How to Deal with Stress & Anxiety (Holiday Edition) ?✨

How to Deal with Stress & Anxiety (Holiday Edition) ?✨

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Lavendaire. So good to see you again and be back in my usual set-up. Did you notice I decorated this for the holidays? Yeah, I’m lazy but I think it counts, right? Alright, it’s holiday season. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas is coming right after that. So this is one of the busiest, most stressful times of the year. Do you agree with me? Yeah. So today I thought it’d be nice to drop some
tips on how to have a stress-free holiday season, because ultimately this time is supposed to
be fun. It’s supposed to be about spending time with the people you love, and
just enjoying the winter as best you can. I personally don’t like winter but the holidays
make it bearable. By the way, if you’re new here, make sure
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that. My first tip on how to have a stress-free
holiday season is so simple. It’s just: Stop for a second and breathe,
okay? Breathe. Take a minute to just stop and be present. Be mindful of the moment in front of you. Usually when we’re stressed out during this time, it’s because we’re thinking
about the holiday party we have to prepare for or just all these responsibilities,
gift-shopping, etc. Instead of putting your mind on the things
you have to do or the things that are coming up, just take this moment to ignore the future,
stop worrying, and enjoy the present moment that’s right in front of you. And know that you can always handle whatever’s
in front of you. You can always handle the present. I find that when you’re stressed or overwhelmed, the thing that will benefit you the most is
just to take a deep breath, ten deep breaths, and just sit and notice the moment that’s
right in front of you. Also, take the present moment to be thankful
for what you have. Bring gratitude into your moment. I know it’s Thanksgiving soon, but honestly gratitude is something you should
be practicing every single day of the year, not just around Thanksgiving. It’s important to just remember to stop, breathe, take time to be present, and be thankful for
what you have. My second tip is: Start early with your holiday
shopping. Ideally you should start now. Start planning on what gifts you need to get
for your loved ones. And even better, maybe you can work out a
thing where you don’t have to get as many gifts. Less gifts to buy equals less stress. For example: With my friends and family, now we only do white elephant gift exchange,
which means we each bring one gift to the party and then we play this game where
it’s like–I’m sure you guys have heard of it. If you don’t know about it, I’ll post a link
on instructions on how to play white elephant. But it really just reduces the stress from
having to find gifts for every single person VS. bringing one gift and having this game
where you can spend some more fun bonding time together. You can also consider not getting physical gifts at all. Instead, take your loved ones to a nice dinner or buy tickets to a certain experience. Anything goes. I’ll actually be coming out with a holiday gift guide video soon, so stick
around for that. Number 3: Remember that it’s okay to say no. It’s okay to decline invitations to parties. It’s okay to not help someone do something
when your plate is already full. Just know that you don’t have to be a people-pleaser
during this time. And because the holidays is a time where everyone
is super busy, if you say no, people will understand why
because, you know, everyone’s busy. Generally, we respect each other’s busy-ness,
and if you don’t have time to come to the party or you don’t have time to help them out with
something, it sucks, but at the same time, most likely, people will understand that you
can’t do that because ultimately, guys, our well-being is our number one priority. If you’re gonna go crazy pulling yourself in all these these directions, it’s not worth
it. Just remember, it’s okay to say no. My fourth tip on how to have a stress-free
holiday season is to declutter your to-do list. You might have a ton of things to do during
this time, so it’s important to start to declutter and cross out the things that aren’t really
necessary. With each task, ask yourself: “If I don’t do this, what’s going to happen?” If the world’s gonna end, if it’s really important, then okay, do that thing. But you might realize that some things are
not super important. It’s just a “nice to have”. So this is your time to kind of cut things
out, simplify, and prioritize. I actually have this exercise that I shared
in this previous video. I’ll link it right here. It’s an interactive exercise you could follow
to declutter your to-do list. And this leads me to my next tip which is:
Done is better than perfect. I’ve mentioned this line before. It’s kind of a motto I have when things get
crazy and the inner perfectionist in you just wants
to make everything perfect, wants to get all the details right. But in reality, you don’t have that much time and you only have so much sanity left that
it’s okay if things are just good enough, and you just leave it at that. For example: If you’re hosting a holiday party and you want all the food and decorations
super Pinterest and aesthetic, that could be a lot of pressure. I know we want to strive for perfection, but
just learn to be okay with good enough. Learn to be okay with “You know, done is better
than perfect.” Number 6: Save time for self care. I always talk about how self care is the most
important thing because you gotta take care of yourself first
before you give and take care of others. During the holiday season–even I am guilty
of this–I kind of put my self care on the back burner. And you’re so busy doing everything else that
you kind of give away– you forge your self care time. My tip today is to preserve your self care
routine. Continue doing the things that feed your soul,
that make you feel good. For example: Your morning routine, whether you like to
meditate or journal or exercise. Do those things still during the holiday season,
because it’s important to stay consistent with your self care so that you don’t get
too overwhelmed and crazy. Even if you’re just carving out ten to fifteen
minutes of me-time in the mornings, that will make so much of a difference in
the rest of your day. My next tip is to use aromatherapy to create
a calming space for yourself so you can destress and relax. Scents are actually really powerful in changing
our mood and our mindset, so having calming scents
like lavender or eucalyptus in your environment will really shape the way that you feel in
your day. I love using this little aroma diffuser. I put a couple drops of essential oils, and
I have an essential oil pack where I just mix and match different scents
depending on what I feel like. It’s fun because you choose what scent you
want to put into your space, and you choose how you want to feel and it
really does change your day. And it adds that little specialness to your
space. I think it just makes you feel more luxurious. It makes me feel like I’m in a yoga studio
or something. Number 8: Moving your body will always, always
help you destress. Make sure you get enough exercise, do yoga
regularly. Just do things where you can move your body, stretch, and break out a sweat,
because when you’re stressed out, your muscles get so tense and you really need
to physically move your body in order to release that tension and, you
know, stretch it out, shake it out, work it out. Do whatever you gotta do to get your body
in shape so that things are flowing. I’m sure we all know that exercise has so
many benefits, more than I can name in this video. But just know that, when you’re stressed,
you gotta take yourself out of that stressed zone and move your body,
break out a sweat, release some endorphins because exercise does
make you happier. Tip number 9: Focus on what’s important. Like I mentioned in the beginning, the holiday season is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be about spending time with your loved ones, making memories, laughing,
enjoying the winter and winter activities, and stuff like that. So just remember to ask yourself, when you’re
stressed out about something: “Is this going to matter
in five years? In ten years?” Because if it’s a small, miniscule detail,
it’s probably not going to matter. But if it’s something like spending more time
with your family during this time, that’s probably gonna matter. So don’t let your mind get carried away with all these worries and anxieties. Just ask yourself: “Is this going to matter
in five years or in ten years?” If it’s not going to matter, then don’t worry
about it. Just chill. My last tip is to have fun. Something I’m trying to do as I get older
is learning to take life less seriously and just have
more fun because, like I mentioned in the previous tip, is this
really going to matter in five years or ten years? If it’s not, then the details won’t really
matter, so ultimately just enjoy the moment in front of you. Enjoy your time with your loved ones. Enjoy being young. Enjoy being the age that you are right now, because you will never
be this age in the future again. We’re constantly getting older every day,
so just enjoy being the youngest you will ever be right now, at this very hour,
very minute, very second. I always like to think about life that way
because you forget that time is constantly moving, time is constantly pulling us forward, that
if you’re just stressing out about everything all the time, you’re literally losing time
to have fun. So let go a little bit, go easier on yourself, take everything in
life a little less seriously, and you’ll realize that it won’t make that
big of a deal. With that mindset, you could be more light-hearted about things
and just have more fun in life. Thank you so much for watching. I love you all so, so much. And I hope you have a beautiful, wonderful, and fabulous and fun and stress-free–stress-free!–holiday
season. Bye!


  1. Aileen, you say that you’re ‘lazy’ a lot in your videos. From the outside looking in, you don’t seem lazy. There are a lot of people who admire you for doing just the opposite. I wonder what it would look like to change that perception. Just a thought ?

  2. Some other essential oils I wanted to add are… Peppermint essential oil: helps with fatigue, stimulates, helps with focus, also eliminates pain and headaches when applied to forehead with lavender! Plus it smells like Christmas!! (mix with carrier oil like coconut oil because it's potent and may burn when applied alone. And Ylang ylang essential oil: (floral scent) helps with depression and frustration, and lifts the mood. Great video!!!

  3. I’m a new subbie and I’m so glad to have found your channel; from travel tips to tips on how to conquer life. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to more videos.

  4. I find writing what I have to do down step by step helps me not carrying it around as worry in my head. Makes it more manageable

  5. OMG yes! decluttering my to do list has helped me a lot!
    It's good to do that every once in a while for a stress free life!✨ xx

  6. One way that i reduce stress when i am anxious about giving people presents is that i try to feel real real happy about giving them. (Well i didnt realise that until recently as i became more self aware of my habits) I visualise them complimenting/ maybe dissing my present(which is okay for me cuz i know everybody's different) and i feel a sense of happiness growing within me. And also i find that treating things in your life as an 'experience' really helps alot? Like if i choose to see this as an experience that i will never have again i immediately feel relaxed and able to stay in the moment 🙂
    Btw great video and good luck to people who needs to buy loads of presents! (my fam dont really do that so haha

  7. Hi I am new on your channel love your videos! I just wanted to know if you still use the camera & editing software that you talked about it in your video last year? Thanks xx

  8. I think I am in a funk.I have lost all my positivity.I hate everything now.I cant gain the credits my university wants.And I have exam coming up in 3 days.But now I just feel like dropping out.I think I cant never be the good student again.

    A week before Christmas, I had loads of homework, deadlines each day. It was no fun at all. My stressed mindset that lasted the entire year affected my excitement for Christmas..?. I wish I found this vid sooner. Your vids are currently giving me good vibes for 2018. Lots of love! ?

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