How to Choose a Playmat For Babies | Parents

How to Choose a Playmat For Babies | Parents

-Hi, I’m Jessica Hartshorn for American Baby
Magazine and I’m gonna tell you three things to look for in
an activity mat. An activity mat should have
toys that hang above your baby and toys on the mat itself.
So whether your baby is playing on her back or
on her belly, she’ll have lots to do. It’s also
great if the toys hang from these kinds of links
so you can add other toys. It also means that
you can take the toys off and switch them around
with each other or take the toys off completely
and play with them somewhere else. Basically, the more
you can do with the toys and the more variety you can
give your baby, the longer she’ll use the activity
mat and the more use you’ll get out of it. And the
third thing you should look for is an activity mat
that folds up nice and small so you can stash it behind your couch or behind the chair.
And that’s what you should look for in an activity mat.


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