How stored up traumatic (toxic) stress creates chronic illness

How stored up traumatic (toxic) stress creates chronic illness


  1. Once again, a great job explaining the harm that can be done from early trauma. I was not aware that the parasympathetic system got stuck up with the sympathetic system. I thought they were totally reverse, exaggerated all on or all off for trauma issues. I need to restudy this and program this into my understanding.

  2. Thanks Irene, I love this explanation …so clear and relevant for me right now, I have been up in the zone for the last few weeks and my system is screaming….my kidneys are literally aching…You know the stressful situation is on going currently…but I am seriously comitted to working with my vaga nerve…I was just blogging about it and when this post appeared. As I hear you speak, do your programs and understand more, my capacity grows…yep slowly, but I can measure the changes. I have four days off now and priority number one…vagal tone…lots of gentle social engagement: time with my husband, my child, my dog, my friends warm packs on my back, .some music is calling me, and tapping into some of the New Inner Game excercises for my poor old kidneys. thanks so much….if i could hug you right now I would.

  3. I love this, thank you so much for sharing. I am an energy medicine practitioner, and help clients these traumas from people's bodies. I love how you explain this, and will be sending this video to several of my clients!

  4. Is it possible that during the years in this state, the flight or flight response shuts down almost completely (like adrenal exhaustion) and the sympathetic nervous system goes too low as well, causing the response to new stress to be inadequate? It is very hard for the system to be highly alert all the time, it will fail in time, in my opinion.

  5. Although emotional and mental stress can cause physical unwellness, we are living in an environmental toxic world, vaccines, medications, chemtrails, EMF/EHS, pesticides insecticides, GMO, etc.. stress can be good, it depends on coping mechanism, etc.. reasons for increase in chronic illnesses are caused by the aforementioned.

  6. love it ! am just discovering your brilliant presentations. i am a coach & trauma expert and can absolutely confirm what you are talking about here. i do love the meta health and 'german new medicine' approach, personally – as it pinpoints precisely what syndrome, which organ and brain layer and what 'time frame' we are looking at to determine the often hidden initial stress or conflict shock
    once resolved the symptoms disappear 🙂
    i call our work 'the journey to world peace' – as each person who clears and heals from their 'blockages' will become a whole, complete person, a compassionate 'hu-man' at a place where there is no war within and therefore no war without.

  7. Thanks for the video Irene. I've an opportunity to get EMDR at a low cost clinic or Somatic Experiencing on Skype. In what way does EMDR differ from Somatic therapy for developmental trauma and shock?

  8. Well done. I agree with your synopsis – I believe Parkinson's fits squarely into this picture. I neeed to do some more research on Polyvagal Theory [I assume that is essentially what you are talking about it here]?

  9. Irene, how can I access the "First Video" regarding developmental trauma that you mention here. Mahalo nui loa for your very well detailed explanations. This makes much of what is read more clearly understood. I appreciate your work.

  10. I really like your videos and your knowledge, the way you explain. Thank you. Ill add to that list – and dont know why you dont mention it – BIG PHARMA. Specifically ANTIBIOTICS and PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATIONS. Our metabolisms are so damaged by antibiotics, that is the link to all this.

  11. Vaccines and environmental toxicity also cause massive dysregulation of the autonamic nervous system. And I've seen on your FB page that you support vaccines. I support you to do more research because the trauma these children go through is off the chart. Your interest may be childhood trauma but vaccines are part of this.

  12. I just want to say thank you so much! Every word you said I highly resonate. I always had anxiety, but after a traumatic experience, i immediately experienced symptoms of fibromyalgia. However I noticed, when I feel calmer, when I don’t think about it or my fight or flight goes down, my fibro is alleviated. It’s interesting because yes there is no cure, because no one can cure your fight or flight except for me! I’m going to work very hard to get my system back on track. Thanks!

  13. Hey, Irene, you explain in a very intuitive way which I find helpful, but also I'm seeking clarity about the anatomy and function of the two branches of the vagus. (my science mind likes to pitch in with the healing process!) I have been reading Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory, and from what I understand, there is the old, "reptilian" vagus branch that makes us freeze in fear, lowering our brain oxygen levels and causing other long-term detrimental effects; and then there is the mammalian vagus, which is highly connected to our social and communication centers, and which is able to turn of the SNS more efficiently, without harmful effects like low oxygen, stiff muscles, the sensation of fear, etc.

    He says that mammals evolved this newer vagus to regulate the stress system and to evolve our social systems. So I wonder, where does the older vagus fit in? Is it almost vestigial at this point? Maybe, if people fail to use their mammalian vagus to return to baseline (because we didn't learn good co-regulation strategies, or because the stress is just too overwhelming), then the reptilian vagus comes in as a last resort to shut down the over-activated system. But in general it's better to use the mammalian vagus. When you are showing both PNS and SNS "staying high," you are talking about the old vagus, right?

  14. Thank you so much, your a lifesavor. I've been going through therapy to get to the root of my issues, and never could figure out why talk therapy wasn't enough, and after watching you and listening to the body keeps the score, I know why. Thank you for showing me what I need to do. I can't wait to get into your program, so I can help myself, and become a coach and help others. ☺

  15. Thank you, this explains so much. I have signed up to the 21 day nervous system programme as a pre-run and will be continuing onto SmartBody SmartMind In April. I have CFS and am so excited about healing!

  16. Goodness where were you 2 years ago when all this stuff started to overwhelm me! Grateful your wisdom found its way to me after a period of intense chronic soul detox.

  17. You seem to totally ignore the degrading of our food – food is no longer food. It is a mix of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc. along with genetic manipulation. Our bodies were never meant to use this crap to nourish them. Since I have started eating clean, my depression and anxiety has cleared up considerably (and I have an ACE's of 7) and my chronic fatigue is getting better. There is more than one side to this puzzle that is chronic disease.

  18. This resonates with me so much! I got ME/CFS after a year of pretty intense, ongoing stress. And I've had a lot of the kind of stress you talk about, where you feel like you have little control over it & can't get away from it like you want to… not so much as a kid, but as a teen through to my late 20s and again in the last few years.

  19. Thank you for the video Irene! I went through years of childhood trauma and began having physical health problems when I was 20. I have had many abdominal issues; liver, kidney, pancreas, colon and have had my gal bladder removed. I was told I was going to die. I saw many different doctors and they are unable to explain why at 24 I had so many problems with my health. After going to therapy for the last year to deal with some trauma my health has improved immensely. I think it is so incredibly important for people to be aware of the manifestation of stress and childhood trauma! Although I am still recovering and have heath issues triggered by stress from time to time it is my awareness that has kept me out of the ER for the last year.

  20. M I N D B L O W N – thank you for showing the crossing point. It all makes more sense now in my head because I've been thinking that fight/flight is on the opposite site of freeze and that they can't happen at the same time. Understand why I feel so tired AND stressed now 🙂

  21. Now I understand why my doctor wanted to prescribe me Zoloft for muscle tightness and joint pain. My mom is almost 60 but has been suffering with rhumetoid arthritis and ibs since her late 40s .She worked so hard as a home health aide and from as far as I can remember she has always been Avery anal retentive person. So high strung all the time. I'm starting to believe that all of that has caused her health issues. I'm in my late 30s and am taking an approach to natural health. Spending lots of time on the ocean and in nature. I'm exercising more now as well. Maybe that will help reduce my stress levels. I want to try and stay healthy as long as possible

  22. Hey Irene, I love you study/research work. I really feel like God put me on this earth to do the same work you do because growing up I felt like I could heal through the body and psych. But because of my own issues (bipolar & cptsd) I’m having a hard time healing with a traditional therapist. What type of therapist would you recommend for this type of treatment?

  23. Thanks for that really enjoyed getting the information . Today I’ve just received the book The deepest well so I’m definitely on the right path for myself and clients . No coincidence there I don’t believe in it .

  24. & i never had a good night sleep in my entire miserable fucking life
    It's all cancer nightmares

  25. I would love to do your course! My psychotherapist recommended it to me as I’m hopefully moving country and won’t be able to see her soon, iv spent most of my life in freeze until I had a major panic attack one day then I was in flight or fight constantly it got so bad I got to the point I could barely lift my feet to walk, when dropping my kids off to school, I’m at the stage now where everyday is different from complete freeze, to feeling normal and then to fight flight again,

  26. Wish I'd seen this decades ago. With no other influences than stress, I've managed to get congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation. I need to learn a whole lot more about how to deal with this process of coming down from the ramp-up of stress.

  27. I'm youngest of very large , low income family. Father was physically abusive to all brothers, and my Mother, sexually abusive to his daughters from very young age. Got severe case of shingles in primary school. Terrified of him at all times, adored Mother whom I became extremely protective of as I aged, around 17 and up.
    For decades now, as adult, I've had migraines and fibromyalgia, worsening every year. Hypersensitivity to light (sun and fluorescent or flashing), smells (perfumes, dogs, exhaust, bushes, trees) sounds (I startle way too easy with even store intercom..only go out after dark), can only wear cotton or flannel next to skin, cannot tolerate sadness, extremely overprotective of grown children and Mother when she was alive- passed in 2002 and still can't speak of her without crying), prone to panic attacks. Now on disability after working 40+ very stressful years. Migraine neurologist dxd me with "central nervous system hypersensitivity" but had no treatment. Am a senior now and rarely leave my home due to above sensitivities. My children are worried. One is very much like me..had severe unrelenting stress during pregnancy, as my Mother must have had we me and all siblings. None of us are "normal." What can I do?

  28. I recommend this for everyone in trauma who is open to vibrational medicine. Some SE practitioners use this remedy. It is indicated in cases of PTSD and CPTSD and brings a sense of safety, allowing the system to come down.

  29. Thanks Irene… I am so grateful each day that I found your channel on YouTube…you are a wealth of knowledge…I have benefited so much from all you're teaching and sharing it with others???

  30. Put lavender oil on that burn and repeat any time the heat rises in it. Lavender will also ease the anxiety that comes in not knowing if the pain will worsen.

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