How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up | Q&A With Bishop T.D. Jakes

How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up | Q&A With Bishop T.D. Jakes



  2. TD Jakes to me is one of the best motivated speaker and preacher that I have ever seen. God has blessed this man with real wisdom. While people and other Christian preachers talk about him in a bad way, this man of God is blessed.

  3. Sir, I loved You before and now I love you so much more. I didn't know your trials, but the lady was right GOD MADE YOU, YOUR ON ASSIGNMENT FROM GOD. May God bless you. YOUR LIVING HAS NOT BEEN IN VAIN. YOU blessed my life, gave me the knowledge of the "spirit of goodbye".
    I will always be grateful. Thank you for the book, I'm ready to soar🙏🏽
    God's own Princess

  4. Please pray for the recovery of my car. It was stolen. However, I know that in the midst of this difficult time God will bless me through my entrepreneur mindset!

  5. Powerful interview, Bishop T.D Jakes is full of wisdom, He is a great man of God with wisdom. God bless you Sir. From Ghana

  6. this is amazing!!! I've shared it with so many people…what a blessing. So glad I watched this today. Praise God!!!!!!!

  7. Pastor Td Jake just show us the easy way nothing in life is hard we just gotta work help each other pray and thank God 💯

  8. Wow! What a fascinating insight. Steven. Thanks very much for broadcasting this wisdom. It's life changing hundred folds. Cheers bro. Keeping doing the thing.

  9. I need help on my ideas…..I've sat on them and seen them in stores an thought. Well not today…but today I thought of something that is sure to make me rich and others…I'm natural problem solver by nature. I see a problem my brain is computing how to make it better. I dont do this intentionally it just. Comes. Today another idea came. I really need help some one explain what I need to do to get it off the ground. It is simple but needed in the medical field.

  10. Wow, just wow! Thank you for this Bishop Jakes, Pastor Steven and all the Team at Elevation! The world is better because of your service!

  11. This changed my life today. My mom simply text the link to my phone!! Thank everyone who made this happen!!! I know what it feels like to miss a turn. This video made me laugh, cry, and speak in tongue!!! Which I don’t do often…. BISHOP TD Jakes is POWERFULLLLLLL.

  12. Hey everybody plesae read: JESUS loves you
    you wonderfully made by GOD and not a mistake
    You are never alone because JESUS is with you <3

  13. Stephen is such an AMAZING interviewer… He askes a question then lets the person respond with out ever interrupting and his eyes are glued to the person responding. 🙏

  14. This guy looks like 'Lazzo Matumbi'. I'm sure you don't know him, but I'm also sure you're gonna agree to some extent if you look up and compare.

  15. Steven Furtick is sitting there like his dream has come true…and I don't blame him. To sit next to that much wisdom would be so great.

  16. obrigado por este presente! td jakes mudou meu ministério, minha vida através das palavras que ele ministra. meu sonho é aprender inglês e ir conhecê-lo , sei q um dia Deus me ajudará a realizAr este sonho. já estive na África , fazemos Missões. graças a ministraçoes deste Homem minha mentalidade mudou. eu o Amo .

  17. Thank you Bishop T.D Jakes and Pastor Steven Furtick for this awesome time spent together.
    I soar as an eagle.

  18. Great word and deeply needed. From one pastor to another, Thank you, Pastor Furtick, for sharing this important conversation with us.

  19. Nice music from an evil band at a so called house of God?! Wow!! And a race baiting, money loving, greedy, gluttonous, prosperity gospel preaching wolf! This is sickening!!
    Oh and you can’t be a Democrat and claim to be a man of God! That’s the definition of hypocrisy

  20. greatest preacher ever! what a blessing he is to all of us; so glad he didn't quit. love you brother, and I pray you live till Jesus comes for the church.

  21. This is one of the most powerful videos on 21st century spirituality infused into entrepreneurship on so many levels. For this with ears 🔥🦅🔥

  22. I like how pastor Steve is so respectful but really asked the real questions we wanted. Pastor Steve is a natural. Please do more interviews like this. You are great.

  23. I’ve been binging their videos for the past few days. He is speaking to me. If only I knew what to do with it

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