’s over there, it’s pretty huge, it’s kind of ridiculous but it’s awesome. Set the TV up on my desk, and um I go to turn it on and set it up and it’s not working (laughs) It, it doesn’t recognise that it’s plugged in to my computer and the remote control is broken, it came in the box just part of it was all busted up and so I can’t, some of the buttons work, but the one that I need which is the input button doesn’t work, so I couldn’t do that either (laughs) and I was just like ok so this isn’t working so I was like alright at the very least I’ll just use my old monitor, my little one, and set it up and I’ll at least be able to get on my desktop and like do stuff on there, cause I’ve been on the laptop and if you’ve gone between the two, it just IMO desktop is much nicer. So I set that up and my, my computer just isn’t running it’s not even functioning, like it turns on and it works but it is slower than like any computer that I’ve ever used, which is ridiculous because it’s a very nice, gaming PC, like good specs more than enough of everything to, you know, run fucking Google, and Youtube and shit, and it’s not it, it won’t even like load Youtube pages. And it’s not my internet, cause everything else works, it’s just my computer. oh, so so so now currently (laughs) what I’m doing is resetting it to the factory settings, I’m just wiping it, I have everything backed up on a on a hard drive anyway, so fuck it. So that’s just…it’s…honestly it’s been one thing after another, and it’s just been like one of those weekends where I can’t get ahead of myself, and I haven’t been able to go to the gym, so that’s very frustrating. So that’s, that’s the story of why the croptop video isn’t up, and I was really excited about it, and talked about it a lot, and like told people and I got everyone hyped for it , and I was very excited for it. But you know what, that’s life. ooooh I am, I’m just very frustrated. So that’s what’s happening. I think that (laughs) after this the rest of this video, I’ll just kind of this will just be a vlog, fuck it, we’re gonna have a vlog this is a vlog enjoy (laughs) I came out to see my girls while I’m waiting on my computer to do it’s thing (kisses) and while err you know, I’m just waiting on my brain to stop being so upset about everything. Doodle, oh hi oh hello miss Noodle a doodle woodle a woodle doodle noodle a boodle woodle doodle a noodle doodle woodle boodle a doodle woodle do do do a boodle doodle do, whosa bo do do do do do do do. Come here pretty girl What you doing pretty girl? Get cha ball. Yeah get cha ball What’s that goose doin? What’s that goose doin? oh she’s eatin course course she is Noodle. Alright girls you be good boop quit bein a fucking bitch that’s all I am ugh I’m so frustrated you guys. ugh. Ok so I did the whole factory reset, got it all back to where it was and the motherfucker is is even slower than it was before (laughs) So something is damaged or there’s a virus or something, I’ve scanned I don’t know it’s not coming up, it’s everything. I’m just gonna take it to get looked at cause I can’t fucking buy a new PC, this is such a nice computer, and well. I’ve had it since I was a junior, so maybe it’s just like getting old and now it’s now it’s that time but I fucking hope not, I’ve taken good care of it, but like all it’s done is sit in storage, why is, why, what happened? Someone went and took it, hooked it up, watched a bunch of porn on it and then…was it you? We’re about to go to the gym, I need to get this frustration out ugh and by the way this is Christy. Hello nice to meet you. We’re friends, and we’re gym partners it’s not weird I know you guys, ya’ll are asking, ya’ll don’t know now you know ok…we’re…it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine (whispers: it’s fine). How do you feel about me and Stephanie? Congrats. See, thanks Cute. Cute. I’m happy for you. Thank you. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Tight. See we’re all good it’s all good in the hood. Except for my fucking computer Fuck that guy. We decided to run to the store and get some food first. I’m craving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so I’m gonna make me a few PB&J’s Christy…did you literally just fart, I’m leaving it in (laughs) erm so yeah, food before gym and we got the girls treats. Oh shit those Doodles and that Goose lets see it. Doodle Giiiirls you pee pee on the floor yeah (sit) You hungry? oooooh Goose Hi Doodle she’s got…you gotta take the ball out of her mouth (Good job, hunny) Yeah oooooh those girls that Goose Noodle and me Goose. Goose I got 3 PB&J’s and a nice glass of almond milk Christy what you makin? Chicken. Chicken nice, bro. That was a thousand calorie meal. Yo boy is gettin those gains. I’m about ready for the gym Still cookin. Yeah, sorry Alright guys, we just rolled up to the gym, we’re gonna have to be a little bit sneaky with the camera, cause last time we were in here they told us not to record with nice cameras. They said we could record with our phones but not with this. For some, some kind of logic that…was… had something to do with with if this gets posted on the internet and someone’s in it they won’t like it, but also like if people are taking pictures and videos on their phones they’re definitely putting those on like Instagram and Snapchat and shit. I mean no judgement that’s what I do, but that’s what everyone’s in there fucking doing. So I don’t see the logic there of, you can do this with phones and it’s ok but you can’t do this with cameras. So so anyways, rants aside, I’m going, we’re we’re doing some…we gotta catch up, we’ve been out of the gym for 3 days and we’re gonna try to get some shots and if we don’t then that’s because we got caught [music plays] Alright back home guys getting in the rest of my calories, got some I don’t know some kind of frozen protein blend thing with like lentils and greens and shit that Chrisite made earlier and then some chicken breast, and um that workout was crazy. We had to catch up so we did back, and legs and er fuck, I’m tired (laughs) ok I’m gonna eat [music plays]


  1. Ty is a good person and so is Christy. Two growing individuals can easily remain friends and be supportive of each other after ending a relationship. It's disturbing how many people on here are expecting them to hate each other or Stef and Christy to hate each other. Chill, guys.

  2. Mister Ty WTF R u doing??????????? U got the message thats clear soo what are you doing? Just go to Stef dude shes going crazy :YOUR EX IS EXACTLY THAT YOUR EX she is just using you ps:

  3. So since he posted this video, Stef and Ty stopped liking their instagrampictures… So I hope everything is ok between them

  4. You were just having a rough day!! It happens to everyone! There are some weeks that I can't wait to be over and some that I wish could go on forever

  5. Hey y'all, I appreciate your concern and intentions but Ty cleared the footage by me before uploading. I don't dictate his friendships and he doesn't dictate mine. It's all good.

  6. Unless you have children together… I don't believe you can be "just friends" with an ex… ESPECIALLY if they dated for YEARS and were ENGAGED. I don't care who you are, I personally would not be okay with my boyfriend being friends with his most recent ex along with what I said before. Do you truly believe that you're 100% committed to your new relationship, do you think you've given 100% of yourself to your new partner if you're hanging out with your ex? HAHA NO. Why are you still trying to hold onto someone in the past that you only saw as a significant other for so long? Boredom? Trouble letting go of old habits? A normal person moves on. This just seems like SOMEONE (Stef, Ty, Or Christy) is bound to get hurt or everyone. Sorry Stef 😬 I hope all goes well

  7. Yo you're awesome. But almond milk is bullshit. And terrible for the environment due to water wastage. Consider milk, milk from cows!

  8. It’s funny that there are so many people piping in on Stef’s behalf. We don’t know what goes on when the cameras are off and quite frankly it’s none of our business. It’s cool to be curious, but prying into a part that a person wants to be private is another. Would I personally be ok with my fiancé hanging out with an ex? No, but that’s our problem and has more to do with MY self esteem. Projecting my insecurities on someone else is like trying to wear a toaster as a hat. It doesn’t fit.

    Ty and Stef are both YouTubers so it’s hard to not feel like we are entitled to ask questions or say our piece (I mean it’s the internet so technically you can do whatever you want), but if we want quality content and productive conversations it would be better to bring up these questions or issues without pointing fingers and being disrespectful. So many people said this video felt forced and uncomfortable, but so many people wanted answers. At least Ty is listening to his viewers, he could have easily said it was none of our business.

  9. I would never be okay with my boyfriend hanging out with anyone that he fucked in the past, maybe that's just me lol.

  10. ty, i'm really happy to see christy in this video. i'm also friends with my ex boyfriend and we dated for six years; to be honest we're more than friends, we are best friends! we wanted to have a future together but unfortunately life happened and we decided to break up. neither us of did anything wrong; it's just that life happened so in our eyes there was no reason for us not to remain friends. it's been a really difficult and painful situation for us but at the same time it's been a really good decision for us. though difficult in different ways, our current relationship is much healthier. it functions much better as a friendship than it did as a romantic relationship because we can't give each other what we need romantically but we can give each other what we need in a friendship.

    our situation is so hard for some people to understand and it makes our dating life complicated and messy. but we feel like as long as we understand what it is and we keep communicating to make sure we continue to understand then that's the only thing that matters. no one else has to get it except for us and if someone doesn't like it then so be it. deuces. ✌🏼 i feel like that's what you and christy have going on and i just want you to know that i empathize and i don't think it's weird. it's awesome and a true sign or maturity and integrity for the two of you and stef. 😊

  11. Most of y'all in this comment section are why I tend to stay out of relationships. I don't want nobody that's gonna try and control who I'm friends with and get mad at me for being friends with people. If you're gonna date someone them treat them as another human being and not your pet that you can make do stuff. If he wants to be friends with his ex then that's him. He's an individual person.

  12. Now this is only ME personally giving my unnecessary opinion on how I am and how my experiences have happened with me when I have dated guys who remained friends with ex's. I felt like expressing this because why not? I would never be cool with my bf being friends with his ex and hanging out but that is just me. [[On a better note I am truly happy everything is awesome between you three!!]]

  13. Americans do. Lol I dn't even know that transgender men also cheat. I know its just a friend but man hello? You think its okay to stef? We know stef hurt and she just dn't show it. Stupid. unsubscribing.

  14. I know Stef is cool with it but that just would not fly with me ! Lol I mean we're all different but to me like they have a long history, lived together, were engaged, and idk … would make me uncomfortable.

  15. I have had an actual counsellor tell me that it is a difficult transition to become friends after a breakup. It takes around 2 years of no contact. Nobody has to hate anybody each other when they break up, but if you want to fully move on, space is needed. Boundaries are a good thing, my friends.

  16. Lol, I am good friends with my ex as well and I am very good friends with his current gf and my boyfriends is on good terms with , him and on very good terms with her. We all party together and meet regulary, so I don't see a problem at all.

  17. I actually really like this video. It is so human. I like that your vloging to cope lol. But I do disagree with being friends with an ex. But you do what works for you guys. Hope all your issues are resolved or you've at least moved past them. I'm sure Stef can help relieve some of those fustrations as well 😉

  18. I've only just stumbled across your videos, you're super interesting to watch and i look forward to getting stuck into more of your videos : )

  19. I was just on stephs live stream and asked about ty her natzi fabs attacked me for even asking so I'm thinking it's not all good in the hood. I love how she puts her life out there but heaven for bid something is not 100% pleasant you better be able to read minds . I mean here a week ago sounds like they were still together. My bad for asking I guess but I still don't think her little fans needed to take my head right off.

  20. Some of you sound borderline abusive and possessive in these comments. It's perfectly fine to be friends with Ex's
    Maybe some of ya'll have unresolved feelings with yours but others are perfectly fine with theirs. I'm married and friends with two of my exs, and guess what….. MY MARIAGE IS WONDERFUL lol
    You shouldn't dictate your partners friends just like they shouldn't dictate yours.

  21. iF YOU'RE USING WINDOWS 10, IT EATS EXTERNAL STUFF!!! I HOPE you don't have Windows 10, look up Bitlocker junk!!! Mine was all locked out until I got to unlock all my externals and SD cards. BOOOOOOO windows 10!!!

  22. Hey, burping on video does not make you more masculine. And haging out with your ex its just disrespectful to your current partner.

  23. Stef deserves better than you. I’m seriously am not hating on you one bit, but you may be missing a typical guy thing train of though that you may pack just right now. 1. Men tend to be less quick at willing/wanting to settle down in a house or lives together right away anyways. 2. Which really shows something that would bug most men that you don’t seem to quite get yet and that is to just invite your ex, who you’re very recently broken up with for what ever reason this time and only this time around, you’re putting Stef right in the middle of it… I know you’re not a lesbian or anything but you know what they called someone who had a whole new life every week by the stories changing and behavior? It’s you Ty. I believe you got the brain and a heart of a man to let one of the go. Explore a little more. They way you look at your ex….. the way you looked at Stef was cute and then when I see you with you ex, it’s almost like you’re super happy and with Stef it’s more of, “I could just eat you up” type look. Maybe I’m 100% wrong but if I happen to be right and you see this message that, you’ll really think about it and go with your heart. No hard feeling bub, I like you a lot. Tou’re a pretty damn cool person! AGAIN, from a man who’s been married for 14 years, I encourage you both to explore a little more! Too many people talking about how they remained friends with their exes. Well, so have I. but not one ended just a few short months after being together a while and breaking up (for good and be friends) and then date again! If Ty wants his ex and they truly love one another, many props!

  24. We use our tv in our living room connected to a laptop, and I know that we had tried to connect them with the HDMI port. Apparently that particular HDMI port is broken. Before the port broke we had to try 3 different hdmi cables before we had one that worked. It seems that they are easily damaged on some TVs.

  25. Just because she says she is cool with you hanging out with your ex, trust me she's not. That is totally disrespectful. Are you trying to make her jealous or are you really that dumb?

  26. Sooooo I see that Stef says she is ok with it and all. And I’m not saying exes can’t be friends. But they hung out with each other all day? Not just like meet up at the gym. Chill. Go separate ways. She was literally with him all day. Do they live together? Because that’s kind of what I’m getting out of it.

  27. Video was sheer rambling and had only 15 seconds of what the title says. Sucks to lose stiff but rambling about it for half the video makes one lose interest. I had to fast forward most of this.

  28. Of course Christi doesn't mind. She's not the young naive school girl easily bamboozled by a butch lesbian to go along with her crazy scheme. She's a thinking adult and does not take a relationship with Ty-the-wanna-be-guy as a real man/woman relationship She will ultimately sink into the sunset, realizing associating with Ty hurts her own image.

  29. Clickbait videos are pretty pathetic… why not just call it a "day vlog" and be honest? But that's just my opinion.

  30. Yessssss I WAS SO HOPING IT WAS TRUE. YOU N STEP MAKE SUCH A CUTE COUPLE. congrats. and its cool how cristy is happy for u guys. that shows alot of class girl good for u.

  31. I can't imagine being with someone who wasn't friends with ALL of their exes. I'm friends with ALL of mine. How can you claim to love another person and then not be compassionate and kind to them when it doesn't work out? You people that don't get that are freaks.

  32. Nothing wrong with being in good terms with your ex but I find it disrespectful to be hanging out with an ex as much Ty and Chrissy do, I mean, she's even cooking his meals. She's like the filler GF while Stef is in Canada…. anyway, that's their business, just saying Stef is a bigger person than me because I wouldn't be ok with all that. ✌️.. Stef girl, you deserve better, get yourself a partner that's not hung up on being bff with their ex and makes you look like a fool online.

  33. Omg ty is do cute and omg he has a hot bubble butt. Mmmmmmmm i want to spank it…lol yes im thirsty for all those who r thinking it lol

  34. Assuming you have an android phone you can just download an app to function as a remote. Sorry about the hassle brother

  35. I’m seeing all the opinions on this one! My now husband stayed friends with his ex-fiancé throughout our relationship. We have been together for 8 years and married 2. She and her family came to our wedding and a year later we went to hers. We are still close to her and her parents. Adults can choose who they have in their lives! The same doesn’t apply to all ex relationships obviously but sometimes you realize that some people are pretty awesome and should stick around.

  36. It's funny that right after this Ty and Stef kinda keeptthings on the low.. barely likeing eachother's pictures and not talking about one another. Do you still have a new reationship or is your ex one of those annoying exes that get bored of you but then wantbyou back when they see you with someobe else. I see lots of girls doing this and it's annoying af. I didn't mean to sound condescending, you don't have to answer anyone but yourself but really, is she really that nice? That "it's fine" doesn't seem very genuine andwho actually uses the word fine to actually mean good nowadays? with the exception of reffering to someone looking fine. But other than that, usually when people say they are fine they don't mean it. I'm kinda pissed off because I think you kinda turned cold harted because of a lot of things your ex??? did to you and I'm afraid of you not breaking Stef's heart. I also been in this situation where I liked a guy and he liked me back but his ex kept butting in and him giving in because guys or people are stupid like that… I dob't get people that keep looking back and are comfortable. For me, when it's over it's over.

  37. Okay w/ the desktop you wiped it and prob need to install all the software from the company because when you get a new laptop/desktop you can't just Go you need to install the latest bios and like Stuff to get it to work properly
    Like the system stuff first then extras idk man

  38. Ty Is sooo Fuckkn Hott!! I wish he was My man!! But.. he probably doesn’t like black Women tho… o well… it never hurted anyone to dream !.. 😔

  39. Wow thats so funny, I watched all your videos back when you just started transitioning, as well as Stef's. Last year I saw her Boytriend tag video but I didn't even realize it was you 😀

  40. I have two dogs and all I do is talk to them all day like a crazy person. I don't need friends, I have my dogs. and two kitties.

  41. I think this whole "triangle" relationship is toxic. If they weren't so concerned about being "cool" and "Ok" with it they might look into their real feelings and whats really going on here. And Ty, being a trans male should know better.C'mon Ty, one lover one friend? Having one's cake….

  42. I know a good software to recover deleted video's pictures anything really. Sounds like it was damaged before you deleted though. they have a paid version and a free version. It as lots of disk utilities including file indeleter.

  43. Why do you Even CARE she is a EX nothing she have to do with you then what’s the point of the tittle ex react to my new relationship you should not be friend with a ex 😂

  44. Slow performance even after a factory usually points to one thing, the drive is likely going bad or there is other internal hardware issues

  45. Holy shit I just noticed you look like Edward Norton not like fight club Edward Norton like hot Edward Norton like America history X but not like racist Edward Norton in America History X….yea hahaha

  46. People are upset because Ty is hanging out with his ex? Really? I don't know, I'm more upset about the clickbait. I mean, there's nothing wrong with using titles that attract people to watching your videos IF it still corresponds to what's the actual content of the video. Here, the title represents like TWO SECONDS of the video. That's a thumb down for me. You know better than this Ty.

  47. Oh hell, you're just so fucking hot!!! You should have no problem attracting ANY girl.. Ya dig? I would have no problem with you!!😚😜

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